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In a crossover with four of some of the most popular manga/anime in history fighting in an all out war that spans across the universe, there are bound to be plenty of awesome moments...

  • Just the fact that this crossover exists. ND handling something so massive, while slowly integrating his own world of original characters, and nearly perfectly balancing every character seen so far is awe-inspiring.

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    Prologue/Summit Invasion 

  • Despite being the Intro Arc, the Summit Invasion has its fair share of Awesome Moments

    • During Chitsujo's Summit with the leaders of the four worlds, they are attacked by a force consisting of two Akatsuki, two Espada, four members of CP 9, and three Death's Head Caucus members. And that's just the FIRST Coalition Unit.

    • The first major fights start by having Monkey D. Luffy slam his fist into Yammy's gut while Naruto Uzumaki uses a Rasengan to send ULQUIORRA CIFER off-balance and then punch him in the face. Talk about hitting the ground running.

    • Seeing Naruto and Luffy get right to it convinces Natsu to run off, and he then runs into ROB FREAKIN' LUCCI.

    • Deidara blows off Lyon's arm, and it is a mix of pure guile win and sheer terror.

    • After that, Kagura is able to beat Deidara with Gravity Magic. She makes it look easy.

    • Erza Scarlet takes on Sasori, and despite the fact that he's using the Third Kazekage, she still EASILY pins him down with her Nakagami Armor.

    • Kind of dark, but Rob Lucci utterly defeats Natsu, along with half a dozen other characters, and he doesn't even need to use his transformations.

    • Having taken precautions, Chitsujo is able to summon reinforcements that are able to turn the tide against the Coalition. Rogue Cheney, Sanji, Renji Abarai, and Kakashi Hatake all then make a glorious timely rescue for many of the ongoing fights.

    • Sakura slams Vidaldus Taka RIGHT IN THE FACE after he forced Temari and Kankurō to fight each other, and it is so satisfying.

    • Renji, Sanji, Rogue, and Sting take out Ikaruga, Fukuro, Kalifa, and Blueno in near curb-stomps.

    • Kakashi vs. Lucci is a sight to behold. After exchanging some impressive Jutsu and Six Powers moves, Lucci is forced to change into his Leopard Man while Kakashi opens his Mangekyō. They then clash with their strongest moves, creating a shockwave felt by EVERYONE. It ends in a tie after both their attacking arms are severely damaged.

    • Ichigo vs. Kaku deserves a mention for its swordplay and transformations. Also, Kaku hits Tensa Zangetsu...WITH HIS NOSE!!

    • Naruto vs. Ulquiorra is also great, setting up what's sure to be a great rivalry. What with Ulquiorra tanking hordes of shadow clones and Rasengans like they're nothing, to Naruto giving ULQUIORRA near-PTSD with Kurama's chakra reminding him of his fight with Ichigo and proceeding to nail him with a Tailed Beast Rasengan. This results in Ulquiorra deciding Naruto is more important than the leaders, and he almost releases his Resurreción before being called off.

    • Luffy vs. Yammy is just chalk-full of brutal brawling moves, Yammy being mostly on the receiving end. Luffy is relentless and just keeps pounding down the foul-tempered brute. Yammy is only stopped from releasing his Resurreción because he's ordered to fall back.

    • After the damage that the enemy can do is seen, all the attending leaders decide to unite into an Alliance to beat Konton and his armies. That's right...Ninjas, Pirates, Wizards, and Soul Reapers are ALL finally united. Just having an army like that is awesome in and of itself.

    • It's revealed after the battle that the Summit attack was just a distraction. Konton sent EVERY OTHER VILLAIN to conquer the worlds. In the space of a few chapters, Hueco Mundo, every minor country in the Ninja World, all Four Blue Seas, and half of Fiore were seized. That's terrifying to think about.

    • While offscreen, the fact that Monkey D. Dragon had the foresight to prepare his defenses in time for the Coalition's assault speaks volumes for him.

