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  • Given what an Invincible Villain Red Hulk is, watching Galactus effortlessly own him was very satisfying.
  • Dishing out a Curb-Stomp Battle to the entire freaking Ultimate Universe!
  • "I am Galactus! The be-all and end-all of the universe!"
  • During Annihilation, Annihilus finds out the hard way that imprisoning Galactus was NOT a good idea.
  • His single-handed defeat of Lord Chaos and Master Order is a friendly reminder that, even if there exist some cosmic entities that are more powerful, Galactus is not just the guy that gets hit by The Worf Effect every few years.
  • In the Fantastic Four: The End mini-series, Galactus learns that a massive alliance of alien races are out to destroy Earth as a "threat to the universe." Remembering his vow to leave Earth unharmed, Galactus appears in a massive hologram before the fleet and says that Earth is under his protection and the first race who attacks is next on his menu. Needless to say, the fleet is soon racing to see who can get away from Earth fastest.
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  • His fight with the Mad Celestials. Celestials in the past have proved invincible whenever somebody tried stopping them. When Thor tried fighting the Celestials, they didn't see him as enough a threat to warrant their attention and it showed as he broke Mjlonir against one, and still failed to do any real damage. When they came to earth, three pantheons of gods poured their power into the Destroyer and at best only caused damage they ignored thanks to their regenerative powers. While Galactus lost when they merged together, he still took four Celestials at once and actually killed one.
  • Terrax attempting to rebel against Galactus. Galactus bluntly states that his Herald is powerful, but is nothing next to Galactus, and that he is not in the mood to put up with another rebelling Herald. Galactus proves his point by turning Terrax into a worm, then turning him into energy and dispersing him throughout the cosmos before turning him back to normal. Terrax quickly admits defeat and submits.
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  • While he was an Unwitting Instigator of Doom in the situation, Galactus did still dish out a Curb-Stomp Battle against Thanos. Thanos throws a huge blast at Galactus at the start of the fight that sends him flying into an asteroid, which he admits was only going to make Galactus angry. And Galactus returns and one-shots Thanos.
  • Galactus No Selling Darkseid's Omega Beams, almost smirking when he tells him that his concern for Silver Surfer wasn't pity, just acknowledgment, and that there was no "inherent weakness" for the beams to exploit in him.
  • Galactus' fight with Mephisto. Galactus demands Mephisto release the Silver Surfer, and Mephisto goes ballistic at someone telling him what to do. They two massively powerful entities clash in a display of unimagineable power that threatens to destroy Mephisto's dimension and the universe in the clash. All while the two throw the most bombastic prose they can. Ultimately, Galactus emerges the victor when, at the Silver Surfer's suggestion, he starts to feed on Mephisto's dimension. The threat of his own realm being consumed by Galactus is enough to frighten Mephisto into admitting defeat.

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