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Took a Level in Badass occuring to the least likely person ever.


"The Eleventh Hour"

  • When the Doctor shows the planet Earth is protected as he finishes getting dressed.
    The Doctor: Oh, you're not the first lot to have come here. Oh, there have been so many. [slideshow of various monsters] And what you've got to ask is, what happened to them? [hologram slideshow of the previous known Doctors, finishing with Eleven walking through Ten's face, having just finished picking out his new clothes] Hello. I'm the Doctor. Basically... run.
    • And the Atraxi do, with the Atraxi representative keeping its eye on the Doctor the whole time.
    • What makes this truly brilliant is the way "I Am the Doctor" kicks in as he asks the last question, building up to its most awesome right as the Atraxi do exactly as he says.
  • How awesome is the TARDIS? She's on fire, exploding and plummeting uncontrollably towards Earth and is still in one piece when she lands. Bruised, battered and on fire with her rooms out of place, but still in one piece enough to make a jump through time and space.
  • We later see the TARDIS interior - she may be dressing for a man-child, but she does it beautifully.


"The Beast Below"

  • Liz X, Guns Akimbo, takes out the Smilers with the immortal quip "I'm the bloody queen, mate! Basically? I rule."
  • Amy one-ups the Doctor in Awesomeness by Analysis, subverts the Doctor's plan to Take a Third Option, manhandles the Queen of England, saves the Starship UK, and restores the Doctor's faith in humanity, all in her first time off-planet and while wearing her nightie.

"Victory of the Daleks"

  • The Doctor bluffs the Daleks for a long while by convincing them that a jammy dodger is the self-destruct switch for the TARDIS. Also doubles as a Funny Moment, especially when the Progenitor Daleks finally figure it out.
    Dalek: TARDIS self-destruct non-existent!
    The Doctor: [eats biscuit] Alright, it's a jammy dodger! BUT I WAS PROMISED TEA!
    • Leads into a running gag later on with Clara - the TARDIS doesn't actually have a self destruct button or function. He's still tricking people with it several thousand years later... Unless he's lying, of course; they did fight in a Time War, but he'd never use it even if she does.
  • Spitfires with energy weapons in space.
  • Amy, deactivating the Daleks' bomb, Edwin Bracewell, with The Power of Love.

"The Time of Angels"

"The Vampires of Venice"

  • Guido sacrifices himself to destroy the Vampire Girls.
  • Companions often call the Doctor out on dickery, pompousness, or some other questionable policy—heck, that's practically why the Companions are there, but Rory takes this time-honoured tradition a step further by telling the Doctor, loudly and bluntly, exactly why he is such a huge threat to the people he travels with: not because he's dangerous and powerful, but because he makes people a danger to themselves by making them want to impress him when other people have to live with the consequences.
  • Isabella gets a minor one. After being labelled a traitor to the vampires for helping our heroes escape, they have her walk a plank into the bay. She's scared, but she's bold enough to deliver one line:
    Isabella: Do you expect me to drown?! I'm Venetian! I can swim! We can all swim!
  • The Doctor's promise to tear down the house of Calvierri stone by stone, mainly because Rosanna didn't remember Isabella's name. At this point 11 had practically patented the Badass Boast.
    • This is the incarnation that will take over nine hundred years to die, so we know he'll carry out that threat... probably in increasingly weird and insane ways as he gets bored...

"Cold Blood"

  • The Doctor vs. the Silurian soldiers: Sonic screwdriver vs guns. The Doctor wins.

"Vincent and the Doctor"

  • The Doctor and Amy taking Vincent to the present day and showing him the museum of all his masterpieces, and Dr. Black's speech about how Van Gogh was the greatest artist and one of the greatest humans who ever lived. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.

"The Lodger"

"The Pandorica Opens"

