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As this is a Moment of Awesome page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • The new animatronics have sharp teeth and claws that just screams "murder" at you. Sure, they may not look that scary to some people because of that very reason, but you've got to admit that those are some killer designs.
  • Credit has to go to Scott for somehow making an alarm clock sound relieving without changing anything about it.
  • The protagonists of the first three FNAF games were adults who were being paid to babysit killer animatronics for six hours during their night shifts. These three had help through phone calls/ audio recordings, cameras, lights, steel doors (Mike), a Freddy Fazbear head (Jeremy), and playable voice recordings of Balloon Boy (the FNAF3 guard). The protagonist of the fourth game is dealing with killer animatronics in his own house. He has only has a flashlight, a closet, two flimsy doors, and his sense of hearing keeping him alive throughout the five (after the main storyline, eight) nights that he must survive. Yeah, it is a dream he had, but even then, the dream only gave him a flashlight and doors against gigantic animatronics.

    Let's Play 
  • Jacksepticeye got through the first night with almost no trouble... until at literally the last second, when Bonnie jumps him. Just the split second before it was supposed to go to the death screen, however, the clock hit 6 AM.
  • This same thing happened to Ali-A. He wasn't happy about it.
  • When PewDiePie played the game, he found none of it scary at all like a hardened veteran of war. The only reason he uploaded the video of his stone-faced reactions was because his fans requested he played the game despite his lack of fear.
  • All six members (at the time of filming) of Watch Girls Play took a shot doing each night of the game. Whilst the rest of the ladies failed hard, Sydney (a), finished Night 4 in one shot; (b), was the only one to complete Night 5, taking 2 hours and no fewer than twenty-seven attempts to finish it; and (c), also was the only girl who finished Night 6.

  • In FNAF tradition, anyone who beats Night 7 and 20/20/20/20 (Night 8).
    • Razzbowski beat Night 8 on his first try, which is even more awesome!
    • Markiplier, seen as the "king of FNAF", passed Night 8 in two hours, which is drastically short compared to his previous completion times (first game took him 7 hours, second game took him 9 hours, third game took him 3 hours).
    • The Completionist also beat it, though apparently with much more difficulty than the others.
  • Everybody give it up for Scott Cawthon! Not only did he manage to make four well-made horror games with the Clickteam Fusion engine on his own — an impressive feat in its own right — he also created a relatively enormous videogame-based fanbase (which admittedly has its ups and downs), landed a movie deal based on his games, brought new levels of respect to indie games, and resurrected his game development career. (Oh, and let's not forget about the truckloads of money he made thanks to the series — a good chunk of which he donated to charity.) But the real kicker? He did all of that in less than a year. And when it comes out, the Halloween DLC may as well be the cherry on top. And it is- The new designs are awesomely festive (And as well-made and horrifying as ever), the additions to the Extras menu let you add even more ridiculous challenge to the already difficult game (All Nightmare, anybody?) and you get all this for free.
  • Scott himself addressing fans directly regarding some of the hate he personally gets regarding the series' popularity. Scott states that it's pretty shallow to hate a person solely because they made something that ended up becoming popular. He also states that the Cash Cow Franchise accusations are rather unfounded when Scott himself isn't spending the money he makes off the games on luxury items or parties, further mentioning he still works a pretty menial day job as a cashier at a dollar store; he even brings up that he created the sequels as a way to keep fans of the series happy, and not for any real personal gain. He does mention that he also does not consider his games perfect at all and feels people do have valid criticisms of his games, so he does know the difference between blind hate from people taking the It's Popular, Now It Sucks! route and people who have legitimate issues with the games.
  • Four games, four freaking games, in one year, with DLC that came out on Halloween and a movie coming out in 2016, and an RPG spinoff and novel as the cherries on top! Your move, Call of Duty.
  • DA Games's new song, Game Over and a fan made music video. They state that this is their heaviest song yet (!Metal!), and they most certainly did not lie.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Rap Song "We Don't Bite". Both the song and the animation are absolutely amazing.
  • Scott finally revealed what undamaged Toy Foxy looks like (albeit in the chibi-style FNAF World aesthetic). It's nice to see what they looked like after ages of speculation.
  • What did you think of the darkness taking over your demise?
  • NateWantsToBattle made two new songs about the game: "This Is the End" and "Home".
  • The Living Tombstone have gone out of their way to make one more FNAF Song despite previously stating that "Die in a Fire" would probably be their last. The Song: "I Got No Time". Besides its awesome tune, it has an art style that would not look out of place in Monsters Inc. and almost tearjearking lyrics until it is beautifully rounded up with Bookends in their original Five Nights at Freddy's fan song and Toreador March.


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