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  • A villainous one: The Crime Syndicate make it clear they're not be trifled with when a villain named Monocle insults them to their faces; thinking they're the Justice League in disguise. Ultraman blasting him into a smoking pile in front of the villainous crowd shows otherwise.
    Dude, they ain't the Justice League.
  • Ultraman pushing the moon in front of the sun; setting up for a great ending page in the vein of a movie poster.
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  • From Issue #2, Lex Luthor and Bizarro preparing to fight back against the Crime Syndicate.
    This is a job for Lex Luthor.
  • Ultraman gloating that no one will come to save The Daily Planet, even with Jimmy pressing his Signal Watch. When, out of nowhere, Black Adam comes to the rescue.
    • That Jimmy was even able to activate the signal watch with broken hands is its very own CMOA.
  • Steve Trevor, being revived after the battle with the Crime Syndicate, has only this to say:
    We don't have a moment. Get me a uniform and a sidearm. And a cup of black coffee. Instant.
  • Black Adam actually manages to hurt Ultraman. You can see the dread on Ultraman's face when he realizes he's bleeding.
  • It really says something about Wonder Woman that she was the only member of the League that Batman didn't have a contingency plan for.
    • It turns out he does have a plan for her. It's called Superman.
  • Batman using a Yellow Lantern ring. It only had enough power for one construct (a bat shaped one, fittingly enough), but it does attract Sinestro to come to his assistance.
  • Sinestro finishing Power Ring in short order by severing the arm that wore the ring of power and then atomizing him.
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  • Lex Luthor gets points for turning Deathstroke against the Syndicate by reminding him that they're bad for mercenary business and then getting Sinestro to join him by telling him that he'd be doing what Green Lantern couldn't.
  • The Rogues inadvertently getting some karmic retribution for their Earth-3 selves by taking on Johnny Quick and Atomica.
  • Johnny Quick has Captain Cold pinned to a wall and has taken his cold gun, mocking him with his impended death. Luckily Cold shatters Quick's ego. Turns out Cold has an emergency feature in his cold gun: he can voice activate it with "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells". He then kicks Quick's frozen leg to smithereens.
    See, the Flash & I got mutual respect. That's the difference between you & him. Besides having two legs.
  • The identity of the Crime Syndicate's hooded prisoner is revealed. Alexander Luthor shouts "Mazahs!" to activate his powers, then kills Johnny Quick to steal his powers.
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  • The Rogues managed to defeat all the enemies in the Gem Cities with their combined powers.
  • Cyborg taking down The Grid, conquering his fear of being overwhelmed by the 'net, and finally embracing who he is as a fusion of man and machine, all culminating in one hell of a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment:
    Cyborg (to The Grid): Are you done talking? Because I'm sick of listening to it. Human. Tech. I don't choose sides, Grid. I'm the bridge between them. I'm a Cyborg. And you're just a computer virus with delusions of grandeur.
    Cyborg vanishes into the 'Net.
    The Grid: Where are you?
    Cyborg: I have to thank you, Grid. You're right. I have been hesitant to come into the digital universe like this. Maybe I was afraid I would get lost... That I would never find a way out. But I see it now. You've introduced me to a whole new world to explore. A world I'm in control of. I've severed your connection to the outside. I've trapped you in your body... Just like you say I'm trapped in mine.
    The Grid: I feel something! I feel... I feel afraid. Please, do not leave me in the darkness! No! N-!
    Cyborg: Have a nice night, Grid.
    Back in reality, the two disconnect and The Grid collapses in a deactivated heap.
    The Grid: Grid Offline.
    Grid had a bad day.
  • Lex Luthor in the final issue of Forever Evil managed to:
    • Defeat his evil counterpart by realizing his voice is exactly the same as Alex's, which is needed to call down the magic thunder since it's voice-triggered.
    Lex Luthor: MAZAHS!
    • Save Superman's life by removing the shard of Kryptonite from his brain.
    • Figure out Batman's secret identity on his own by comparing Dick Grayson's backstory to that of the person who adopted him.
    • Squashes Atomica like a bug.

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