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  • Chapter 16:
    • Rin's Blasting It Out of Their Hands on Louvre with Pre-Asskicking One-Liner
      "Get off my property."
    • Shirou's screwing Louvre's circuits with Kiritsugu and then the Storm of Blades using Louvre's own arsenal against him until the point of nearly ending him, a Dead Apostle Ancestor. Plus, his Badass Creed is... well, badass.
      My body is made of blades... Fire is my blood… and Glass is my heart... Through countless battles I forever wait, alone on the hill of blades… For Hell's hands to bear… For Heaven's hands to temper…
  • Chapter 17:
    • Shirou was so badass in the last chapter that he gets offered the 10th DAA seat and a scholarship to the Association.
      • Made even more Awesome if you consider who made these offers, namely Merem Solomon (20th Dead Apostle Ancestor) and Lorelei Barthomeloi (the Queen of the Clock Tower).
  • Chapter 22:
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  • Chapter 24: Rider holds her own against two Casters, reminding all that yes she's kickass despite being lackluster in two out of three routes in canon.
  • Chapter 25:
    • Sakura holds her own against Marjatta.
    • The continuation of the above fight, with Saber joining in and turning it half into a race while on her Suzuki Hayabusa. Hell, the description of the Hayabusa is awesome enough!
  • Chapter 26: Merem and Berserker remind everyone why the "Servant vs Dead Apostle Ancestor" debate exists. Berserker loses five lives in the fight and injures Merem's right leg.
  • Chapter 27: Bazett and Lancer attack Ryudo temple, and are utterly humiliated by Assassin. Witch!Medea's description shows how magnificent he had been:
    Lancer, who had by himself managed to put up a good fight against both versions of Medea of Colchis at the same time and had only retreated due to being overwhelmed by her counterpart's Bulls of Aeaea, had been defeated in five seconds.
    Before she had even realized what was going on, having been preoccupied with her research inside the mountain, her Servant had dealt exceptional damage to both Master and Servant without even revealing himself, forcing them to retreat.
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  • Chapter 28: Assassin pretty much screws up Archer and Rider with ease.
  • Chapter 31:
    • Assassin demolishes Zouken's workshop and nearly kills him, driving him to desperation with embarrassing ease.
    • Sakura actually fights back against the Shadow after realizing what's going on.
  • Chapter 32:
  • Chapter 33:
    • The whole battle itself.
    • Assassin's Identity.
  • The big assault on Caster's Temple, on every side. But especially on Shirou's, who is goddamn brilliant even when everything's gone to hell.
    • Shirou gets Luvia and Princess!Medea to charge the approach; she possesses a herd of her bulls and rushes... but not to attack Assassin or Caster. No, she spreads the herd out to burn down the goddamn forest that Assassin had been using to hide his traps. Even with targeting him being a lower priority than destroying his territory, they still nearly kill him.
    • Lancer shows up to engage Assassin again—and despite Assassin getting no small number of attacks in, isn't stopped at all. Not until...
    • Caster shows her own nastiness when it comes to planning ahead and uses Bazett's severed legs to take control of her body and turn Lancer to her will, putting two Servants in her hands. She's just about to win...
    • When Rin and Archer show up. Archer activates his Unlimited Blade Works (horrifying Rin). Princess!Medea - someone from the Age of Gods—says that Hephaestus himself would be humbled by it as she stares in awe. He shoots off enough Noble Phantasms to kill every single Master and Servant there...
    • Only for Bazett's "children" that are her new legs to let out a Fae scream that blows away all of them. When Caster tries to experiment on them or Bazett, their screams keep even her from approaching.
    • Assassin (unwillingly) forces Rin to use a Command Seal to cancel Unlimited Blade Works by attempting to shoot it with an Origin Bullet, which would obliterate Archer entirely.
    • Although Shirou didn't expect more than Luvia and Princess!Medea's contributions, he takes advantage anyways—the attack began shortly after Assassin's Tools of the Trade replenished and, with the territory destroyed, Shirou's later attack is perfectly timed for possibly the most dangerous Servant to be at his worst.
