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  • The introduction to the series Death has him walk into a bar full of Union soldiers with two native American witches. He then deliberately pisses them off, and they try and kill the witches, who are Wolf and Crow. What ensues is mostly offscreen, but the way Death just calmly drinks as his companions slaughter almost everyone in the bar is chilling. And then the barman realises who he is, and freaks out.
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  • The Vice President of the Union's Incorruptible Pure Pureness when faced with the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They offer him a chance to be the new president and their puppet, with the promise of being let in on the Message and bringing about the End Times. Instead, he refuses, stating that he must remain true to his conscience, even when faced with the Horsemen. He does get killed immediately after, but even the Horsemen admire his conviction.
  • The Ranger is out to kill The Chosen. He starts with Cheveyo, and destroys him with a massive bullet from 59 miles away. Then Death, a little pissed at this, shoots him in the shoulder with his revolver, though his second shot seems to miss. Given the curvature of the earth, The Ranger's high altitude makes sense. But Death shouldn't even be able to see The Ranger, who is crouched in a dense forest. On top of that, it should take his revolver bullets about two minutes to travel from his gun to the Ranger's location. The Laws of Physics can't resist Death more than anybody else.
    • Following this sniper/revolver duel, The Ranger and Death ride towards each other openly, Death on his robot horse, the Ranger on his robo-dog, Red. The Ranger cripples Death's horse, sending him sprawling and making him lose his gun. He covers Death and explains maybe they don't have to try and kill each other but Death did still shoot him so he has to kick his ass a bit. Of course, punching out Death is easier said than done, but The Ranger gives a good account of himself (Especially when Death throws Red and The Ranger wraps both his hand's around Death's neck. "Hands...Off...The dog!") before the two talk things out.
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  • Ezra Orion, the Word made flesh, half human, half demon, all crazy, goes up against Wolf of the Endless Nation. Orion's demon side lets him overpower even the witch's giant wolf form, but in his arrogance, Wolf informs him that he got too close and eats him. This has unintended side-effects that cause Wolf to become even more awesome than he already was.
  • Chamberlain is an awesome and deadly politician, manipulating nearly every nation with his words and cunning. But when he comes to re-capture Bel Solomon and encounters the Ranger, he proves that he was once the world's deadliest gunslinger. He augments this by putting the Oracle's other eye on his gun like some supernatural sight (its possible this means he simply cannot miss)-he defeats the Ranger easily, and then later survives an ambush by Maoist forces without suffering so much as a scratch.
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  • Babylon already got one by kicking Conquest's ass, but this is mitigated by him getting a lot of help from Balloon. Later however, when he is ambushed by three dangerous bounty hunters, he proves he's got skills all his own...though he still needs help from, this time from his dad. Of course, he's ten.

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