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Unmarked spoilers below.

  • ''Alm finishes.'' In the original Gaiden, dealing the finishing blow to Duma will give you a unique battle animation where Alm tosses his shield away and finishes off Duma with a jumping downward stab. The remake retains this unique animation and adds a speech when it calculates that the battle will result in Duma's defeat.
    Alm: It's over, Duma! Berkut, Fernand, Mila... even my father. They and countless others lost to us - tainted by your precious power. But that chain of tragedies ends here.
    Celica: My heart is full of thanks for all you've given mankind, O divine Duma. Without yours and Mila's bounty, Valentia could never have existed. We would never have been born into this world; never tasted joy nor sorrow. So please, do not suffer any longer - let all of our pain end here. Allow your great and weary soul the rest it truly deserves!
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  • With enough use of the Royal Sword/Falchion and Beloved Zofia, Alm and Celica can unlock their ultimate arts: Scendscale and Ragnarok Ω respectively. With Scendscale, Alm effectively slams a giant sword of light into whatever foe he's facing. When using Ragnarok Ω, Celica does elegant arm gestures that end in her smothering her enemy in a massive explosion, complete with fire and lightning. Both animations also feature their brand glowing as they activate the attack, indicating they may in fact be using the very power of Duma and Mila themselves.
  • Freeing Tatiana and taking her with the group to the next battle causes Tatiana's boyfriend Ezekiel aka Zeke, who had been forced to oppose the Deliverance for that, to immediately turn on the culprit, the Smug Snake Jerome.note :
    Jerome: You dare?! I didn't think you fool enough to betray me, Ezekiel. You know what fate awaits the girl now that—
    Zeke: She's free. And so am I. You've ground the people here under heel and threatened my love. Prepare to answer for your crimes!
  • Echoes's rendition of the Triangle Attack is beautifully animated and so damn badass. The originators of this famous technique definitely show you how it's done.
    • Not only that but each of the sisters will throw in a different one-liner depending on who initiated the move.
      Palla: Make your peace!
      Catria: Better you than me!
      Est: Nice knowing you!
  • Palla, Catria, and Est get special mention in this game, and the franchise as a whole. They traveled all the way to Valentia after the first game, fought for Celica and Alm here, and then went back to Archanea for the third game. That's right, these three girls fought in three wars in a row. The Whitewings are officially the baddest bitches.
    • Also props to Camus/Zeke/Sirius, who pulled the same feat while amnesiac during Gaiden.
  • The moment the player finally takes the field to do battle with Big Bad Rudolf, and this starts playing.
  • The Pre-final battle quotes in Echoes are made of this, double since they're fully voiced. Some of these are here:
    Atlas: Yours isn't the world I fought to protect. I'm taking every one of you down!
    Catria: This world doesn't exist just as a plaything for dragons!
    Clair: This business of relying on gods and... so forth seems quite absurd to me. The creepy man will excuse himself now!
    Clive: I'll take a proud death as my own man over a life of kneeling to a mad god!
    Emma: I don't know much, but I know this... We will never lose to you!
    Faye: This world belongs to Alm. To all of us. There's plenty of room for hope in it... but there's no room in it for you!
    Forsyth: I have no deference for one who would wield unjust power over his people. Such a despot is no god of mine!
    Kamui: I have the feeling my luck ran out the day I got mixed up in all of this. But meh, why not? May as well see things through to the end!
    Kliff: It's all strength and power with you. If you're that desperate for a show of force, I'll be happy to oblige.
    Leon: Your fetish for power is simply barbaric. Where's the joy? The love? Your perfect world is dull as dirt.
    Luthier: Your spirit's voice is ghastly dark. I have no use for magic so foul.
    Mathilda: I alone will decide who I choose to worship. But I can promise you one thing: it certainly won't be you!
    Randal: It's no concern of mine who decides to conquer the world. But something tells me you'd take all the fun out of it - and I can't have that.
    Saber: Well, hell, I've come this far. Might as well see the damn thing through to the end, lass.
    Shade: We come from a foreign land, so perhaps this isn't our battle... But you have given us plenty of evidence that we should MAKE it our battle.
    Tatiana: This is my world, and Zeke's as well. I won't allow you to endanger it!
    Valbar: Foisting your way on the world by force? You're no better than pirates. And it just so happens I don't take kindly to pirates!
    Yuzu: What arrogance, to try and seize control of the world. Power is only ever as great as the heart of the wielder - and yours shall falter.
  • The final battle also counts for being the first (and in the original Gaiden, only) time Alm and Celica's armies can fight side-by-side.
  • Early in Act 1, Fernand threatens Lukas. It backfires. Magnificently.
    Fernand: I'll rip that traitorous tongue from your throat!
    Lukas: Then you'll finally have the truth in your grasp!
  • In the Rise of the Deliverance DLC, Slayde gets into some trouble with some rebelling traders, and "thanks" Fernand and Clive for their help by fleeing the scene. The following line is awesome, due to coming from Clive, of all people, who is unfailingly polite to almost everyone else.
    Fernand: How low is that rat willing to sink?
    Clive: Rats do not sink, Fernand. They scurry.
  • At the end of Act 3, Celica automatically promotes into the Princess class. Her promotion animation is followed by this CG showing Mae, Boey, Saber, and all the clerics in the Temple of Mila kneeling before her. The image alone makes her promotion feel that much more epic and rewarding.

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