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  • His ECW matches with Dean Malenko are master classes in wrestling technique.
  • Even though he lost, his match with Rey Mysterio Jr. at WCW's Halloween Havoc 97 is considered a classic.
  • In a no-DQ match against Edge on WWE SmackDown in 2002, Eddie and Edge put on such an amazing show that both wrestlers got a standing ovation and name-cheer after it was over. In the original broadcast, WWE even went so far as to show the pop Eddie got as a defeated Heel as he walked back to the dressing room during the commercial break. WWE considers it "one of the best matches in SmackDown history." Special mention goes to that insane Sunset Flip Powerbomb (at around 16:20 in the above video) off the top of the ladder. The crowds's reaction says it all.
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  • Eddie Guerrero's defeat of Brock Lesnar at No Way Out 2004 to win the WWE Championship. It was the culmination of a Career Resurrection that stands as one of the greatest in Professional Wrestling.
  • His match with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XX a month later. He outsmarted Angle by loosening a boot, allowing him to slip free of the Angle Lock and roll up a confused Angle for the win.
  • Not just one for Eddie himself, per se, but at Judgment Day 2004, the crowd was white-hot for Eddie. Not only was he at perhaps the height of his popularity, but he was in the middle of a feud with the pseudo-racist conservative JBL, who had garnered heat by denigrating Eddie's Mexican heritage. Judgment Day that year was held in Los Angeles, and the sheer outpouring of rabid support dominated the entire card, where "Eddie!" chants were being yelled all night long. His match with JBL is also the infamous match where Eddie gets split wide open after a chairshot. note  Although he got disqualified for using the title belt as a weapon, he ended the show standing tall after one of the most brutal brawls of the year, and looking all the more like a Determinator for it.
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  • With the possible exception of their ECW One Night Stand match in 2005 (Eddie was still playing his "selfish prick" heel persona and didn't want to break character even for the one night), pretty much much any match with Chris Benoit.

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