    • Shirou makes a clever attack on the Temple; he and Saber go up the stairs and attract attention while Rider slinks in from the shadows. Caster makes the best response; easily handle Rider herself, and have her two Servants focus on Saber (which lets her keep an eye on the ever-treacherous Assassin, as well). Exactly like Shirou wanted them to.
    • Speaking through Saber as a medium, there is a brief attempt to parlay. Shirou's offer is to let her live if she becomes his Servant. She refuses—but what makes this awesome is that Caster, insanely pumped up with magic from the Age of Gods, with incredible territory and two Servants in her control, admits that she truly believes she cannot win the war if Shirou, a human, is at all alive.
    • Caster produces a spell strong enough to rip past even Saber's A-ranked magic resistance, a real monster of magic...
    • And it's only because she shifted at the last moment that Shirou didn't instantly kill her (Shirou, let it be noted, was using his Pure Eyes to Structural Grasp the air to target an enemy he couldn't see by shooting where the air wasn't. He still would have pierced her through the heart).
    • Yet, the entire battle was primarily a distraction to get Sakura into Caster's workshop to free Marjatta (which proved to be impossible). Shirou was thinking that many steps ahead.
    • Caster and Assassin take Sakura hostage to control Shirou. Shirou's response is to create a dozen Gae Deargs and a dozen Kiritsugus to attack them. Of course, Assassin would have just hidden behind Sakura, whom Shirou wouldn't hurt... except that Shirou aims a lance to stab straight through Sakura to force Assassin to let go of her, letting her be quickly healed by Avalon. Enraged, Caster appears behind Shirou to stab him with Rule Breaker...
    • Only for Shirou to nearly kill her again with a near-instant backwards-fired lance. He, Sakura, and Saber successfully retreat down the mountain.
    • Assassin makes good on the author's nickname for him as "the Servant that fucks up everyone's plans" and brutally blows Berserker into chunks of meat in front of Illya.
    • After getting shot in the chest with the Contender - having his heart blown to smithereens - Shirou gets back up. "My body is made of blades" takes its most literal iteration as he grows a heart made of blades, vomits blood with blades in it, and them transforms his throat, teeth, and tongue into swords upon swords. The imagery is so horrific that every single Servant present can do nothing more than stare. The reason he got up? What else—to save Illya.
    • With Berserker hardly reviving and faced with Assassin, Lancer, and Rider together, Shirou is pretty screwed—until he tells Saber to whip out Excalibur. He then forces Caster to let him go free, threatening to use a Command Seal to make Saber use Excalibur even if Fragarach kills her, which completely terrifies Caster. But, he doesn't ask for the freedom of a single person under her control. Caster asks why...
    • And here is the crown of the battle: Shirou knows he can't trust Caster to truly release them—but, as he very clearly states to ensure that EVERYONE around hears it, Caster has been forced to use up all but one Command Seal. Now she has Assassin, Lancer, Bazett, and Rider under her control... and any of the four of them will kill her the second she provides them an opportunity. Despite not achieving even one of the goals he came to the Temple for, Shirou's statement turns the entire debacle into one giant Oh, Crap! moment for Caster.
      Lancer: Oh, I'm really starting to like this kid. Even when he's losing, he wins.
    • It was stated earlier on that Caster's Command Seals, empowered by her absurd magical power, make even vague, broad commands something a Servant cannot resist. Yet, all of the Servants under her control manage to fight it, even if only in small ways, in brief hesitations, that are all acts of tremendous willpower.
      • Assassin especially so. Every very lethal action he takes has a way out, and he manages to spite Caster at every turn. He shoots Shirou in the chest, but knows the latter has Avalon and doesn't use an Origin Bullet, despite using his Contender. He kills Berserker, but uses no more explosives than needed to splatter him, rather than taking out his other lives.
  • The mere fact that out of everyone participating in the Grail War, it is Shirou who has come the closest to killing a Servant. Appropriately for the second Magus Killer, this has been Caster.
  • What's initially a certain death for Shirou turns into something that helps keep him alive through pretty much anything (i.e., his encroaching semi-vampirism).
