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  • The Anti-Climax of the Low Chaos Final Boss still manages to be awesome. You've infiltrated the most heavily guarded areas to assassinate the richest, strongest people in all of Dunwall. Havelock knows what you're capable of and there is absolutely no possibility of making it in a fight with you. Confront him directly, and he won't even resist, because he knows he doesn't stand a chance.
  • Pulling off a non-fatal 'neutralization' is just as satisfying, if not more so, than slaughtering your targets. It's one thing to kill a person, it's another thing to murder them gruesomely, and it's still not as good as making their lives a living hell for the rest of their miserable existence. It gets to the point where, by playing a no-kill run, even The Outsider is impressed with what you've done, calling you 'fascinating.'
    • You can take the High Overseer and brand him with the mark of a heretic, ensuring that he will wander the city forever, disgraced and shunned, to the point where it's against the law to help him at all. Plus, when you're in the Flooded District, you'll find him as a weeper, with a note cursing Corvo with his last words.
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    • The Pendleton brothers can be kidnapped, shaved bald, have their tongues cut out, and be forced to work forever in their own mines as slaves.
    • Lady Boyle can be sent away with another Lord who truly loves her and insists that she'll love him too...eventually. No matter what. Granted, it's not as harsh as the others, but much more creepy.
    • Lord Regent Burrows has his plan to spread the plague across the city broadcasted far and wide, sending him to the prison for summary execution. It turns out he deliberately started the Rat Plague as a way to get rid of the poor and unproductive members of society - that's why he had the Empress killed to cover his tracks when she started investigating the origins of the plague.
    • Sparing Daud renders The Outsider absolutely speechless. It's especially delicious if you've gotten sick of his long, dreary speeches on how Humans Are Bastards throughout the game.
      • It's already awesome before even approaching Daud. If Corvo arrives at Daud's room with Low Chaos, then Daud will be informed about Corvo's escape by one of his men. Daud isn't surprised and more or less praises your amazing abilities for having evaded all of his men before stating aloud that he fully expects to meet him soon. This man had the Outsider's blessings for way longer than Corvo, yet sees the man obviously as at least an equal.
      • There's also two ways to spare him, both of which are awesome. The first is beating him in a sword fight, then lowering your weapon and walking away. The other way is to steal his pouch of coins and leave him unhurt. That just lets Daud know you were right there, with the option to kill him, having snuck up on a master assassin with the same powers as you... and you let him go.
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    • If you've done all of the above, or just kept the chaos down, at the end. Havelock has a Villainous Breakdown, kills Martin and Pendleton, and pretty much just waits for Corvo to come finish him off, pathetically babbling to himself. Just the threat of Corvo is enough to break the spirit of anyone who's done immoral things.
  • During the mission to take out Lady Boyle, you can come across a guest book, with the option to sign it. Doing so and then reading the book reveals that Corvo signed his own, real name. The amount of steel in Corvo's balls is out of this world.
    • Not to mention the fact that he goes to that masked ball 'as' a wanted man who's systematically turning the government upside down.
    • Not only that, but if the two remaining Boyle Sisters aren't killed, they will actually thank Corvo for sparing their lives and will give him a gift after reading the guestlist.
    • An easy way to tell which sister is the one you're after is if she says something about it, usually to the effect of "Do you think he's here?" or "Does Death walk among us?", when she passes you.
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    • If you do that, when you enter the Lord Regent's chamber, you can find a letter about Lady Boyle's death/disappearance. The Watch noticed the guest book signature, but are completely at a loss as to how it got there, assuming it's a fake from a noble with a bad sense of humor.
  • When you get into Dunwall Tower's main room, the first thing you see is the Lord Regent briefing two of his men using a video screen. Once they leave, you can use the video screen yourself and talk to Burrows. After much blustering on his part, you then get the option to take off your mask and show him who the mysterious killer really is. If you don't, the in-game text that Corvo supposedly says is, "You'll die never knowing who killed you." But if you do, Corvo basically says "Remember me?" Burrows's reaction is priceless. This also causes him to bunker down in his panic room at the top floor, but if you've played your cards right and rewired the Wall of Light right in front of it...
  • Piero and Solokov get one when their combined research defeats an entire army outside the Hound's Pit pub.
    • Doubly so when it cures the Weeper plague afflicting the city. Even the Outsider is impressed by that one.