    • All the other Alliance Leaders being able to quickly rally support for the war and begin preparations also deserves mention.

    • Monkey D. Dragon is picked by every other leader to be Supreme Commander of the Alliance military after he easily beats A's Lightning Armor with a ONE move, earning the gruff Raikage's respect.

    • Shunsui Kyōraku and Tsunade are chosen to lead the fighting and support divisions (with direct control over the 1st and Medical Divisions respectively), thanks to how awesome they are.

    • Sabo, Kakashi Hatake, Byakuya Kuchiki, and Jellal Fernandes are all chosen for the role of Division Commanders in the fighting divisions, quite the accomplishment. Yoruichi is no slouch either as Stealth Division Commander. When it's revealed that he was ALWAYS able to come up with a strategy that put the vastly outnumbered Red-Haired Pirates amongst the Yonko, Benn Beckman is chosen to lead the Intelligence Division. Jura Neekis rounds it out with a strong choice for Defense Division Commander.

    • Ichigo, Naruto, Luffy, and Natsu basically have an all-out brawl so they can get to know each other. While hilarious, it's still awesome to see how long the fight goes on and the damage they cause before they all become very good friends.

    Battle of the Aster Mountains 

  • The Battle of the Aster Mountains is pretty decent in terms of awesome, giving the spotlight to the less active 4th Division.

    • A more low-key moment, but Tsunade threatening Kakashi to not be lazy about his assignment by threatening his "you-know-what", gets every other male, including Chitsujo, to just shiver.

    • Monkey D. Dragon gives a pretty awesome speech to all of the divisions before they move out, pumping everyone up with the hope of victory.

    • A mix of heartwarming and awesome, but Ichigo being able to relate to and understand Naruto's situation, which earns Sakura's approval and friendship.

    • Some fridge awesome, but Cana Alberona, Eustass Kidd, 'Rose' Ōtoribashi, and Shikamaru Nara being chosen to lead 10,000 men each when Byakuya decides to split up the 4th because of the mountains speaks volumes of their awesome abilities.

    • On a similar note, Kabuto Yakushi leading the Coalition Unit here should be a warning about how awesome he can be.

    • When the ambush hits his unit, Shikamaru quickly takes action and has everyone form up in teams of four, and he then promptly takes out a group of Zetsu clones with Temari and Ino.

    • After initially struggling against Satori, with Ino knocked out in the process. Shikamaru is able to beat Mantra, a.k.a. SEEING THE FUTURE, with his strategy, and then Temari demolishes Satori with her Wind Style Cyclone.

    • The fact that Dordoni is able to easily take on ALL of Shikamaru's Subdivision is pretty awesome. He just keeps tanking attack after attack from everyone. It isn't until another subdivision arrives that he's at a disadvantage.

    • Nami being able to beat Sol's mental torture (i.e. forcing her to relive Bellemere's death over and over) and zap him is awesome and satisfying. Her also making the decision to give leadership to the grunts while the other captains face Dordoni does show some good decision making skills, and a lot of trust in her comrades.

    • Zetsu even manages to make a forest that completely engulfs Cana's subdivision, sending it into chaos as he is able to beat a cowardly Usopp and several other grunts personally. Clearly one of the better performances from Kabuto's unit. He's absolutely right that no one facing him can hope to match his Wood Style.

    • On the other hand, Usopp being able to regain his courage can count, despite it not really mattering in the end. Plus the Alliance grunts get a shout out for effort.

    • Kabuto actually being able to get the better of BYAKUYA KUCHIKI and trap his entire subdivision in an iron cage, with the help of Ohm, is quite the shining moment for the Snake Sage.

    • After initially faltering, and then remembering how she stood up to Carla so she could be part of the 4th, Wendy is able to get the best of Gedatsu by crashing an inescapable SKY DRILL into him, sending him flying so high that EVERYONE can see it.

    • Cana gets a big win against Cirucci, who has used her Resurreción to get the upper hand with her own awesome blades. With a mix of strategy and versatility, Cana is able to position her cards so they can ABSOLUTELY INCINERATE the former Espada with a Vesuvius. There aren't even ashes left.

