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  • Pretty much anyone who didn't get a Moment of Awesome in Fate/stay night gets one here; Assassin and Kuzuki doing Back-to-Back Badasses, Caster's Death from Above, Sakura's Shadow magecraft, Gilgamesh actually getting serious (and losing his top), and Lancer still standing after getting half his chest blown off.
    • Lancer's mythological equivalent did just about the same thing and it's even listed in his Servant stats, making it an awesome subversion of Informed Ability and a shoutout to the original myths and a very awesome scene.
  • Bazett, a Badass Normal taking on servants, which just shouldn't happen. Rin's case against Caster is different, and Gil is a half servant (thus actually weaker than in Heaven's Feel 4, but makes it up mostly with his NP) due to corruption of the Grail (thus can also die even from bullets, stated in side material) and Shirou is a counter against him. HF Shirou has Archer's arm, which makes him beyond human in speed and power. Bazett, on other hand, completely a normal magus (albeit one of the very few living humans to have her own Noble Phantasm), goes toe to toe with Servants like Saber. GAR.
    • Oh yeah, she fights Saber. She wins too. Bazett is the only known human to possess a Noble Phantasm while still alive: Fragrach. Fragrach is a known as the Answerer or The Retaliator. When used normally, it is very weak. However, when it goes against an enemy's strongest attack, e.g Excalibur, not only does it become insanely powerful, it nullifies the attack and kills the enemy in one shot. She does that to Saber in one of the loops. THAT'S badass.
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    • And then in another possibility? Overlapping with Tear Jerker, she fights her childhood hero, Lancer. A mutual draw, since Gae Bolg has the same Timey-Wimey Ball effects as Fragarach and they end up killing each other.
  • Hell, how about the mere fact that in one possible future, Luviagelita and Shiro are off hunting Dead Apostles, potentially with Shiki's help?
  • After SEVERAL days of getting sniped at the bridge, Shirou and Saber finally overcome Archer. Saber leaps several kilometers away using the power of a command seal, and actually manages to avoid HRUNTING by changing direction midflight. And as for Shirou? He uses Rho Aaias to shield himself from Hrunting long enough for Saber to make a Single-Stroke Battle. And, to do this? Shirou has to time his strike to a tenth of a second. And hold the pure magic of a Command Seal...for 30 seconds.
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  • Of course, we can't leave without the Final Battle. The Masters and the Servants band together to fight off the Avenger copies. When an entire cohort of badasses like these, each a One-Man Army on their own, band together, SHIT GETS REAL.


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