  • Chapter 39: A very begrudging one, but when Archer thinks this about this timeline's Shirou, this has to qualify in some way.
    This time his younger self played the damn game almost like he was Kotomine from the get go.
  • Chapter 40: When Shirou and Lorelei have a conversation about his progress in the Grail War and her dissatisfaction with it, Shirou calmly provides a response to all of her complaints, and even phrases it in a way that a Magus like her could appreciate. And when that almost fails he threatens to kill her mortal nemesis before she does. And she actually takes that threat seriously. He then caps it all off by mentioning that if she lets him play things out his way, there could very well be multiple Servants running around the planet in future years, making ties with the Clocktower and amiable to using their power to hunting Apostles. That thought makes Lorelei smile.
  • Chapter 41: Several.
    "It's simply… just as you are the King of this world… I am the God of mine. And I'm invading."
  • Chapter 42: Holy crap. Where to start.
    • We finally get to know how Kiritsugu proceeds with Loophole Abuse on Witch!Caster's restrictions: he can say anything as long as he words it as an open interrogation, and twists his mindframe so that it could be interpreted as genuine amazement or incomprehension, as opposed to "interaction". He finally gets to use it in Princess!Caster's temple while the Witch is busy looking for Kirei, and to get Rin and Luvia's side to understand his predicament and provide him with a much needed update.
    • The whole battle between Rin, Luvia and Bazett. Overlaps with Funny Moments when Rin basically strips down Bazett to disable all of her enhanced equipment.
    • Rin having found an effective counter to the Origin Bullets. Not through dumb luck like Kirei using Command Seals as a power source, but through actual experimentation worthy of the prodigy she claims to be.
    • Shirou being totally awesome in analyzing Gilgamesh's M.O. and successfully summing its flaws down to three facts and three levels of Did Not See That Coming:
      • Gilgamesh needs physical space to further deploy Gate of Babylon, which means in a closed space like Einzbern Castle, even with an incomplete Unlimited Blade Works, Shirou can keep Gilgamesh down to manageable levels. Gilgamesh would never consider retreating or changing the field because of his Pride as it would mean considering Shirou as an actual threat.
      • Gilgamesh is in a way the Precursor, and in the Nasuverse where you get Stronger with Age especially for the stuff of legends, this means he is the apex of mankind and Ye Goode Olde Days incarnate. As he says himself, mankind kept on degrading generation by generation, which is why according to him children cannot ever surpass their parents, however this means in turn for him that he never had to evolve, alter or modify any of his treasures, which again would be an insult against his Pride, showing inadequacy in his treasury hoarding the prototype designs to everything awesome in this world. Pointing this out, Shirou basically counters it by making a very heartwarming summation of why Humans Are Special and have Hidden Depths (passing down their knowledge and wishes down to the next generation, so their children might do things differently; which is also, by the way, quite the Magus mindset), spawning fakes upon fakes with a very well applied Gradation Air to his projections as they break.
      • Gilgamesh is subject to I Work Alone / Loners Are Freaks / Ineffectual Loner. After equaling Gate of Babylon with the first fact, and surpassing it with the second, and Gilgamesh starting to undergo Sanity Slippage over the fact he suffered the first invasion in his life, as Gilgamesh is ranting about how he now understands what Iskander felt during his conquests, and is about to pull Ea (which would certainly fry Shirou's brain to death in this continuity), Shirou deals the finishing blow with the last one, channeling True Companions Team Spirit, accelerating Saber by a whole 16 times, turning her into a divine flash of light unleashing Excalibur on him as a finishing blow. That's right, where in the UBW route, Shirou had a It's Personal mindset, here, Shirou never intended to kill Gilgamesh himself.
    • Even the conclusion of said fight is epic, and worthy of the best canon had to offer in the Fate route and in the UBW route. Saber and Gilgamesh finally realize the real meaning behind this version of Unlimited Blade Works: it is not the result of Kiritsugu's dreams or regrets, neither the symbol of Shirou's affection for his loved ones, not a hoard of fakes, nor a graveyard, it is a memorial for heroes and their pride. Gilgamesh surprised himself during the battle, thinking it might not be such a bad thing to die in that land. He finally gets his wish, giving Saber an appeased speech reminiscent of his dying words in the Fate route, with acknowledging Shirou as a Worthy Opponent, leaving him Enkidu as a parting gift, and Word of God stating he would have called him "Caretaker" of the dreams of heroes he bore witness to. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment because he gives Shirou the moniker "Dream of Heroes", acknowledging Shirou enough to trust him with the memento of his ONLY friend, so that he may be remembered as is fitting.
