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Awesome / Fiddler on the Roof

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  • The Bottle Dance, for the sheer amount of balance required to pull that off. Most productions use trick hats.
    • You'll notice, that the first part of that sequence is all one shot, which is mad impressive.
    • Some of them have even found the dance is easier without a trick hat. You just wear a hat big enough, push in the top, then rest the bottle in the dent. The tape to hold the bottle in place often isn't strong enough anyway.
  • The whole soundtrack, but especially "Sunrise, Sunset".
  • "L'Chaim (To Life)" also deserves a mention. It can be viewed here. Not only will it make you want to get wasted, but the Cossacks breaking it down is nothing short of fantastic, as is the Russians and Jews repeatedly settling their tension by dancing together instead of fighting.
  • Dark Reprise - The chorus comes on and sings "Tradition" after Tevye disowns Chava.
    • Just the song itself is awesome.
  • The Broadway revival (at least) had the chorus reprise the dance of "Tradition," too - only now it's a dance of entrapment and anguish from which no-one can escape.
  • Tevye intimidating the constable after receiving the news that they have to leave. "This. Is Still. My land. Get. Off. My land."
  • Motel's "Finally acting like a man" moment. Even Tevye is impressed to the point that this is where he actually starts seriously considering the request. He's known Motel since he was a child, kind of still think of him as a child, and it doesn't help that Motel is softspoken and awkward and doesn't really stand up for himself. Then Motel (soon after twice asking Tevye not to shout at him) finally has had enough and shouts back that just because he's poor doesn't mean he and Tzeitel shouldn't be happy. It's so out of character for him that it basically shocks Tevye into giving it serious consideration. He also then swears that he will not let Tzeitel starve. So not only is he standing up for himself but he's showing that he understands that he's taking on a man's responsibility of being responsible for his family.
    Motel: "Even a poor tailor is entitled to some happiness!"