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  • Yukiko's awakening in Chapter 5 absolutely qualifies. To wit, the scene plays largely like in canon: both she and Chie have been captured by Shadow Kamoshida, and Chie's ready to be executed for trespassing on the castle grounds. It's then Yukiko's contacted by her Persona, who has just as awesome of a speech as Arsene does:
    Konohana Sakuya: "Pray tell, are you not going to do something about this? You’re one of the last people who will abide by suffering. If you truly care so much for others, tell me… was your decision merely an accident?! Very well… I have heeded thy resolve. Let us see how thouest handles my power… Show me thine anger… I am thou… thou art I… Thou whose inner fire burns brightly with fury at the world’s hypocrisy! Release thyself, and hold nothing back! Show that thou hast the will to protect all thy hold dearest, even if thou wouldst be incinerated by the flames of hell!”
    • This is immediately followed by Yukiko ripping off her mask, blood and all, before awakening to her own Persona. It needs to be seen to be believed:
    As it was apparently attached to her face, though, this was easier said than done. Pulling on the mask even a little ripped apart skin cell after skin cell, causing her to scream at the top of her lungs. When the mask was finally off, her face was drenched in blood and, for some reason, her eyes were the same gold coloring as Kamoshida’s.

    A demonic cackle surrounded the room as blue flames surrounded her, though she wasn’t burnt, in the slightest. Soon, they flew off of Yukiko and revealed that her custom-made school outfit was replaced with a feathery, red-and-pink suit that showed off a great deal of cleavage and had pink feathers on the wrists, ankles and collar. In addition, a fan with spikes sticking out of it had suddenly found its way into her hand.

    “Wh-What in the world?” was the only thing Yukiko could say as she inspected herself.

    “Yukiko?!” Chie shouted. “What is-ah?!”

    It was far from over. The flames that had flown off of Yukiko’s body had stood in the air behind her, and now they had morphed into a giant, pink bird-like figure with feathers and a strange, heart-like complexion on its face and chest, the whole creature surrounded by ghostly chains. Before Yukiko could say anything else, the creature flexed its wing-like arms and released a blast of wind, knocking Kamoshida and his guards, aside.

    "I am the eternal flame of the mountains, Konohana Sakuya!"
  • Chie's awakening is just as awesome and over-the-top. As Yukiko, Chie and the newly-recruited Morgana attempt to escape the castle, they are ambushed by Kamoshida and Yukiko and Morgana are quickly put down. Chie nearly breaks down completely, to which Kamoshida mocks her for being unable to save her friend - whom he pushed to suicide, something Chie never forgave herself for. Thanks to Yukiko's encouraging words, she immediately finds the courage to stand up for herself and put her foot down, outright ranting at Kamoshida before screaming how she'll never forgive him. And then:
    Tomoe: "You have finally realized it, haven’t you? Forgiving this man was never the answer. Turning a blind eye to your fellow man’s suffering was never the solution. It is time to show the corrupt of this world the true meaning of justice, don't you agree? After all, it is what the other you desires. I am thou… thou art I… it is time for your awakening. Unleash the fury of the DRAGON WITHIN!"
    • Immediately afterwards, Chie rips off her mask in pain before summoning Tomoe, granting her a wicked new Phantom Thief outfit and the ability to defend herself. And the shadow she fights - an Archangel - she and the party effortlessly defeat it. Bad. Ass.

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