    • Also, while he did not utter it aloud, he felt "dirty" for hoarding many meaningless treasures only for the purpose of showing affluence. That's right, this Shirou is so dedicated in honoring the pride of fallen warriors, that even Gilgamesh of all people felt DIRTY for possessing purposeless and worthless trinkets.
    • One mention should be made about this Shirou going beyond his canon self limitations: his eyes now enable him to analyze divine constructs. However, his brain is still only mortal, and so the strain of having incomprehensible information forced on his mind could very much kill him, even if a copy could be materialized in Unlimited Blade Works.
    • Even in dying, Gilgamesh irradiates enough dignity to commend Saber for being beautiful because he can't have her, and chide Shirou for keeping his eyes closed like a virgin girl even though he is the victor, and for defeating him with an incomplete world, which would blemish his reputation. A true Dying Moment of Awesome befitting of Gilgamesh.
    • Special mention for the author for this awesome battle and keeping the good work for so long, if only by regularity and sheer quantity with 730k words so far.
  • Chapter 46: Archer actually having to acknowledge his younger self could kill him if he let down his guard, and finally putting it in words that he is a legitimate threat to Servants on his own.
  • Chapter 48:
    • A meta moment of awesome for the Author for busting out a 48 thousand word fight scene in the space of a month with as much overall quality as it was presented.
      • Total 885k words and counting. This will certainly go over the million mark by the time the story ends.
    • Shirou activating Avalon's true ability to survive Bellerophon, when it was thought only Saber could ever do it.
    • Shirou actually surviving a few minutes by managing a stalemate in close quarters against an admittedly very weakened Rider.
    • Saber activating Avalon's true ability to survive Gae Bolg... and provoking a time paradox that takes Lancer out of the battle.
    • Shirou and Archer going through Teeth-Clenched Teamwork to snipe Caster with Gae Darg, and later to enact Crane Wing Three Realm. Kiritsugu was just right when he said Archer could be his worst enemy or his best ally.
    • Princess!Caster utterly owning her counterpart.
    • Assassin's Professional Double tap on Witch!Caster.
    • In a moment of Fridge Logic, you realize the Grail War is now officially over (sans cleaning up), and Shirou has NOT completed Unlimited Blade Works over the course of the conflict. When comparing this to Canon, this means he did far better than any of the Canon routes, and still did not truly go all out, or rather that he has STILL much room for improvement.
  • Chapter 49: Shirou finally completes UBW in a calm moment after the end of the battle, right before collapsing from exhaustion.
  • Chapter 51: The reveal that Taiga of all people was the unknown factor that Kiritsugu arranged for that no one knew about throws all of said person's actions in a new light. The implications of how many people has Taiga killed in Shirou's defense and just how much they know is world shaking.
    • Honestly, when all has been said and done, you have to hand it down to Kiritsugu for being The Chessmaster, given how solid all of his preparations were. My Death Is Just the Beginning just doesn't begin to describe it, and he clearly has a healthy serving of Xanatos Speed Chess given he managed to use his own summoning as a Servant to fix things.
      • Also, he and Shirou managed to accomplish all their established goals, this time around. That HAS to count.
  • Chapters 52 and 53:
    • Shirou managing to stretch the truth, without lying, and weather a full blown legal assault in a Kangaroo Court out for blood, literally turning it on its head thanks to Refuge in Audacity (even though he was aided by the Archibalds being borderline Too Dumb to Live). Even Archer is impressed.
    • Luvia showing her businesswoman chops by striking a deal with the Einzbern at the best time and making things better for everyone.
    • In-Universe, the Thompson Contender getting on the Throne of Heroes as a bona fide Noble Phantasm.

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