    • Wendy and Cana teaming up to save Usopp and actually be able to tie Zetsu is pretty awesome.

    • Uryū is able beat Shura, who has Mantra, by not sticking to his usual method of sniping from afar, but by using his Seele Schneider, effortlessly dodging the priest could throw, and cutting him so fast that predicting it does no good.

    • Dan vs Rose is a pretty good fight. 1st, Dan shows awesome skill in Lightning Style Jutsu, while being no slouch with Earth Style and Chakra Scalpels, revealing that he and Tsunade taught these to each other. On the other hand, Rose is actually able to match this with his skill in Kidō, and just by being so fast. It's only after Dan has thrown everything at him that Rose is forced to use his Hollow Mask, and is able to stay true to his promise to just capture Dan.

    • In the middle of all this, after Konton observes the Battle through his Indoctrinated, he is able to actually cow SAKAZUKI of all people into submission with just a few words after the Fleet Admiral told him to get his act together after seeing the deteriorating situation for the Coalition in the battle.

    • Byakuya using Senbonzakura to tear through a horde of Zetsu clones is pretty cool. Kabuto one ups it by proving his Chakra Scalpels can disperse Byakuya's blades.

    • Points for Momo and C being able to hold on against Totomaru, and consistently proving themselves to be smarter than him.

    • The fact that Ohm, Eneru's strongest subordinate, can do absolutely nothing to Juvia is pretty awesome. But at the same time, she can't do anything to him thanks to his Mantra.

    • In a really dark example, and possibly awesome from a writing standpoint, Mosqueda gives the first kill in the series of a canon character, in this case Ren Akatsuki after he and Eve Tearm were utterly curbstomped.

    • In one of the first crossover tag-teams, Eustass Kid and Hachi actually make a great combo. After Kid struggles against Pakura due to his unwillingness to accept help, with Pakura emulating her inner Crocodile by dehydrating Kid's human arm in a dark awesome moment, Hachi firmly tells him to get his act together and accept that he's part of a team, or the Vizard will knock him out and assume command. Impressed, Kid actually agrees and takes the big step to trust another person. He then keeps Pakura and Aria on the run long enough for Hachi to trap the two in his Gate of the Four Beasts, and then the Vizard unleashes his strongest attack, utterly defeating the two. This is what gives victory to all of Kid's subdivision.

    • In the fight above, a potential for awesome is revealed. Magic, Chakra, and Spiritual Pressure all work along similar lines, meaning that anything specifically targeting an energy source, regardless of origin, will work. This also opens up the possibility of characters being able to use powers from other worlds. On the other hand, those from the Pirate World have no equivalent, meaning they have nothing to sense or drain. Put simply, they don't need a special energy to be awesome.

    • In a dark fridge awesome moment, after Hachi fails to revive Ren, it is revealed that Konton made sure that anyone who died in the war would stay dead. That's right he OUT-HAXED the HAX that is Orihime (and Hachi).

    • Kid persuading Eve to fight on despite his friend's death can be pretty inspiring. It boosting his troops' morale is also a bonus. Really shows that Kid could be a great leader.

    • Beckman being able to come up with a strategy that wins the day for the 4th is pretty awesome. Plus the fact HQ has telepathy that can put them in instant contact with ANYONE in the Divisions is staggering.

    • Byakuya promising that no one will recognize Kabuto's body while releasing his Bankai is utterly spine-chilling and awesome.

    • Shikamaru taking a stand against Dordoni and repeating Naruto's Nindo, vowing to become a cool adult as Naruto's advisor as Hokage is worthy of praise.

    • Rufus, Rose, and Uryū pull a Big Damn Heroes and save Shikamaru's subdivision from Dordoni. At the same time, Kid utterly demolishes Ohm's Iron Cage that was trapping Byakuya and his subdivision, even crumbling it up into a ball.

