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  • He was present at three in one day at Balaklava: Colin Campbell's Thin Red Line, the Charge of the Heavy Brigade, and the Charge of the Light Brigade. Ok, the last one was more a colossally stupid moment, but it's famous.
  • In his very first assignment, he was one of only two British survivors of the retreat from Kabul in the First Anglo-Afghan War, and was found, wounded and unconscious, clutching the Union Jack. He was trying to surrender.
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  • Also, in the first book, Flashman wins a duel. Although he had rigged the duel by arranging for his opponent's gun to be loaded with powder and no shot, when it came his turn to shoot, he missed on purpose, ending the duel in a draw. His shot instead hit the cork of a bottle several feet behind his opponent. The other soldiers then believed that he had not only missed on purpose, but was also an excellent shot, to hit a bottle's cork from that far. This was, of course, all accidental.
  • In Flashman and the Mountain of Light, Flashman has had a hard time from a certain high-ranking diplomat over the conduct of his secret mission behind enemy lines. But now the war is over, and one of the treaty conditions is that the enemy turn over the titular mountain (a massive diamond, the Koh-i-Noor: ) to the British. Flashman had stolen it earlier, and he lets the diplomat know that they'll have to return the diamond to the enemy in order for it to be officially presented to the victors. How does he do this? He tosses it to him in full view of the officers' Mess. "Here, catch!"


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