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  • Den's last charge into the Scrapyard in the original Battle Angel Alita manga, punctuated by lyrics from "O Fortuna":
    Sors salutisnote 
    et virtutisnote 
    michi nunc contraria,note 
    est affectusnote 
    et defectusnote 
    semper in angaria.note 
    Hac in horanote 
    sine moranote 
    corde pulsum tangite;note 
    quod per sortemnote 
    sternit fortem,note 
    mecum omnes plangite!note 
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  • Figure Four has one when he comes back from the grave to save Alita from losing her mind and joining Knucklehead by hitting its brain so hard it explodes, all while playing the harmonica.
  • Desty Nova, revealing that he had a back-up plan for having his head cut off. And then a back-up plan for having his back-up plan discovered. Which he trumps by convincing the hero to join him.
  • There is also the time Alita drank an entire bottle of collapser nanomachines after starting to be forcibly fused with Zapan's berserker body to destroy them both.
    • The whole battle was a crowning moment. I mean, civilian body against berserker body being used to its full potential and by a maddened mind? With a sword and a revolver?
      • It wasn't just any old peashooter. That piece was a Smith & Wesson Model 610 with a 4" barrel cut down by an inch or so. Also, the rear sights and the hammer spur had been removed, making it the perfect no-snag last-ditch concealed-carry weapon. This fairly rare firearm uses half-moon clips to fire an equally-rare cartridge; the same 10mm Auto round found in the Bren Ten of Miami Vice fame. Not quite as powerful as a .44, but definitely a step above a .357 Magnum.
      • It's being used against a nanomachine-based, plasma hurling monster whose only remnant of humanity is how much he hates Alita.
      • And it wins.
  • Jashugan's retaining of the motorball championship title. It was, until the Last Order series, the only time Alita had gotten punched straight into her midsection. Jashugan was, in that moment of complete clarity, completely invincible, defeating Alita and, in her words, awakening her with his attack.
    • This leads to the second moment Alita gets punched right in the breadbasket: her battle with Caerula Sanguis in the Last Order series. This fight immortalized a certain phrase, which will always call to mind memories of Caerula's awesome: "Eight-Block Death Gate Array.".
  • BigBad of Last Order Aga Mbadi gets one while fighting the illusion-making and then seeming REALITY-WARPING psychic leader Whopon of The Starship Cult, when he calmly walks through Whopon's attacks and monsters and tells him "I will not allow you to alter reality without my consent", before snapping his neck.
  • Alita attained a massive moment of awesome when she returns in her new Imaginos 2.0 body, only to be confronted by Aga Mbadi, Super Nova and an army of LADDER troops. Nova and Mbadi hack and take control of Sechs and Zazie, putting Alita at knife and gunpoint. As Mbadi and Nova descend upon her, talking about how they'll dissect her to get the Fata Morgana, Alita merely replies "You think you've won?" before crushing Aga Mbadi's right hand to bits and proceeding to tail whip Nova away and Zazie and Sechs down. All before delivering an electro magnetic punch to Mbadi that he thought he lessened... only to be told by Alita that she lessened the blow since they need him alive to continue the Z.O.T.T. The look on Nova and Trinidad's faces when they realize they couldn't control her and were beaten was priceless. Mbadi's defeat was so bad it actually started his breakdown.
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  • Of all things, Deckman 100 managed to look pretty badass moments earlier. upon being delivered the remains of Alita, literally nothing more than a chip and a crystal, he doesn't even hesitate before acting. His solution? Load the remains into a bazooka and make a very big show of firing them at Sechs, luring Tunguska into intercepting it, which in turn triggered Alita's restoration out of Tunguska's body.
  • Despite not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, Alita's replica Sechs gets a few of those throughout Last Order. Among these is a scene in volume 4, taking out heavily-armed trained soldiers with a 9mm handgun while stuck in a 5-inch-tall body, which was only designed as a communication device.