    • Redeeming himself from his previous failures, Rufus absolutely dominates in his fight against Dordoni, not even phased by a released Resurreción, even calling his opponent disappointing.

    • Byakuya gets another awesome threat by saying Kabuto should be glad the cage is gone, since he now has a chance to retreat from him, then unleashing a wall of Senbonzakura.

    • Hachi is instantly able to figure out the workings of Totomaru and his fire. He then easily takes out the Wizard with just a few Kidō.

    • Eve is able to halt Ohm's dog while being able to get the better of the priest himself by unleashing the biggest snowstorm he's ever created, while Juvia stomps a group of grunts.

    • The potential of awesome from a combined Kid and Byakuya convinces Kabuto that he would lose with even SAGE MODE!! This prompts him to give the last call for his unit to retreat, ending the first battle of the war.

    • After the battle, Chitsujo reforms Intelligence to have a head from each world, creating the awesome team-up of Benn Beckman, Kisuke Urahara, Shikaku Nara, and Mavis Vermillion. Awesome Hilarity awaits.

    • Eve resolving to get stronger and advising Sherry, who has just beat him up for letting Ren die, to do the same is very cool. Let's add Kiba intervening before Sherry did something permanently damaging.

    Battle of Worth Woodsea 

  • The Battle of Worth Woodsea kicks things off for the 1st Division as they face Diamanté's forces.

    • The fights kick off when three of the Ninja Mist Swordsmen use a combined Hidden Mist Jutsu. They're so strong, it's able to completely engulf a third of the 1st, or over 15,000 soldiers, and split the other thirds. Meaning they can all be easily picked off. Well Played.

    • Ikkaku, Yumichika, Cavendish, and Kagura show some pretty good teamwork as they face off against Mangetsu Hōzuki. Unfortunately, the Mist Ninja is able to one-up them and split the group with an awesome water jutsu.

    • While Ikkaku, Yumichika and Cavendish deal with his water clones, Mangetsu is able to get the better of Kagura with some clever use of his other clones. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Kagura uses her gravity to stop Mangetsu, which accidentally breaks her sword, Archenemy.

    • With an awesome entrance that puts the fear of God in the Ninjas facing him, Fuguki reveals he's got SAMEHADA, and it also makes Nel's Cero and Milliana's Magic mere food for him. Brook gets his own moment of awesome when he decides to face the Ninja Swordsman alone, since Samehada won't affect him, giving the others time to retreat while singing Binks' Sake no less.

    • X-Drake COMPLETELY OWNS Jinin when he turns into a FREAKIN' DINOSAUR. Not even the Hidden Mist Jutsu protected Jinin from a dinosaur's sense of smell. The backstory X-Drake gives is also quite good, I actually wouldn't mind if Oda writes a scene like that.

    • Ikkaku, Yumichika, and Cavendish form up once again to take on Mangetsu, and they're even able to find out his weakness to lightning this time, making it a much closer match.

    • Brook actually does fairly well against Fuguki, proving he definitely has the upper-hand in skill, forcing the Ninja Swordsman to stop maintaining his end of the Mist. Unfortunately, Fuguki is a sore loser and decides to merge with Samehada, which almost instantly beats Brook.

    • After fighting evenly with his opponents, and being able to take out Yumichika, Mangetsu is finally beaten when Milliana pops out of nowhere and uses Binding Magic to force him to remain solid. The look on Mangetsu's face is very awesome after the crap he pulled.

    • Ichigo faces his first rival in the Fairy Tail Campaign when Midnight teleports them away to have a fight without interference. The Wizard does surprisingly well, being able to completely No-Sell everything Ichigo throws at him. The fight goes through the whole arc, ending in a tie.

    • Elfman gets a good victory in as well. After being constantly outran and outmaneuvered by Dellinger, Elfman just decides to let the Pirate hit him, using Lizardman to make the arrogant asshole get a taste of his own medicine, breaking his feet in the process.