  • The lone Cyberman left to guard the Underhenge, practically getting the same amount of MoA on behalf of his species as the title character from "Dalek" in just one scene. Broken into pieces, the human inside having long rotted to uselessness, and it manages to get quite far in trying to take down the Doctor and Amy while being damn scary in the meantime.
  • Rory's re-introduction, when he stabs a Cyberman clean through the chest and pins it to a door.
  • The Doctor gets on a microphone, surrounded by 15 Roman soldiers and countless alien space ships who all want what he's got. First, he tells them who he is, and then tells them to shut up. They do. He tells them that he's got the Pandorica. Then, he reminds them what he's done to them before, and he tells them "do the smart thing: let someone else try first." They leave. Romans gape.
    The Doctor: You lot, you're all whizzing about! It's really, very distracting. Could you all just stay still a minute, because I! AM! TALKING! [every single ship stops] Now the question of the hour is: Who's got the Pandorica? Answer: I do. Next question: Who's coming to take it from me? Come on, look at me! No plan, no backup, no weapons worth a damn, oh, and something else, I don't have. Anything. To. Lose! So! If you're sitting up there in your silly little spaceship with all your silly little guns and you have any plans of taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who's standing in your way. Remember every black day I ever stopped you, and then! Aaand then! Do the smart thing! Let somebody else try first.
    • This then turns into an awesome moment for the villains: the Pandorica is actually a prison for the Doctor, and by sticking around he's just ensured he'll get put in it. Then it turns back to awesome for the Doctor. It turns out he was right after all, since the Pandorica protects him from erasure and after he gets out via time-travel abuse he proceeds to use it to save Amy, himself, and the universe, in that order. Recalling pretty much his boast of never putting him in a trap in "The Time of Angels", "Who takes the Pandorica takes the universe", indeed.
    • It says something of just how frightening the Doctor can be - the Weeping Angels are not involved in imprisoning the Doctor. They, rather smartly, have decided to keep well away from the mad-man with the enormous chin! (In fairness, it might be just tad difficult to work with others if you freeze up when seen...)

"The Big Bang"

  • Rory gets a LOT of awesome in this episode:
    • Socking the Doctor in the face when he dismisses Amy as unimportant. "She is to me!". Sure, it was a ploy by the Doctor to ascertain his humanity, but look at it from Rory's POV: you are two thousand years from home, you've just discovered that you are actually a plastic being with fake memories, you were forced to kill your girlfiend, the entire universe suddenly ended, and the only guy who can possibly save it (who is also the most feared being in history) declares that doing so is more important than saving your loved one. So you punch him.
    • His exchange with the Doctor is awesome.
      The Doctor: Why do you have to be so... human?
      Rory: Because right now I'm not.
    • Protecting the Pandorica all alone for one thousand, eight hundred and ninety four years and being conscious the whole time. Never sleeping. Never resting. Alone, stranded in time, and with no way of knowing whether he would even last until the modern day, or whether the Doctor would even be able to save them. He's still wracked with guilt over shooting Amy in the first place, and tasked with keeping the Pandorica safe from EVERYTHING, following it wherever it went, through dozens of civilizations and countries. No reassurances, no help, no instructions other than "protect Amy". No way of healing any damage if he gets hurt, and the only weapons he has when he starts are a sword and an Arm Cannon. He SUCCEEDS. Not only that, but when he shows up as the museum guard, there isn't a scratch on him.
      • The Doctor indicated that if he took the slow path alone for that long, he'd very likely go insane. But did he? Nope, Rory kept it together for nearly two thousand years out of sheer dedication due to his love for Amy. If there's a poster child for The Power of Love, it's that.
      • The rescue of the Pandorica from the German Blitz cannot be emphasised enough. Rory was made of plastic and still willingly risked walking into a burning building, in order to drag out the several-ton box containing the woman he loved. Even historians thought he'd perished whilst saving her.
    • Auton-Rory deploying his Arm Cannon on a Dalek.
      Rory: Oh, you think? [BANG]
  • River faces down the Stone Dalek. She informs it that its shields are compromised, and that one blast from her gun will kill it stone dead. The Dalek replies that its records show that, as an associate of the Doctors, she will show mercy. Her reply? "I'm River Song. Check your records again." And with that one line, the Dalek literally begs for mercy; three times. "Where's the Dalek?" "It died."
  • "That's my TARDIS burning up. That's what's been keeping the Earth warm." Even in death, the TARDIS still keeps the Earth safe for her Doctor as long as it can.
  • The Doctor is ready to sacrifice not only his life, but his very EXISTENCE, to "reboot" the universe. As he's flying the Pandorica on a suicide-run into the TARDIS explosion, he takes time to send one final message to River, Rory, and Amy. He smiles as he drops the computer...
    River: It's from the Doctor.
    Amy: What does it say?
    River: Geronimo.
  • At Amy's wedding: she flat-out orders reality to give her back her Doctor, and it does.
  • Amy remembers the Doctor and the TARDIS; cue the two of them arriving in style and showing off. As they always do.


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