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Awesome / Driver: San Francisco

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  • The cutscene at the beginning of the "With Great Power..." chapter, which shows Tanner grasping just how powerful the Shifting ability is as he Quantum Leaps around the city and stops two separate car chases within a matter of seconds.
  • The "Paper Trail" mission. Tanner is helping a father retrieve his kidnapped son. The kidnapper watches them until they reach a designated location so they don't attract attention. He then gives them a drop-off point, gives them three minutes to get there, and heads off himself. Upon learning that the father doesn't have the ransom money, Tanner takes full advantage of not being watched: by ramming a police car, he gets a squad of cops to follow them to the exchange point, storm the place, and capture the kidnapper.
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  • The finale: Dream!Tanner vs. Dream!Jericho in a Reality Warping-filled Battle in the Center of the Mind soon followed by Real!Tanner and Real!Jones finally settling the score with Real!Jericho.

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