    • Chad, Choji, and Choza face off against Lao G. The elder pirate is actually able to take down Choza with a Double Punch, who was the size of King Kong at the moment. Choji and Chad are then able to give it their all as they take down Lao G. Barely alive, Choji throws Lao G at Chad, who SLAMS him with his El Cohete, killing Lao G.

    • Sakura and Meninas have a truly awesome battle. Their super-strength evenly matched, Sakura is able to fool the Sternritter with a simple Substitution. Meninas is briefly able to gain the upper hand with her Vollständig. Sakura, having been trained in Earth Style by Kakashi, then does a reverse Whack-a-Mole by constantly nailing Meninas, with only Mud Clones taking the hits. With a last punch, Sakura DESTROYS Meninas's ribcage, lungs, and heart. After that, Sakura still has enough energy to send out Katsuyas to heal everyone. Most Impressive.

    • The most impressive fight in the Battle, by far, is Guy vs Azuma. 1st, the Wizard instantly takes out Lee, Killer, Bacchus, and Rocker, then challenges Guy to a one-on-one. The two then constantly trade overwhelming attacks. Azuma uses the forest to his full advantage while Guy beats him back with nothing but natural speed and brute strength. Azuma then unleashes a freaking PILLAR OF FIRE that is seen by everyone. Guy just tanks this and decides to open the Inner Gates. With three gates, Guy just gives an absolute beat-down to Azuma. The Wizard only survives because of a healing spell. He then unleashes the ALL of the Magic Power within the Worth Woodsea with a Terra Clamare. Guy just tanks it and then opens up to the 6th Gate, which allows him to tank ANOTHER Terra Clamare, and then end the fight with a Massive, Fiery, Morning Peacock. Azuma then thanks Guy for the great fight before dying with a smile, with the Ninja promising to remember him the rest of his life.

    • Jozu gets his own moment of awesome when he SLAMS Liltotto with his Diamond Body after she eats his subordinates. Vista gets in on this by matching Candice's spirit swords, which are MADE OF LIGHTNING.

    • Fuguki being able to take on Jimbei, Hack, Ikkaku, and Milliana in his merged state is pretty awesome. He just tanks whatever they throw at him, not even flinching when Ikakku's Shikai pierces him, and breaking Milliana's bindings with sheer strength. It takes Ikkaku pulling him down with all his strength and a combo of Jimbei and Hack's Fishman Karate to knock him out long enough for Milliana to use her strongest bindings.

    • Zoro officially earns Kenpachi's respect after being able to defeat Ezel, a FREAKING DEMON from Tartarus, with just his One-Sword Style.

    • With one move, Gildarts INSTANTLY takes out Machvise and Liltotto, Candice only makes it because she formed her Blut Vene in time.

    • In a dark moment of awesome, Giselle singlehandedly turns the tide by unleashing a horde of zombies, which include Meninas and Sakura. Nightmare Fuel if you remember that these are civilians, plus people beaten in this fight.

    • Señor Pink breaking off his fight with Elfman to save Dellinger from zombification is pretty cool.

    • Diamanté being able to live after fighting Shunsui earns him a few points.

    • With one hand behind his back, Gildarts is able to easily beat Candice, who's in her Vollständig, tanking all of her Lightning and sending her flying.

    • Chad is able to fight evenly with Sakura long enough for Nel and Milliana to get the drop on the controlled Ninja and immobilize her. Meninas is taken out by a combo of Elfman, Jimbei, Hack, Kitsuchi, and Kurotsuchi.

    • In his crowning moment of the war, Choji is able to make Giselle's powers useless on him when he coats himself in Chakra, while easily deflecting the Sternritter's arrows. Choji then becomes a HUMAN METEOR and SLAMS Giselle down. He then repeatedly punches her to break through Blut Vene. The last punch MAKES GISELLE'S HEART EXPLODE, killing Giselle and releasing the zombies, forcing the Coalition to retreat. That's right, Choji saved the day.

