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Crowning Moments of Awesome for the Divine Blood fanfic.

I haven't included stuff I pretty much copied from canon, if you feel it needs to be there, though, go ahead.

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    Kaname Chidori 

  • Kaname Chidori direct dived into the Whispers to help purge Hecate's impurity virus from the Yggdrasil network.
  • Making Eija aware that Poseidon was trying to distract her and telling off Poseidon.
Kaname: "Odysseus was a guy with a boat, a sword and a lot of smarts and he still escaped your wrath for ten years. You're trying to take out Tessa now, and she's got a lot more than that."
  • Taking a psychic harisen and smacking Poseidon four times before taking over for the Tuatha AI. Combines as a moment of funny.
  • Diving right into the mindscape to directly view what's wrong with Nidhog and thus convincing Mara to do it to.


     Ryouga Hibiki 

  • Big Damn Heroes moment saving Kasumi, Sayoko, Nodoka and a bunch of other women.

    Nimu Ichi 

  • Borrowing Shichimu's clairvoyance and using her now Silmaril powered TK to kill Kodachi in many places at once (had help though).

    Mizuki Inaba 

  • Combined with a crowning moment of funny...a series of events made to give her two extra weeks to do her summer homework.
  • Another combination with a CMOF, charging, unarmed, at a group of terrorists yelling "GRENADES"
  • Taking out a power relay station in Tokyo, which gave Skuld the power boost she needed to barricade herself in her cell and build the spider bots.

     Lusca Kraken 

  • Sealing a bunch of cultists in a "plushie gate to tentacle hell"
  • Going full Kraken-Zilla on the Behemoths

    Melissa Mao 

  • Sniping the Behemoth from her damaged M9
  • Appearing at the first meeting with the Gods and Demons as an Ainur
  • Putting together the plan to kill Hecate. Also telling her off.
Mao: That's right, go ahead and stare, Flipper.
Hecate: What did you just call me?
  • Incapacitating the Venom at least momentarily and giving Sousuke time for his sabotaged AS to recover
  • Taking out several full-sized A Ses in a Scirocco. (Which may more by a CMOA for the Scirocco)
  • Fighting one on one with Belial in Tokyo, she lost, but it was all a distraction anyway.
  • Her plan of distracting the East Germans to give Sousuke, Grey and Batiste a free shot at Gauron


    Sayoko Mishima 

  • Helping seal out Zeus's access to all three networks while suffering Mind Rape as he was using her to access Silmaril.

    Shichimu Ni 

  • Destroying many Kodachis on her own at the cost of being a Blank Slate

     Kasumi Ono 

  • Poisoning Zeus's banquet.

    Yomiko Readman 

  • Crunching Amalgam helicopter into a paper ball.
  • Operating multiple shape-shifting paper kaiju/wall/swirling zones of paper death, in defense of Ranma's feng shui shih
  • Paper shredding twelve or so Mantles and at least several hundred Gods in one moment

    Sousuke Sagara 

  • Taking out Basil, the Musk prince, with minimal effort
  • Taking out Kuno in a straight up fight
  • Putting together the defense plan for the Norns' temple and personally beating down Kratos, God of Strength
  • Interrogating the Demon renegade who interrupted his mission in Helmjastad
  • Outsmarting Gauron in Helmjastad
  • Knocking Eija at least partly out of her Nodoka-inspired funk. Also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming
  • Fighting Gauron in the launch bay of the Tuatha Da Danaan as the sub was being tossed about underwater by Poseidon. (Gauron was an M9 for most of the fight and Sousuke was on foot and had a P90)
  • Taking out three Shadows and a Venom after the Arbalest lost a leg and was forced to shut down the lambda driver for fear of overheating
  • Rebuilding the Arbalest by thought when the Silmaril started up.
  • Destroying multiple Mantles in the Arbalest in the Tokyo Invasion


    Sanya San 

  • Facing off against monster-form Tarou after being shot.

    Akane Saotome 

  • Her command at the Kyushu Retaking
  • The Demon-Head Technique to end all Demon-Head Techniques

    Nodoka Saotome 
  • Attempting to kill Zeus, while suffering in the worsening cycle of Persephone's curse, and continuing after being told that it would be a doomed attempt even if she had the necessary skill or power.

    Ryuu Saotome 

  • Turning AS sized in the Kyushu Retaking

    Deimosu Satomi 

  • Wiping the North Korean military base that he and his sisters were held at earlier off the map.
  • Figuring out his own way to the Doublet Fortress without waiting for Hecate
  • Attacking the Doublet System
  • Being able to contain Kodachi Kuno's soul(s) on the mindscape

    Eija Satomi 

  • In a Big Damn Heroes moment, coming in to end the fight where Sophia tried to kill Tessa to stop her from figuring out how to make the ascension device.
  • Attacking Poseidon both at his bleeding wounds and in his mindscape in order to maintain the spell.
  • Drowning Hecate's ghost in blood on the mindscape

    Naiki Satomi 

  • Taking on the Behemoth with a tentacle spell.
  • Turning Sophia's control of the antivirals in the Whispers against her
  • Reversing the near Curb-Stomp Battle situation when Poseidon attacked her after getting one of Persephone's peaches from Kyoko
  • Fighting Poseidon in the ocean by wrangling/riding a Megalodon and attracting all sorts of other sharks while also protecting the Da Danaan from Poseidon's attacks.