    • By analysis Sechs' fight against Alita counts too. Sechs has a Tuned body which is implied to be heavily damaged from fighting the other Tuneds, being held together by the belts around the body haphazardly repaired, with Alita noticing that it smells and sounds rusty. Alita meanwhile has an Imaginos body which is like a Berserker body but more stable and safe. Despite that, Sechs can manage to fight Alita to a stand still.
    • Another one comes in volume 5, being strapped in belts strong enough to hold containers together which even a Cyborg can't break free, Sechs is about to be fired from a rail gun with the speed of mach 26.5. Using a small remote doll, Sechs manages to free themselves from the belts, put them around the opponents head and holding onto them with their teeth and feet, in order to be recoiled back at the enemy. Firing.
      • Let me restate that: they hold on to the straps with their teeth after they were thrown by a railgun.
    • A rather strange one comes in volume 7. Sechs faces a monster clown, who had trained a normal human girl into being everything he tells her to be, including a blade strong enough to withstand a blow of Sechs sword (which can cut through stone with ease). In order to disarm him, Sechs imitates the clown's voice, telling the girl to become pudding, which she does.
    • During the battle against the Wild Guns, because Alita is elsewhere and the bunnies are out of commission (due to the trauma induced from the previous fight) Sechs has to fight a five man team that made it through to the quarterfinals (usually winning in a few seconds with a series of perfect headshots to boot) BY HIMSELF. To make it even more badass, he enters a Mexican standoff with the final gunman WITH AN EMPTY GUN. He wins by literally dodging a bullet at point blank range and shoving the gun barrel through the man's skull. The kicker lies within the fact that the gun wasn't even his to begin with "Here, you can have your armor piercing gun back!"
    • And in volume 11, Sechs fights against a massive Jovian war machine that launches a barrage of military grade missiles. How does Sechs counter this? By grabbing hold of one and surfing it!
    • Sechs wins a game of Russian Roulette with a fully loaded revolver by knowing his skull can withstand the impact. He then shakes the flattened bullets out of his hair.
    • Probably the most crowningest moment of awesome for Sechs is his fight in the Finals. Although it sucks that his body is destroyed, plus Zekka's so far away he might not see him again. But he probably will.
    • As of Chapter 113 we got a retroactive new one for Sechs. We finaly got to see Sechs fighting a fellow Tuned and it only takes a few seconds. That is, they have supposedly identical bodies and fighting abilities, and the other Tuned doesn't have any injuries. Curb-Stomp Battle all the same.
  • Everything Zekka does qualifies as awesome, but one that tops all the others happens at the end of his match against Venusian team. He turns a rampaging out-of-control mutant blob that threatens to absorb the whole station into a gigantic sakura tree... by karate chopping it very hard. It doesn't make sense in the context of the story and we are not given any explanation on how he did itnote , were are flat out told it was a miracle. Read the previous sentence again: Zekka can cause miracles by hitting things really hard. Nobody should be surprised that he is considered the strongest in the universe.
    • Though there might be a bit of Fridge Brilliance behind it. Before Zekka hits the mutant, Gargantua (which is already part plant) closes over Igrek, Zekka's genetically-altered clone, who was genetically designed to fuse with the plant monster and was holding onto his dead android lover who was killed by a mutated rose dart. Now, remember that in a previous fight, Zekka was able to transfer energy into his teammate Touji, turning him into a living projectile that was capable of overloading and destroying Anomaly. Zekka didn't karate-chop the monster into becoming a sakura tree. He blasted it full of energy while Igrek fused with it, giving him enough juice to mutate himself and the brainless Gargantua into a beautiful and non-lethal creature (overcoming their both destiny of being nothing more than killers).
      • That makes this a shared Crowning Moment between the two of them. Igrek had the will, and Zekka gave him the power to act on that will. a nutshell, Zekka facilitates miracles by hitting things really hard. There's a difference.
  • When Alita meets Colonel Payne, the man responsible for sending orphaned children to fight to the death for wargames, he attempts to justify these actions. Alita disagrees.
    Alita: Do you know who I am?
    Col. Payne: Um. Ah, yes you are um...
    (Punches Payne so hard his body explodes, the pieces kill his Mooks and blows his ship up, leaving only his cyborg head.)


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