    • After the end of the battle, we're given some sneak peaks to Coalition units. First, there's a Bomb Squad, meaning Deidara, Bambietta, and Jackal are a team...Oh Crap. Doflamingo is up to no good. Zabuza and Haku are just waiting for the chance to turn on the Coalition (Plus the Swordsman's threat against Daz Bones is awesomely spine-chilling). Worst of all, Hades and AIZEN are teamed up.

    • At the end of the Arc, a fight breaks out in the 1st, over if it was right to kill the zombies (who were innocent civilians under control). Shunsui INSTANTLY ENDS the fight, showing uncharacteristic anger, then making them put this argument out of their minds, forever. Turns out, he told the freed zombies who had lost family and friends to take their anger out on him. They then proceeded to beat the crap out of him, with only Gildarts' and Kenpachi's intervention stopping them. Points to Shunsui for his self-sacrifice.

    Interlude/Nirvana Discovery 

  • Despite the relative lack of action compared to the other arcs, this one has it's fair share of awesome moments.

    • Zoro has a more subdued moment of awesome by snapping Kagura out of her heroic BSOD after Archenemy is broken. He is able to relate to her loss, and then tells her to have pride in arms and skill instead of the blade itself. This gives Kagura the resolve to better herself.

    • This leads to a defining moment of awesome. Kagura awakens her Haki. This makes the first major character in the Alliance to have a power from outside their world. To take full advantage of the awesome, she's sent to train with Rayleigh and Mifune.

    • The fact that Konton is able to come up and use a near unbeatable Indoctrination Technique like he does is a dark moment of awesome from him. Not even Chitsujo can counter it.

    • To help establish his division's faith in him, Sabo has a spar with Gajeel. Sabo then proves exactly why he's #2 in the Revolutionary Army. He doesn't even need to use his Devil Fruit to easily beat Gajeel. Naturally, this impresses everyone in the 2nd.

    • Natsu and Kakashi also have a pretty awesome spar during the 3rd's freetime. At first, Kakashi holds back and just uses his Water Jutsu, but Natsu is able to overcome this with his fire. Kakashi then reveals that both his eyes are Mangekyō Sharingan, and he promptly uses the Susanōō. Natsu then powers up with Lightning Fire and actually BREAKS the Susanōō's shield. Kakashi is barely able to block the roar and finally beats Natsu with Amaterasu, which Natsu can't devour. Kakashi admits that Natsu would've won if he knew he couldn't eat Amaterasu.

    • Usopp starts to battle his cowardice by having his father shoot around him. If he moves, he dies. Usopp is able to pass his self-imposed test, impressing Byakuya. Pretty hard-core for the Straw-Hats' coward.

    • In a combined moment of awesome and heartwarming, Erza accepts Naruto's status as the Jincūriki of the Nine-Tails, saying that she could never hate him for what he carries. She tells him to share his burden and that he doesn't have to be alone anymore. They're friends and comrades after all. This even impresses Kurama.

    • Naruto then explains that he's spamming shadow clones to just keep training, getting closer to mastering all five Basic Chakra Elements. He then impresses present company by showing what a Rasenshuriken can do.

    • Yoruichi, Sai, Nico Robin, and Anko all use classic guerrilla tactics to get the better of every Coalition Unit they come across. Unfortunately, they find nothing on the hinted-at Coalition superweapon.

    • After pushing themselves to their limit, Soifon and Kankurō's unit find the Coalition weapon, Nirvana.

    • Cobra ambushes Soifon's unit, with Monet unleashing a SNOW STORM. Cobra then separates Soifon and Kankurō with a giant blast of Sound.

    • With some clever teamwork, Kankurō is able to trap Monet in a PILLAR OF FIRE created by his about an upgrade. He is then able to outwit Driscoll by luring him in enough to stab him with his puppet's sword, which is laced with poison. Thanks to his preparation, Driscoll is forced to retreat from the battlefield to make sure he doesn't die of poison.

