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The author has done such a marvelous job writing the series that there are moments of awesome in each story. Be warned. Spoilers ahead.

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     Facing The Future 
  • The fact that Future Danny and Sam were able to cripple the Guys In White's organization, Tucker's bunker, and Fenton Works all without breaking a sweat. No other being has been able to pull off something of that magnitude before and since.
  • Future Danny and Sam's first battle with Dark Danny after he escapes the Fenton Thermos. Shows just how strong Danny's gotten since the last time he fought his evil self.
  • Clockwork utterly owning Vlad when he tried to take control of the power of time, complete with Clockwork giving him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech over all the time he tried to steal powers he couldn't comprehend, and agreeing with Danny's comment that he's fruit loop.
  • Sam's first demonstration of her full control over her new powers.
  • Sam saving Danny from a collapsing wall with her new found powers. Even Danny thought it was hot.
  • Danny stopping Dark Danny from killing Sam by unlocking his deadly Super Mode, followed by the Curb-Stomp Battle that followed.
  • Sam getting through to a feral crazed Danny with The Power of Love. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Dark Danny and Vlad's battle. Be honest, how many have always wanted to see those two go at it?
  • Danny and Sam working together to restore their future selves' power.
  • The final battle with Dark Danny and Vlad. Future Danny and Sam even showed off control of the Super Mode Danny unlocked. Even better, present Danny and Sam managed to deliver the final blow to both villains.
  • The ending of the story where Sam was about to give the Box Ghost a major thrashing. Complete with this final line:

     Strength In Numbers 
  • Sam and Danielle leading an army of Far Frozeners against Desiree and her cohorts to save Danny.
  • Desiree deserves credit for coming up with a plan to successfully capture Danny. Had any of them thought far enough ahead to decide what to do with him afterwards, they might have actually won.

     Bad Breakup 
  • Despite despising beauty contests, Sam was willing to defend one from Spectra because she felt the contestants deserved a chance to humiliate themselves. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Danielle, Tucker, and Valerie attacking the ghosts when they think they caused Danny and Sam to breakup. Shows just how much they care about them. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • Danny, Sam, and Danielle's Combination Attack to take down the ghosts.

     Trial By Fire 
  • Danny and Sam's battle at the beginning of the story with a ghost minotaur.
  • Danny's initial confrontation with Undergrowth, during which Undergrowth displays faster regeneration and even calls evergreen trees which are immune to Danny's ice powers, showing that he's gone through some Character Development from a Generic Doomsday Villain.
  • Sam coming to Danny's aid despite lack of control over her fire powers.
  • Sam freeing everyone captured by Undergrowth, including her parents. Doubles as a Heartwarming Momentas it shows she cares about them.
  • The discovery that Sam's training with Dora had the side effect of enhancing her Imagination Based Superpowers.
  • Sam finally getting control of her fire powers, followed by her giving Undergrowth a "The Reason You Suck" Speech on how he's no better than the humans he wants to crush.
  • The final battle with Undergrowth in which Danny and Sam are aided by everyone to bring him down.
  • Sam's confrontation with the media, in which she gives them her fill and her ghost identity is finally made. Even better that there's no casualties.

     Hearts and Minds 
  • Danny and Sam using their ice and fire powers to take down Vortex.
  • Special points go to Nocturne for eliminating Danny and Sam this time before moving on to conquer the world.
  • Tucker fighting off Nocturne using computer avatars while Danny and Sam regain their memories of each other.
  • Danny and Sam completely blasting Nocturne out of their subconscious. What they yelled while doing it says it all:

     Pairing Off 
  • At the beginning of the story, Sam battles Skulker and wipes the floor with him. Definitely shows how powerful she's become in a short time.
  • Throughout the story, Sam shows off new and creative constructs of her ecto energy, culminating in her creating a freakin' ecto motorcycle!
  • Tucker fights Technus evenly within the mainframe of his robot. Definitely makes up for the constant beatdowns he got from Technus in "Teacher Of The Year".