    Ranma Satomi/Ranma Saotome 

  • Braiding tornadoes against the Behemoth
  • Crafting the base "exorcism" which Tessa and Kaname honed into the anti-virus to purge the Impurity virus.
  • handling an exorcism and triggering a pre-set chi use of controlled hiryu shoten has that unleash yamasenken sickle blades
  • Single-handedly obliterating Balor Of the Baleful Eye, a demon head and shoulders over even Thor.
  • Destroying multiple Mantles and enemy Gods in the Kyushu Retaking


  • Curb-stomping Tarou

    Tessa Testarossa 

  • Finishing the creation of humanity's ascension device and proving it works by using it on herself.
  • Outsmarting Gauron when he escaped the Da Danaan's brig.
Tessa: Urzu-7, Execute.
  • Refusing to sit down while commanding the Da Danaan against Poseidon.
Tech: Captain, you should sit down. If there's another strike and you fall again..."
Tessa: "Then I stand back up. He wants to face the Danaan in her ocean, he'll find her Captain on her feet."
  • She broke her arm in the first pressure wave and refused to acknowledge more than steadying it with her other arm.
  • Outplanning her brother and using Kaname's ascension as bait to bag several major threats.

    Kyoko Tokiwa 

  • Getting Persephone's peach to Naiki in the middle of the fight with Poseidon.

    Kurz Weber 

  • Sniping a Carapace


  • Taking a Venom out with a rocket launcher.

    Group Efforts 

  • Taking out the Behemoth.
    • Mithril: Mao, Kurz, Sousuke
    • Psyche: Ranma
    • Human Civilians: Kaname, Eija and Naiki prior to Eija and Naiki joining Asgard and Nifelheim respectively.
    • Asgard: Urd
    • Nifelheim: Mara
  • Crafting the Scirroco
    • Whirlwind Company: Keiichi Morisato, Chihiro Fujimi
    • Asgard: Skuld, Urd
    • Others: Megumi Morisato
    • armaments, chi-enhancer design and resources galore later provided by Tessa Testarossa
  • Getting the Information necessary for the Ascension machine and Silmaril
    • Kuno Numbers: Yonjuu Ni, Yaku Go
    • Human Civilians: Kaname, Deimosu (at the time)
    • Mithril: Tessa
    • Nifelheim: Naiki
    • Asgard: Eija
  • Crafting the anti-virus to purge Hecate's Impurity Virus:
    • Psyche: Ranma
    • Human Civilians: Kaname
    • Mithril: Tessa
  • Taking out Hecate
    • Mithril: Mao and several soldiers.
    • Psyche: Natsume and Kurumi
    • Nifelheim: Mara, Naiki, five Rakshasha Demons and one God defector
    • Asgard: Persephone
  • Taking out Poseidon
    • Mithril: Tessa the crew of the Tuatha Da Danaan
    • Human Civilians: Kaname, Kyoko
    • Psyche: Ukyou Kuonji, Konatsu, Mousse
    • Nifelheim: Naiki
    • Asgard: Eija
  • Putting the Silmaril into activation in the nick of time.
    • Mithril: Sarah Miller
    • Civilians: Megumi Morisato, Yaku Go
    • Asgard: Skuld
  • Destroying Kodachi
    • Mithril: Kurz Weber, Nimu Ichi, Yonjuu Ni, other Ni's
    • Psyche: Mariko Konjo, Ranma Satomi
    • Civilian: Shichimu Ni and various underaged Sans and Yons (providing powers to the network only, not direct involvement)
    • Asgard: Kishimo-Jin, Urd, Belldandy, Persephone, Eija
    • Nifelheim: Mara, Hel
    • Socrates Group: Jack O'Neil, Major Shepard, Rodney McKay, Others
  • Crossing Over Sophia
    • Asgard: Eija and Persephone
    • Nifelheim: Hel
  • Defense of Meridia Island
    • Mithril: Sousuke Sagara, Melissa Mao, Tessa Testarossa, Mardukas, Many soldiers, the Tuatha de Danan
    • Psyche: Natsume Tendo, Yomiko Readman, Ranma Satomi
    • Asgard: Kali
    • Nifelheim: Naiki
      • Word of God, forgotten to be described in the actual battle, there was one Carapace in the battle piloted by Moloch. It was damaged beyond repair
  • Defense of Tokyo
    • Mithril: Melissa Mao, Sousuke Sagara, Wraith, Kurz Weber, Tessa Testarossa, many soldiers, the Tuatha de Danaan, Nimu Ichi, Seina
    • JSDF: Many soldiers
    • Psyche: Ranma Satomi, Deimosu Satomi, Yonjuu Ni
    • USMC: Many soldiers
    • Asgard: Thor, Bastet, Eija Satomi, Urd, many others
    • Nifelheim: Mara, Naiiki, Lusca, many others
    • Others: Sanya San, Shampoo
  • Kyushu Retaking
    • JSDF: Akane Saotome, others
    • Mithril: Lt Belfangan, Tessa Testarossa, the Tuatha da Danaan, others
    • USMC: Soldiers
    • Psyche: Ranma Satomi, Yomiko Readman, Deimosu Satomi
    • Asgard: Belldandy, Urd, Thor, Eija Satomi, Raiden, others
    • Nifelheim: Lusca, Naiki, others
    • Phoenix People: Kiima and company
    • Musk: Herb and Basil
  • Countering Zeus's Virus
    • Japanese Diplomacy Corps: Sayoko Mishima
    • Socrates Group: Samantha Carter, Rodney McKay
    • Civilians: Kaname Chidori, Megumi Morisato
    • Nifelheim: Mara and others
    • Asgard: Peorth and others
  • Rescuing Skuld
    • Socrates Group: Shepard, Lorne, Teyla, Ronan, others
    • Asgard: Peorth, Skuld, Lind, Banpei

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