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  • Unlocking a character's super transformation isn't a matter of getting lucky with the rewards of a Parallel Quest anymore. No, you have to work for it, and it is every bit as awesome as it sounds.
    • As a Saiyan, you're put in a fight with both Goku and Vegeta at Super Saiyan 2. It's easily a Curb-Stomp Battle, up there with the Frieza and Cooler fight in Story Mode in terms of difficulty. This is deliberate. Just when you feel like snapping your controller and walking away as your opponents run roughshod all over you, your abilities are locked out except for one: Super Saiyan. Suddenly, it's still a Curb-Stomp Battle, just going the other way. Especially if you have five full Ki bars and go straight into Super Saiyan 3.
      • Then Goku and Vegeta get back up, Goku goes Super Saiyan 3, and the fight is on in earnest.
      • Your abilities stay locked out to showcase the initial overwhelming anger of the Super Saiyan form, but you won't need them to win.
      • What was it Goku said in the Cell Saga? "The power comes in response to a need." To win that fight, both you and your character were in dire need. Well played, Dimps. Well played.
      • Also an extra level of awesome if you think about it is that Goku and Vegeta had to train for years to get Super Saiyan 1, 2 and in Goku's case 3 independently. You unlock all three transformations at the same time.
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    • As a Frieza Race character, you have to work your way up in the ranks of Frieza's army; initially siding with either Zarbon or Dodoria before usurping the one you sided with, then becoming a member of the Ginyu Force, and then picking a side with either Frieza or Cooler. Afterwards, you help Frieza with repeated training sessions before you finally overthrow him. Since you are a Frieza race character as well, Frieza begrudgingly accepts your leadership for the time being, while still intending to reclaim his throne. Then Frieza and Cooler both team up and fight you in a life-or-death battle, where you have to hold your own long enough until the "Turn Golden" skill awakens. After that, you get to use it to kick their ass. What makes this awesome is how Cooler and Frieza genuinely encourage you to be the absolute best and want you to tap into that well of power, because you are now representing their family. That, and it will make it all the more statisfying when they take over again.
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  • A villainous example: During the Battle of Gods saga, when Mira attacks the player character, Beerus is pissed off because his fight with Goku got interrupted, so he starts threatening Mira. But unlike Demigra from the last game, Mira isn't afraid of Beerus at all, pretty much telling the God of Destruction to shut up and let him finish his fight. It's such a bold move that Beerus is actually impressed, agreeing to sit back and watch for a little while.
  • The chips are down, and the final battle against a Super Saiyan 4-esque Mira who absorbed both Towa and the powerful Tokitoki egg has you backed up by Goku in Super Saiyan Blue. What follows is easily something both more difficult and more satisfying than even Demigra's final form in the previous game.
    • And for the coup de grace, Goku uses the Dragon Fist to steal the egg out of Mira's body while you finish him off with a (voice acted!) Kamehameha once and for all. Unless you get the alternate ending, in which the fighting souls of close allies wordlessly encourage you and give you their power, like in the first game, before you personally deliver the Dragon Fist and pluck the egg yourself. The Kamehameha finisher isn't even needed - you kill him in a single strike.
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  • The first of the post-story fights. An angered and mentally-freed Bardock fights Mira one-on-one out of raw vengeance, and ascends to Super Saiyan 3 on pure willpower and the power he gained as the Masked Saiyan. It's enough that Mira has a Villainous BSoD when he's defeated by someone that should be far, far weaker than him. Although this also caused Mira to break his power limiter when he finally realized his fighting spirit in inspiration from Bardock, causing the entire final boss fight of the game in the first place.
  • Players have access to any race from the get-go and can all achieve the same feats as each other, but special mention goes to the human characters for how often NPCs bring it up. They constantly voice their shock and awe at how a mere human could achieve a power as great as that of Super Saiyan 3, maybe even SSGSS. Considering the power levels of even the strongest human characters in the Dragon Ball lore, this is definitely an incredible achievement.
    • By that same token the player characters, no matter their race, can stand toe to toe with villains that would give the heroes a run for their money. They can even fight Golden Frieza on equal footing (Who was strong enough to almost casually overwhelm Goku as a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan until his stamina dropped) and possibly even SUPER SAIYAN ROSÉ GOKU BLACK!! And that's just before fighting Mira after he absorbs Tokitoki's egg, which has the power of an entire universe's history contained within it, and not to mention that not even the likes of Merged Zamasu will be enough to stop the player character!
