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Awesome / Dragonshyness

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There's lots of opportunity for Crowning Moments of Awesome when questing to drive off a dragon!

Awesome Moments include:

  • Applejack runs into a deadly avalanche to save Twilight Sparkle's life.
  • Pinkie Pie engages in massive Reality Warping to protect everypony involved in the avalanche incident.
  • Later, Pinkie Pie goes in bravely to face the Dragon, despite the fact that Paradise has begged her not to do so, and her own knowledge that most her powers have been exhausted.
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  • Rainbow Dash getting so angry at the abuse of her friends that she kicks the Dragon in the face. Awesome in the original, awesome in the adaptation. Even though it doesn't work.
  • Fluttershy's psychic battle against the Dragon, which culminates in him breaking down in tears before her telepathic might.

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