    • Cobra vs Soifon is a pretty entertaining battle. Cobra is able to constantly outmaneuver Soifon since he can HEAR HER THOUGHTS. Once Soifon figures this out, she's actually able to start beating him with pure instinct alone. Cobra is then able to nullify and devour Soifon's poison from her Shikai, while also completely overwhelming her with his Poison Dragon Mode. Not bad for one of Fairy Tail's first villains.

    • In a hard-core move, Soifon nullifies Cobra's poison in her body by stabbing herself with her Shikai, powering through the pain as she also cauterizes her wound. Soifon then activates her Infinite Shūnko which absolutely decimates Cobra and Asuma. Not even Cobra's strongest attack puts a dent in it. In the middle of the fight, Asuma actually finds a loophole in the Indoctrination, and is able to include Cobra as collateral damage in his attack on Soifon. Points for effort to the Ninja.

    • Much to everyone else's horror...OROCHIMARU shows up. Everyone else is crapping themselves when they recognize him, or in Soifon's case feel his energy. Then, Soifon stays behind to hold him off while the others get away with the Intel on Nirvana, and she succeeds.

    • That being said, Orochimaru just lays the smackdown on Soifon. He terrifies her by vomiting thousands of snakes, which she's barely able to get through. When faced with Soifon's Infinite Shūnko, he just sets it on fire while swinging his Kusanagi. Fatally poisoned by Soifon's Shikai...he just vomits HIMSELF up, completely cured. Desperate, Soifon uses her Bankai, and fires her MISSILE. Orochimaru just brings up his Rashōmon to take the hit while he slithers underground and stabs her from below, making her look like a sucker. Nightmare Fuel that he is, one can't deny how awesome Orochimaru can be.

    • Credit where credit's due, despite facing sadistic torture from Szayelaporro, Soifon does not break. Plus her sacrifice is not in vain, since the rest of her unit gets the word out about Nirvana.

    • Obito coming clean and telling the whole truth (even showing his face) to the rest of the Akatsuki shows some great Character Development. He then gets on his hands and knees and apologizes for his sins against them, absolutely stunning everyone. It actually works for some of them. Nagato and Itachi forgive him, while Kisame and Sasori actually give their sympathy, admitting they can't criticize him. If only it worked on the others.

    • In an example of more "potential for awesome", we get another sneak peak at the other Coalition Units. Haschwalth and Bazz-B are doing their usual thing. It also reveals that CROCODILE is waiting at the edge of the Land of Wind, a.k.a. A GIANT DESERT!!

    Battle of Hargeon 

  • The Battle of Hargeon gets the action going again when the 3rd Division faces off against the Coalition forces under Admiral Kizaru.

    • Kakashi proves himself by utterly wiping the floor with Vice Admiral Dalmatian. One of the standout moments is when after Kakashi figures out Dalmatian can only use four of the powers, the Ninja reveals he can use some of the Six Powers. He then figures out how to use Finger Pistol and finishes the Marine.

    • Grimmjow Jaegarjaquez is back. And he does not disappoint. He takes on Natsu in an epic duel.After Natsu gets his own CMOA by beating all of Grimmjow's subordinates, the Espada just gives a No Holds Barred Beatdown. And then he uses Resurreción. Natsu is barely able to keep up with Lightning Flame Dragon Mode, and when that runs out, Grimmjow beats the Wizard. It's only thanks to Jūgo that Natsu even lives. This rivalry is off to a good start.

    • Gray Fullbuster gets his time to shine by beating Sakon and Ukon, enduring having one of the frozen brothers ripped out of his body. Still not done, he goes to aid Lyon and Rangiku to beat Jirōbō.

    • Hats off to Franmalth for being able to survive against Sasuke while getting the better of all the Boa sisters, including Hancock.

    • Franky being able to easily beat Fukuro and singlehandedly destroy all of the Coalition's ships (i.e. the entire Coalition navy in Fiore) deserves mention and is one of the few high-points for the Alliance in this battle.

