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    Season One 
  • Carter gets one in "Blink" when a Fragile Speedster charges him. Carter pulls a baseball out of his pocket and hits the guy in the head with it. Badass Normal indeed.
    • Let's be honest, every time Jack Carter saves Eureka is a moment of awesome.
  • Zoey delivering a Shut Up, Hannibal! in "Duck, Duck, Goose" to Megan after she accuses Zoey of being stupid and only getting by because she's the Sheriff's daughter.

    Season Two 


    Season Three 
  • From Fear To Eternity, only an indestructible hardened metallic foam stands between Carter and saving Zoe's life. He waits patiently, and the block dissolves to reveal. . .
    Jo: Good afternoon! My name's Jo Lupo and I'll be saving your ass today!
  • It's not often Fargo gets a CMoA, but it happens. In It's Not Easy Being Green, the B plot of the episode is the annual Eureka vs. Area 51 Bowling Match, which is Serious Business for all parties. Finally, at the end of the game, Fargo's first ball has resulted in a Seven-Ten Split, the most difficult spare in bowling to pick up. Fargo focuses, kisses his ball for luck, and throws it dead-center down the lane. It's almost to the pins when it splits in two and takes out the two remaining pins, giving Eureka the win!
  • The episode Bad to the Drone introduces Martha, the Cylon Shuttle Thing.
    • Zoey talking Martha down from her near lethal tantrum.
  • "Have an Ice Day", Zoey saving everyone at Café Diem from freezing by getting them together and leading them into the freezer and cranking up the heat.
    • Not the first time Vincent's freezer saved the day. In "Show Me the Mummy" he used it to kill a plague of ancient Egyptian bugs that can't stand the cold.
    Vincent: Zero degrees Kelvin, baby, bless you fusion reactor!

    Season Four 
  • Jo kicking ass, taking names, and blowing up half a military base in "Founder's Day".
    Allison: Okay, this is really bad!
    Jack: Yeah, for them...
  • Fargo standing up to General Mansfield in "The Ex-Files".
    Jessica Lansky: (taunts the general as he leaves Fargo's office) Who's looking for the backdoor now? HA!
  • Liftoff is a Crowning Episode of Awesome for Fargo. He's growing into his newfound responsbilities as head of Global Dynamics, to the point where his fellow time-travellers are considering them the real boss. Then he and Zane accidentally get shot into orbit in an old space capsule with not controls, radio, attitude control, and just six hours of life support. Cue Douglas Fargo, Eureka's professional Butt-Monkey, engaging in a series of pressure-filled improvised solutions to problems, and handling it all so well and so calmly Mark Watney would be proud. All while professional bad boy Zane is freaking out.
  • "Omega Girls", Allison fighting back and preventing Beverly from using her codes to steal Eureka's secrets.
    • Zoe confronting Beverly.
    Beverly: Zoe, I don't have time for this.
    • Zoe managing to first escape Dekker and his associate by hiding amongst the unconscious people in GD. Then she manages to tazze him when he drops his guard.
    • Jo confronting Beverly on the roof when she tries to get away with Eureka's mainframe. Jo gets to the roof and tells her to stop, she then tazzes Allison/Beverly.
  • Zane's little speech to Wen and the rest of the committee sent to evaluate the Astraeus crew candidates in This One Time at Space Camp....
    Zane: When the pressure's on I know how to improvise. I've been doing it my whole life.
    Wen: We're assembling the best team of twenty out of hundreds of applicants. You're a loner Mr. Donavan. You said so yourself, you never depended on anyone your entire life. By definition, your not a team player.
    Zane: Then cut me, If I haven't proven myself already I never will. You all have yourselves a good day.
  • Eureka goes anime in the 2011 Christmas special "Do You See What I See", leading to all-around awesome.
    Jack: Let's do this.
    Carl: Yes, let's do this.
    • Jack and Andy taking advantage of the newfound cartoon physics to fight some Ninja Snowmen, and yes you read that right.
    • Anime Fargo, the Ass Kicker.

    Season Five 
  • In "Lost", when Zane uses the Astraeus to take out the giant Martha.
    • Earlier, Jo helping him escape from Andy by tasering the rouge robot in the neck.
    Zane: Can't we talk about this?
    Andy: I think we're done talking.
    Jo: (disables Andy) Agreed.
  • From "The Real Thing", Jack enduring an obviously very painful electrical discharge in order to steal a pulse array device.
    • Jo returning to town to pull a Big Damn Heroes moment. Freeing Jack and Andy from their cell.
    Jo: (laughs) Isn't this a pretty picture. I leave you for a few weeks and the two of you end up behind bars.
  • The end of "Force Quit": Wen thinks she's speaking to Beverly in Carter's office but it turns out Beverly put Wen in a virtual version of the Carter's office as punishment. All I can say to that is...Go Beverly!
    • Also in "Force Quit", Henry stealing and then setting off a stun grenade at point blank range to buy Jack and Beverley more time.
    • Jo arriving in time to save Zane from getting shot by Dekker.
    Jo: Hey, remember me? (clubs Dekker in the face with her gun)

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