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  • Olive's interactions with Rhiannon(0:00-0:26 and 2:07-2:45) after Rhiannon starts getting uppity about Olive's supposed sex ventures. Actually, that whole scene.
    • Olive walking into school for the first time in a corset and a big red "A." With the song playing in the background, it's just an amazing scene to see how confident Olive feels about herself.
  • Olive finally getting her musical number "for no apparent reason." The musical number itself was pretty awesome, too.
  • Olive's conclusion to her webcast, just before riding off with Todd into the sunset (on a lawnmower).
    Olive: I may even lose my virginity to him. Maybe in five minutes, maybe tonight, maybe six months from now, or maybe on our wedding night. But you know what? It's nobody's God damned business.
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  • Olive's handling of Evan asking for her "services." He asks in a douchey way - she shuts him down. He tries to bluster - she shuts him down even harder. He gives up and she realises how sad and lonely he is - she takes pity on him and agrees to help. He gets whiny and entitled about the amount of help she is offering - she shuts him down again. In other words, she manages to be compassionate to someone she doesn't like, while at the same time not being a doormat.

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