    • Tayuya taking on the Thunder Legion has its fair share. Freed taking on his Demon form to take on all three Rage Ogres is notable. Unfortunately for them, Tayuya is able to catch Evergreen and Bickslow in Genjutsu. With only Freed left fighting, he's only able to get away with his team thanks to Franky's Big Damn Heroes.

    • Rukia and Orga teaming up against Kidōmaru is pretty good. The Wizard tanks whatever the Ninja throws while getting rid of all his summons, while Rukia is relentless is No-Selling his ranged attacks and keeping him on the run. And all that's when having to protect Mashiro and Chelia who got trapped by the Ninja. The only reason they don't win is because they have to retreat with the rest of the Alliance.

    • In terms of individual performances in this battle, Admiral Kizaru takes the gold. Even when not really trying, he's still able to beat Laxus, Kensei, and Tōshirō. True they reflect him away for a short time, and are able to briefly trap him in an ice prison to nullify his Devil Fruit. Unfortunately, Kizaru knows Haki and Six Powers (and it puts Lucci to shame), and quickly beats the three. Even without his Devil Fruit, he then gets in an even fight with Kakashi. Once he's dry, Kizaru just STOMPS the Ninja. He even flies THROUGH the Susanoo (because light can go in), grabs Kakashi, drags the Ninja out, and slams him down. Mirajane (who's no slouch herself) coming to help Kakashi doesn't even do squat.

    • On top of that, Kizaru is one of the very few Coalition Commanders able to come up with a plan that actually beats the Alliance and wins the day for him and his Unit. That man is scary.

    • While the Arc is rather bleak for the Alliance, there's one glimmer of hope. Thanks to the way Jūgo healed him, Natsu has access to Natural Energy and can become a Dragon Sage. Looks like Naruto's going to have competition.


    The Battle of Kunagi Town 

  • The 3rd Division goes up against the Bomb Squad, and it is glorious.

    • Luffy kicking Jackal's butt just because he made Flare sad.

    • After Luffy is knocked unconscious by Jackal, Hinata shows how much stronger she gotten by revealing she's been practicing a new fighting style that now targets nerve points.

    The Battle of Magnolia 

  • It's the 2nd and 3rd divisions up against Yhwach not really and his forces. Zeref has promised to reveal his location if the good guys take the city on the first try. Chitsujo spins it in his favor by reviving Tobirama, Hashirama, Ace, and Neji to help the group, and things get awesome.

    • After being taken out since Kunagi Town, Gajeel return to take over Lily and Levy's fight with Kakuzu, and it is glorious. In a wonderful case of Hoist by His Own Petard, turns out Kakuzu's body also contains iron, so Gajeel eats part of it to activate Dragon Force and destroy Kakuzu's remaining masks.

    • Renji defeating Hidan and reducing him to something he won't ever come back from... ashes.

    • Shortly after killing Blueno, Hinata and Hiashi are ambushed by Kalifa who quickly take them down. However, Neji arrives to fight her and delivers a Curb-Stomp Battle to her. In case you're wondering how he did this, he reveals his fighting techniques are now releasing bursts of chakra, so Kalifa's powers are not even able to touch him.

    The Battle of Tenrou Island 

  • The 2nd and 3rd divisions take the fight to Zeref to defeat him and save Fiore once and for all. And here are the highlights.

    • Chitsujo killing Accnologia.

    • Luffy becomes a Psuedo-Jinchuriki after absorbing a mini copy of Son Goku into him. He then proceeds to use these powers to kick Zeref's butt. Then Zeref fuses with 666, promptly Luffy to pull out his new Jinchuriki form.

    • Nearly about to be defeated, Zeref uses Ankhseram Black Magic to kill everyone on the island. Except he senses people are still alive. He sees the Tenrou Tree that Orihime revived earlier and suddenly comes to a horrific realization: all members of the 2nd and 3rd now have the Fairy Tail Guild Mark, which means they survived the Death Magic. That's right. At the end of it all, Zeref was defeated by the Guild Mark of the one guild that stood in his way for so long. That breakdown of his in the end really goes to show how much he underestimated the Allied Forces.


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