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Awesome / Futari Wa Pretty Cure Blue Moon

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Dual Infinite Phase!

  • Sunday and Night freeing Starry from the orb without using a finishing move.
  • The whole subverted Trust Password scene. To note: Asa, who has thus far been the only character to apparently not care about being teased for being herself, is actually ashamed of her poverty. She uses this knowledge to test a false copy of Yoko, claiming that she's looking for a Trust Password — and, when the copy answers correctly, Asa deems her a fake since she never told Yoko the story and the one controlling the copies knows everything about every girl in class. Even Asa has things that are hard to face — and she faced them anyway.
    • Later in the episode, when a fake Asa is terrorizing Yoko, the real Asa comes out of nowhere to save her. What made it stick out was that she used one of Mekuramast's exploding cards to do it.
  • Hoshi gets one in episode 15. Having been talked out of trying to belatedly screen Asa's Call, she — completely powerless and with only an after-school hobby of martial arts to support her defense skills — runs in front of the defeated Cures to face off with two Hidoinaa, Binbeat, and Mireyes. Mireyes. The only member of the Etherium who has outright wiped the floor with the Cures every time she's appeared and only been driven off by outside circumstances. This act triggers the ability of the Cures to accept energy from their friends and perform the Unison Second, which actually threatens all four of the enemies in front of them — Mireyes included.
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  • Mekuramast fights off Kainatrol's Mind Control — while she's powered up — and actually sends her into a Villainous Breakdown.
Mekuramast: I won't let you do whatever you want anymore. Now get out.

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