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Awesome / Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

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  • Marth starts the tutorial of Shadow Dragon off on a high note when the Gra soldiers demand he surrender.
    Marth: I will not. I am the prince of Altea. I will not yield to you or any other nation, here on my own land, under my own castle roof!
    • And then when the soldier replies "You talk big, brat", Marth proceeds to wipe the floor with the entire pathetic force they foolishly thought would be sufficient to capture him.
  • Medeus might be something of an Anticlimax Boss in Shadow Dragon, but it is still undeniably awesome to be able to cut through dozens of elite units and then potentially one-shot the titular Shadow Dragon himself. No less awesome is simply leveling one of your units to the point where they can kill Medeus even with his Plot Armor.

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