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  • Hartman's legendary rain of insults is really something to behold.
  • The fact that most of R. Lee Ermey's dialogue is unscripted and ad-libbed by him, and on top of that, his scenes only needed two or three takes at most, something completely unheard of in a Stanley Kubrick film.
  • After Joker denies believing in the Virgin Mary, Hartman tears into him worse than usual, demanding that he "sound off that [he loves] the Virgin Mary". Joker refuses, correctly guessing that any answer he gives will be wrong, and that Hartman will punish him harder if he changes his answer. Hartman immediately promotes him to squad leader.
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  • The VC Sniper is pretty darn awesome in her own right. She manages to succeed in ambushing and killing three members of Lusthog squad despite being outnumbered, outgunned, and having far less combat experience. And what weapon is she using to do this? A Dragunov SVD? A scoped Mosin-Nagant? No. A standard vz.58 with no scope.


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