     A Family Thing 

     Stolen Years 
  • The fact that Team Phantom actually launched an assault on the Guy's In White's headquarters to save Danielle.
  • Jack's contribution to the 'Save-Dani-From-The-Guys-In-White' mission: drain their power with one failed anti-ghost invention and incapacitate them with another.
    "This is the last place I ever thought I'd be using these things," he thought out loud, sounding almost regretful before steadying himself, turning the Specter Shrieker up to an even higher setting. "But heroes or no, NO ONE messes with Jack Fenton's kids!"
  • As they are rescuing Danielle from the Guys in White, they find themselves cornered by several operatives carrying guns, who order him to stand down. Danny's response: He slips Danielle behind him and says:
    "You know, that was quite a mouthful, there. Now let me make a declaration of my own," Danny replied to Operatives O and K as his eyes glowed angrily and his hands blazed with ecto-energy. "Right now, anywhere that's even REMOTELY near me is not a safe place for any of you to stand...because nobody...and I mean NOBODY...attacks MY-LITTLE-SISTER." (cue-asskicking)
  • After everyone else gets away in the Fenton RV, Danny stays behind to confront Agent Alpha, the head of the GIW. He then uses his Ghostly Wail to deliver a 'singing telegram' before threatening them not to set foot in Amity Park again.
  • Tucker removes every file about Danny from the Guys in White's databases. He had brought the equipment to do so along on the rescue mission on the off chance he found a mainframe computer.

     Laws of Attraction 
  • Dash, despite being scared out of his mind, is willing to jump into the Ghost Zone to save Paulina and give Danny backup. Whoa.
  • Along with giving Walker an epic beatdown, Danny calls him out on his Screw the Rules, I Make Them! policy:
    Danny: "Rules? RULES? What do YOU care about rules? You break your precious 'rules' whenever it's convenient. Why don't you just admit it? All rules are to you is an excuse to try and control everyone! YOU'RE THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE I'VE EVER MET IN MY LIFE!"

     Royal Occupation 
  • Aragon's Executioner and Archer get mention due to the new power they gained thanks to Aragon's scepter.
  • Danny and Sam as DRAGONS.
    • Followed by the epic battle in which everyone works together to bring Aragon down.
  • When Aragon and his cronies tried to pull a Villain: Exit, Stage Left, Jack and Maddie pin them to a wall with Maddie's crossbow.

    Junior Hijinks 
  • Danielle using her powers to protect Mike from the school bully.
    • Later she stopped a prank that was to be pulled on her friend Jane.
  • The mysterious "G" gives the Masters Blasters an epic Curb-Stomp Battle. As pompous as they are, the Blasters are pretty capable ghost hunters, so it says something about being able to beat them.

    What She Wants 

    Ancient History 
  • This fic is one long moment of awesome for Tucker.
    • Without any of his technology, he was able to devise a plan to take the staff back from Ghost Tucker.
    • When Ghost Tucker tries to convince him that he will be nothing but a third wheel if he releases the staff, his response is pure gold.
    • He uses the staff, in spite of his fear that it would retake control of his mind, to turn Amity Park back to normal, and then he erases the minds of everyone involved except for Team Phantom and Tanya, when he could have easily used it to enhance his reputation, when a year ago, he would have said anything for attention. Even Danny and Sam were proud.
    • Giving Tanya a promotion as campaign manager is a Crowning Moment of Humility: Tucker accepts that he lacks any political experience, and admits he needs help to his secretary, who up until recently, had been seen as eye candy.
  • When Dash meets Dani, he remarks how she is too young to fight any battle. She lifts him by the ankle.
  • Dash and the football team get a moment where, after getting some incentive from Tucker, they actually run down a group of guards.
  • Danny and Sam get special mention for actually having enough faith in Tucker to leave the Scarab Scepter in his hands.

     Two For One 

  • Danny manages to gain control of his True Ghost Form.
  • Tanya has a meeting with the Chief of Police, getting him to change his plans from "retire from the force and run for mayor" to "publically support Tucker as a candidate."


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