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Awesome / Gems Are Unbreakable

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  • When Josuke and Kira are being transported to the world of Steven Universe through a mysterious tunnel made of light, Kira attacks Jouske and is able to severely wound him. Josuke begin to lose consciousness as Kira screams at the teenager, demanding to know why he has been so determined to stop him from living his peaceful life. The fact that the murderer who killed not only his friends, but also who knows how many people asks him such a question makes Josuke absolutely furious as he gets up despite his injuries. His anger even makes Kira wary of him, and the speech he gives the killer is awesome.
    Josuke: You wanna know why I keep trying to kick your ass? You wanna know why I want to make sure you never harm another innocent person again? It's simple...You...PISSED ME OFF!
    • The ensuing beatdown his Crazy Diamond gives Kira is equally as epic.
  • The entire fight between Josuke and Let Me Live. Josuke was already heavily injured before the fight even began, so already he was at a big disadvantage. However, he still manages to hold his own by using tactics and his Stand's ability to the maximum. When it looks like Let Me Live has won after it sees that Josuke's heart has stopped beating, it turns out that Josuke had used his Crazy Diamond to forcibly stop his own heart just to get the drop on Let Me Live. He then proceeds to give Let Me Live a beatdown.
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  • Peridot using her brains and technology to escape Kira. While she doesn't injure him, the fact that she was able to escape a man with an invisible ghost that could punch as fast as light shows why Kira made a mistake underestimating her. Even though she still dies at the end.
  • Josuke's reaction to seeing a bunch of flaming cars that are falling right towards him as he's riding his motorcycle.
    Josuke: This is no problem.

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