  • A major one if you mentor under Beerus. In the final lesson you fight him and have to defeat him using his ultimate but a bit of dialogue from him changes the context of this fight to something phenomenal. Beerus is going ALL OUT. That's right, Super Saiyan God only got him to use 70% of his power and Goku going SSJGSSJ+Kaioken got him to be a bit worried but you are making Beerus, the God of Destruction, use all of his power and, while you don't win (he stops the fight before he loses all of his health), you put up a fight something no mortal has ever managed to do. No matter what race you are playing this is nothing short of awe-inspiring. After the fight, he says you could genuinely become a true Worthy Opponent for him someday. Beerus never said anything of the sort to Goku or Vegeta. It is likely that he underestimates them, but he certainly does not underestimate you.
    • Especially if you are a human, or Namekian.
    • Know what's even better? The fact that you're fighting Beerus in your BASE FORM as you don't have access to your transformations. One wonders if he deliberately handicapped you so he didn't get subjected to a Curb-Stomp Battle by YOU.
  • Another one is Whis' last two missions. The third mission puts you against SSJGSSJ Goku, SSJGSSJ Vegeta, Golden Frieza and the powered up Meta-Cooler in a 1 vs 4 match up again no transformations. Surprising Whis who thought you had no chance against the four.
    • And in his final mission, he says you've managed to wound him. This is the same guy who casually K.Oed Beerus.
  • From the DLC, due to Goku not showing up, Piccolo faces off with Botamo in round one. He wins. He then prevents Frost from ringing the player character out with his poison needle in the resulting tag match.
  • DLC pack 3 is out, and features several new Parallel Quests. One of them, PQ 109, has an interesting drop in terms of skills: Super Black Kamehameha Rosé. The best part is that it's not locked to Saiyan characters. Using it as a Saiyan is already pretty cool, but as a human? Now THAT'S some badassery right there.
  • Speaking of DLC, the fourth pack is out now, and not only does it allow us to fight Goku Black, Zamasu, and Fused Zamasu in story mode, we also get to fight alongside the previous Future Warrior (due to Time Patrol Trunks being away on another mission).
    • Also, Goku Black opening that drift in time allows Turles, Broly, Lord Slug, Janemba, and Meta Cooler to slip in there, which forces you to test your might against the powered-up movie villains.
    • In the finale of the DLC, Future Trunks once again uses the "Spirit Bomb Sword" on Zamasu...but this time, Goku Black's time rift (which stayed open, whereas in Super it dissipated after a while) allows people from other timelines to donate their energy. We get scenes of Gohan and Piccolo from the main timeline, Goku, Pan and Trunks from Dragon Ball GT, young Future Trunks and Future Gohan from History of Trunks, and even Time Patrol Trunks himself, all donating energy to help Trunks slay the mad god.
    • When Merged Zamasu encompasses all of timespace, he even threatens to tear the very Time Nest apart. Chronoa smirks and declares that him disappearing (courtesy of Zen-Oh) is still a part of history. And as she does, the button that summons Zen-Oh is pressed, leading to his erasure from existence, but not before telling him, in shorter terms, "we have Time Patrollers, so suck it!" Say what you will about the Supreme Kai of Time, but she's not willing to back down, no matter what, even against someone like Zamasu.
    • Even Elder Kai gets in a moment when he threatens to go down to lecture Zamasu himself. Sure, it becomes all bluster when Merged Zamasu infiltrates the Time Nest, but give the old geezer points for tenacity.
    • Speaking of Merged Zamasu, his Half-Corrupted form gets one for being a surprisingly difficult boss compared to his normal state. You'd think that losing your form and half of your immortality would make you weaker, but he'll make you eat your words if you're careless around him. And even when Vegito shows up, Zamasu nearly wipes the floor with him from a gameplay perspective.
  • Also there's something which is a bit unnoticeable, but fighting Goku Black, especially as the Time Patroller is awesome in several ways: The fact that you're maintaining the advantage in the fight even as his Adaptive Ability is working full-time to try and keep up with you, which to give a little context, every time it came into play in Super, it almost always ends with Black thrashing the person who pushed him enough for it to take effect. Then there's the fact that as the battle rages on and you begin to overpower him, Black begins to visibly lose his cool, proclaiming how impossible it is for him to be on the losing side, which considering that the only time he started to come close to losing his composure is in his last fight with Vegeta, it really hammers in that for once, Goku Black has truly met his match and that you can end the Future Trunks Arc singlehandedly and before he fuses with Future Zamasu if it was up to you rather than Goku and Vegeta.