    • Even better, you can just kill and/or render unconscious all the guards on your own. Piero will compliment you on this, remarking that he had spent weeks working on something that you were able to handle on your own in minutes. Though he still sounds a bit ticked off that you were able to.
  • Samuel, of all people, gets one in the High Chaos version of the final level. He calls you out on how much you've embraced your role as a sociopathic, bloodthirsty murderer. He tells you that you disgust him and demands that you get off his boat. And then he shoots off a flare gun to alert the guards - and even tells you he's doing so beforehand. He basically "betrays" you to your face, showing that he has the courage and integrity that the other Loyalists lacked. And, again, he's saying and doing these things to the man who just single-handedly murdered pretty much everyone he saw. Samuel may not be a fighter, but the man's got guts.
  • While assassinating Campbell, your options to neutralize him are large. Poison him by switching glasses, marking his face with an iron prod so he'll be exiled to plague filled streets, or simply throwing a grenade at him in his own secret claustrophobic room.
    • Lady Boyle has just as many. Shank her before she gets down the stairs, rewire the Wall of Light in her own house and make her walk into it, tell her to her face that there's an assassin after her and slit her throat when she believes you, set off the alarm, watch her and her sisters lock themselves in a bedroom, break in there, and unleash a swarm of rats, completing "The Masque of the Red Death" reference.
  • Daud going One-Man Army against the overseers in the Final level of the Knife of Dunwall.
  • In the flooded district, you can come across a couple of assassins at one point. One is instructing the other, telling him to cross from one side of the room to the other without being seen. You can, quite easily, follow the assassin-in-training across the room, without being seen by either of them, and leave without them being any the wiser.
  • If you sabotage Delilah's ritual, instead of performing a Grand Theft Me on Emily, she gets sucked into her own painting: a Void within the Void. She begs for the Outsider's help as she's being sucked in and curses Daud's name as she loses her grip. You get the feeling that Daud, the player, and the Outsider are watching in amusement as this happens.
  • One throughout the entire game that occured while reading through this page. Corvo does all the badass stuff he does in the game after six months of being tortured and malnourished in prison, and even after he breaks out, he does multiple missions in a day, never having much chance to rest. It's just his sheer rage at the Conspirators that keeps him going.
    • This may explain why he immediately scarfs down any food he finds in a mission (unlike his spiritual predecessor Garrett, who kept food in his inventory until he needed it)-he's so damn hungry that he just chows down as he considers his options for bringing down his foes (or as he contemplates just how beautifully he pulled off that last mission).
  • The first time you play the The Golden Cat chapter, chances are you'll get ambushed by Daud's assassins in the backstreet which appear out of thin air. Replaying it and taking all three out before they even know you arrived in the area feels very powerful since they're the first mooks who can pose a challenge.
  • Every time you drop-assassinate a tallboy.
    • This is what a tallboy looks like. A document in-game reports that they "rain down fire on the sick and the poor" and "are heavily drugged, [which] dulls whatever empathy they might normally possess". So a guard strapped to a very tall metal contraption is walking around shooting at any living signs of the plague (or Corvo) with painful incendiary bolts that can burn them to death. Since it's very difficult to kill this tall irritant from below, the only option is to attack from above. So Corvo has to Blink up to a tall ledge, give a flying leap, land onto the tallboy, unsheathe his sword, and stab that annoyance from above into his thick, fleshy neck. If done successfully, the whole contraption will fall down to the ground with a thump as Corvo does a backflip off the dead guard's back and land safely on his feet like the badass assassin he can be.
  • Getting the Ghost/Shadow/Clean Hands achievements, especially all at once. You, as Corvo or Daud, have just walked into enemy strongholds several times over, avoiding guards, dodging death traps, and eliminating targets who are highly protected and occasionally secure in their own arrogance. Nobody on the other side ever realized you were there, all of them save the person they were guarding are still accounted for, and (if Corvo) your wanted poster remains a silhouette with a question mark on it.
  • The final mission on Low Chaos for anyone who just wants the ending but aren't concerned with a Pacifist Run. You've reached a point where the ending is now set in stone. After a whole game of knocking people out, non-lethally dealing with targets and generally holding back from using the more dangerous powers; Corvo is finally allowed to go all out.
  • The ending of the prologue is one for the dev team. You're accused of murdering the empress (and kidnapping Emily and stashing her somewhere before coming back for some reason, in the span of five seconds). A guard slams the pommel of his sword into your head, and the title fills the screen, also naming what happens to you in that moment. It's highly effective at giving you chills.


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