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  • Taylor decides to kill Illfang alone to test whether or not she could solo the rest of bosses alone. She pulls a Colossus Climb to get on the back of its head and then gouges out its eyes until her dagger breaks. After that, she beats it to death with her fist.
  • Taylor ends up tripping an event flag that turns the entire town of NPCs against her, including two field-bosses. Her solution? Trap them in a burning bookstore and burn the entire town to the ground.
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  • Asuna's response to <???, the Slender> pulling a Shape Shifter Guilt Trip on Kirito and the rest of the clearers, and then her?
    ???, the Slender: "Is that any way to act. What would your mother say?"
    Asuna (while charging up a Linear): "Fuck my mother!"
  • The formation of the Knights of the Blood Oath.

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