    • There's also another awesome moment if you think about it, but getting Super Saiyan Blue for your Time Patroller and then fighting him would make perfect sense for his Villainous Breakdown. Whis himself has said that the Time Patroller's power by this point has eclipsed that of several Gods. No wonder Black is freaking out, he' already having enough trouble keeping up with you in base form, then you turn Blue and make it clear to him that he's only got around a minute or two before his untimely death. Still won't stop him from trying to kill you, though.
    • Add in the fact that with the right techniques (Divine Lasso and Divine Retribution) you can create and use his Violent Fierce God Slicer and Super Black Kamehameha Rosé even in your base form, while Black has to power up to Super Saiyan Rosé to access and use them, proves that you both mastered and perfected techniques even their own inventor couldn't pull off without his Rosé form. And if you despise the prick for everything he's done, then it seems all the more fitting to go into a Parallel Quest and hack the bastard to pieces with his own blade, then finish him off with his own Ultimates. If he wants justice so badly, then oh boy, will he get it.
  • As of the free update preceding DLC 6, your Saiyan characters now have access to Super Saiyan Blue. Despite draining your ki when it's active, it's worth maxing out Whis' friendship meter to get it as you become a cyan jackhammer and bulldoze through everyone that assails you. Final Form Mira? Chump Change. Goku Black and Future Zamasu? Nope. As of now the only opponents that can hope to stand against you is Fusion Zamasu in his Half-Corrupted form, Hit, Jiren, Omega Shenron, and the opponents from the Expert Missions. The transformation into the state is also just as awesome as the character screams at the top of their lungs as godly ki erupts from their body in an explosion of power.
    • The free update preceding Ultra Pack 1 manages to top this: You can use Vegeta's Super Saiyan Blue Evolution transformation. It drains your ki even faster, but it has the coolest activation animation and the most details out of every Awoken Skill in the game. Your character's eyes glow blue as they power up, then they scream as they erupt with even greater divine power, even blue-er hair, and matching blue irises, plus a beautiful blue Battle Aura!
    • Although the awakened skill proper is technically not useable for your characters, your ability to use Kaioken attacks are not hampered at all by any of your Super Saiyan transformations. Which means that, although it’s for short bursts, you can use Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken.
    • To get Super Saiyan Blue, you need to get a character up to Level 90 and have maxed out your friendship with Whis. Don't have a Saiyan character anywhere near level 90 yet? No worries! The ability can be unlocked by any character regardless of race, and then equipped by a Saiyan of any level (though they will need a max Ki of at least 5 bars in order to use Super Saiyan Blue in-game).
      • The same goes for Blue Evolution. You have to have Super Saiyan Blue, be level 95, and max your friendship with Vegeta, then talk to Whis, but race does not matter.
  • DLC 6 gives Ginyu of all people a true time to shine if you bring him along to the Future Trunks Arc. As all hell breaks loose between him, you, Tapion, Trunks, Goku Black, Future Jiren and Future Zamasu, he uses the chaos to use his body-snatching trick on Goku Black, making a fool out of both of them as Black in Ginyu's body stares incredulously, still processing what just happened while Future Zamasu completely breaks down, pretty much hitting rock bottom. Although Ginyu's fooling around stops him from using Black's power and thus has to sit out the fight, in doing so he manages to turn the tide and turn what they thought was going to be an uphill battle into our heroes' favour and irretrievably doom the Zero Mortals Plan to failure and both of the masterminds behind it to death and eternal imprisonment. To make it even better, Black and Future Zamasu even start infighting as the heroes lay into them with renewed strength and determination, blaming each other for what's happened. In one body change, Ginyu completely dismantles their Zero Mortals Plan and not only crippling them physically, but utterly destroying them mentally too. Ginyu even throws Black's incident of snatching Goku's body back into his face while doing so. Seems that those two's hens are finally home to roost, and oh man is it a beautiful sight to bear witness to.
  • The fight between the Time Patroller (backed up by their mentor / partner), and Dabura (backed up by a character that's based on who your mentor is). If you end up having to face Dabura who has summoned Demigra, though, the fight takes a much more surprising turn than most of the other ones since Demigra comes out of nowhere and is incredibly powerful. Even more impressive is that Dabura is only the Demon King, while Demigra is the Demon God. Yet Dabura is by far the more powerful opponent here, with a health bar almost as ridiculous as that of Fused Zamasu. It's impressive how much strength he gained while plotting revenge for his younger sister Towa.
