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As this is a Moment of Awesome page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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    10/ 20 Winners 
  • The first confirmed winner of 10/20 "Golden Freddy" mode is OhLook ItsFnaf on November 13th, 2014. The creator, Scott Cawthon, even personally congratulates him/her!
  • Then Taste Gaming comes in as the second victor with his successful 10/20 run on November 17th. His run can be seen here.
  • Trolls Play VideoGames came next on November 19th; see the run here.
  • PrettyGrumpyBear posted her proof also on November 19th; see the run here.
  • TheSuperJohn702 posted his 10/20 mode game on Nov 23, 2014; see his run here
  • Curry, a Japanese let's player, has also completed 10/20 mode on November 25th; see the run here. note  You can hear him crying when he reaches 6 AM.
  • Markiplier has done it. He posted the victory video on December 14, 2014, a day after announcing it on Twitter and Facebook; see his run here.
  • Dinky Dana completed it here on December 15th.
  • The Completionist also somehow managed to beat 10/20 mode in his review for the game.note  However, he ultimately regretted beating 10/20 because it was insanely hard thanks to the RNG and because the reward for completing the game was just a few stuffed animals.

  • Scott Cawthon gets one for throwing out so many red herrings that no one even considered the idea that this game was a prequel.
    • Scott gets another one for making the game in a matter of months, only to have many fans say that it surpasses the original.
    • Give Scott another meta crowning moment for actually managing to make the decisions made by the Management in the first game make sense!
    • He also deserves some serious props for his excellent voice work as Phone Guy in both games.
  • The trailer. That music is just freakin' epic.
  • Two girls on tumblr, airmanon and Mage (the latter you might recognize as the voice of Nico Saiba in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: The Abridged Series), are creating a song series based off of Evillious Chronicles, called Seven Deadly Sins at Freddy's. The songs (in order of release date) are:
  • The Living Tombstone has made another awesome song.
  • On the subject of awesome fansongs, Mandopony's Survive the Night is amazing.
  • Back Again by Groundbreaking.
  • You know how badass Mike was in the first game? Well, Jeremy Fitzgerald far surpasses him in the second one. He has to deal with 10 animatronics now, while trying to wind a music box, conserve flashlight power, and be able to put on his mask fast enough when they get too near him. Oh, and the reason he has the mask? No doors! And he keeps on coming back, night after night! Sadly, all this possibly earns him is a lobotomy-by-robot, but still, he was badass while he lasted.
    • Move out of the way, Jeremy, Fritz Smith is the new badass around here! He beat 10/20 Mode and got fired for it anyway!
  • In a bit of a meta-sense, whoever created these damn robots in the first place. There's a reason animatronics are on rails or wires in real life: their joints and servos couldn't handle the strain of walking around. But not only do these robots walk around, they can recognize people, carry heavy object (i.e. human beings), and crawl through vents! Hell, one of the old models can even leap at you! And they seem to run on a nearly endless power source, since they're never seen recharging. There's also some evidence that they're actually sentient! Major Cut Lex Luthor a Check comes in when you realize that these were made just to entertain kids. Who designed these things, Doctor Steel?
  • The day it came out and the day after, Five Nights at Freddy's 2 was Steam's number one seller. That means it even beat out big triple-A titles like Assassin's Creed: Unity that came out on the same day. Impressive for an indie title made by only one guy.
  • Behind The Mask by Sylph Storm and TIF Whitney certainly counts as this. Who knew hip-hop, dubstep, and killer animatronics could make for such an awesome song.
  • The Puppet, Gatopaint's rock song about said puppet being the one that put the dead children's souls into the animatronics to seek revenge gives this troper the chills. His followup song, Haunted, explores a different side of the Puppet's role in the lore: his past as the Purple Man's first victim, who tried - and failed - to save the others.
  • Aviators decides to jump in to the "bandwagon" as well with his song, Mechanical Instinct. Its successors, Jaws and Our Little Horror Story are both absolutely amazing.
  • NateWantsToBattle wrote two awesome songs on FNAF2, Mangled the animatronics' Villain Song and No More which is "The Villain Sucks" Song sang in the perspective of Jeremy.
  • Sayonara Maxwell made a ridiculously awesome song based on the game. Wow.


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