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     1976 Yugoslavia 
  • In the final match, Czechoslovakia was winning against World Cup champions West Germany by 2-0 but the Germans recovered and the match went to a penalty-shootout. After Uli Hoeneß (later on CEO of Bayern München) missed the fourth penalty, Czechoslovakia could win the tournament if it scored the last penalty. Here's one of the most famous penalties in the history of football.
    • This penalty remains famous to the point of, whenever someone scores a penalty In the Style of... this one, it is considered a "Panenka-penalty".

     1988 Germany 

     1992 Sweden 
  • Denmark winning the tournament. Players came to the tournament directly off vacation, after being called up due to the disqualification of Yugoslavia, and won the entire thing.

     2004 Portugal 
  • Portuguese goalkeeper Ricardo defending the decisive penalty and then scoring the winning penalty against England with his gloves off.
  • Greece. Considered by the bookmakers the weakest team of the tournament, they defeated Portugal in the opening match, caused the elimination of Spain, defeated France in the quarters, Czech Republic in the semis with a goal in extra time, and finally defeating again Portugal, the host country, winning the trophy.

     2008 Austria-Switzerland 
  • Turkey can be considered this. In the final group match they faced Czech Republic, and were forced to win to advance in the knockout stage. Well, losing 2-1, they scored twice in the last two minutes, ended up winning, advacing to the knockout stage and eliminating the Czech Republic in the process. In the Quarterfinals they did it again against Croatia. after no one scoring in the first 90 minutes, Croatia scored at the 119th minute of the extra-time, but Turkey scored the equalizer one minute later, in the last action of the match, and ended up winning at the penalties. They had to surrender only to Germany in the semifinals.
  • Despite being one of the best teams of the tournament, Spain's victory can be considered this. They won their first trophy in 44 years, after decades of humiliation they gained the glory, winning the World Cup two years later and succeeding in defending this trophy again (the first team able to do so)

     2012 Poland-Ukraine 
  • Andriy Shevchenko, one of the best players in the decade, in the opening match for Ukraine scored twice at 36 years, in front of his fans, in his own country, helping defeat Sweden. They were the last goals scored by Shevchenko, who retired after the tournament. What a goodbye.

     2016 France 
  • Wales qualified for an international tournament 58 years after their first and last appearance (World Cup 1958), and they managed to top their group and reach the Semifinals, losing only to Portugal, and did so in style, thumping Russia 3-0, among others. The best moment was probably in the Quarterfinals, when Wales defeated Belgium, a team of top-class players considered by most the favourites to reach the final, and beat them 3-1. In doing so, they became the first British team to reach the Semifinals of a major tournament since 1996.
  • In a similar way, Iceland surprised the world by qualifying for their first international tournament. They drew with Portugal in their first match and reached the Quarterfinals after defeating England in the Round of 16, with a team that developed mostly as semi-professional players (though by Euro 2016, every member of the squad was a full-time pro playing outside of Iceland). The most incredible thing is that Iceland has a population of 323,000 (about the size of Leicester, St. Louis, or Bonn, and lower than some London boroughs), and that anywhere from 8 to 10% of the population followed the team in France.



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