    • If Whis is your partner in this battle, he will give you extreme compliments on how far you've come, and will once again offer you a job as the next God of Destruction for Universe 7, before deciding that this is probably not the best time to talk about it.
  • Fu turns out not to be interested in Uncle Dabura's goal to avenge Towa, and deflects his spit attack at him, leaving him a floating rock with a stunned expression on his face.
  • DLC 6 gives us probably the greatest matchup ever: The Time Patroller vs. Son Goku! Goku's anxiousness to fight Fu leads to your character stepping in to protect him — mostly because the Elder Kai wants to get rid of him as he sees him as a threat. Noticing how powerful you are, Fu decides to give you a nice power boost, which prompts Goku to kick it up a notch and go Super Saiyan Blue! If you're able to bring down Goku's HP to a certain amount, Goku will decide to take off the kid gloves and go even further — he attacks as Mastered Ultra Instinct. That's right - just for that moment, you could go toe to toe with the master of Self Movement as a human, Namekian, Majin Buu, Frieza Clan or Saiyan.
    • Also three things to take into context here: What we have seen of Ultra Instinct Goku has shown that he can dodge any and all attacks thrown at him with ease, but the Time Patroller, despite not possessing such powers themselves and are augmented by Potential Unleashed/Super Saiyan Blue/ Golden Frieza at best are not only holding their own in the intense brawl but winning, despite Goku’s body working double-time to try and counteract their attacks but simply not working fast enough to stop them. Secondly, take into account that Ultra Instinct Goku will demolish the Time Patroller if he’s allowed any leeway. Yet despite being weaker than him, you’re taking the fight to Goku and battling the strongest mortal in creation to an utter standstill. It brings to mind the fight between Goku and Kefla, to an even greater degree if you take him down with a Kamehameha. Thirdly, as Elder Kai has a This Cannot Be! moment as you start to overpower Goku, Goku himself expresses his disbelief with a Stunned Silence. You’re not only punching him out, you’re intimidating him. And we are talking about a Goku who is potentially beyond even Jiren - the mortal stronger than the Gods of Destruction. You are finally superior to the Gods of Destruction, and the two mortals who surpassed even that.
    • On that note, the sheer fact that The Time Patroller can fight Jiren the Gray to a complete standstill, and win. Sure, Jiren doesn't have his absolute full power state in the game, but even in his normal state he completely eclipses two Super Saiyan Blues, which doesn't detract from the awesome whatsoever.
    • On a side note, one of the possible matchups in the DLC is Super Saiyan Blue Goku VS Super Saiyan 4 Goku, and it's as Meta-lampshading as it sounds.
    • If Jiren, Beerus, or Whis battles UI Goku they will give him their heartfelt congratulations on reaching that level. Golden Frieza will mock Goku's "choice" of color, but nonetheless admits that he is impressed.
  • The canon versions of Broly and Gogeta are now part of the game as of Extra Pack 4, and both of them live up to their reputation in their respective areas:
    • Broly comes in with the new parallel quest Legendary Super Saiyan Smackdown, where Frieza sics him on you. After beating each other around a bit Frieza will leg it and Gogeta will join you in subduing Broly. As the fighting goes on Frieza takes this opportunity to off Broly’s father, causing him to freak out and power up further, to the point where he’s now giving Gogeta trouble, and after powering up twice eventually sends Gogeta packing, leaving you alone to take him on. Eventually you manage to knock Broly senseless despite the fact that every time he powers up he becomes stronger and harder to hurt, along with brainwashed Time Patrollers also joining the fight against you as well. Eventually Broly powers up a final time and goes for another round, only to eventually forget about you and gun for Frieza instead, taking the battle into orbit. At which point Broly is so strong he’s more than capable of obliterating Golden Frieza without losing a single drop of health, and can do the same for you if you are sloppy, easily wiping you away with his Gigantic Roar. May the best fighter win.
  • Meta-example: After the release of this game Masako Nozawa was honored with two world records. One being the "voice actor who voiced the same character in a video game for the longest period" and the other being "the longest video game voice acting career." at which point she had voiced Goku in Dragon Ball video games for 23 years and 218 days.

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