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Awesome / Escalation Is the Name of the Game

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  • From the Halo Arc:
    • During her first battle with the Covenant, Fusou Completely trounces the Covenant Fleet at the Battle of Reach, with the UNSC taking zero casulaties. At least until Long Night of Solace shows up...
    • She managed to destroy High Charity.
  • From the omakes:
    • In the Worm universe, Fusou kills Behemoth.
      • What could make this even more awesome? Due to ROB placing an incredible amount of restrictions on her, Fusou did this on foot.
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    • During The Battle of Scariff, Fusou manages to not only break the orbital shield, she cripples the Death Star, using her newest starship: the Voracious Class Dreadnought, Barringer.

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