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  • Just the fact that this tiny little companynote  goes way out of their way to license old shows that only diehard anime fans care about, and take great pains to please their fans, is pretty awesome in its own right.
  • Many of the old shows they license are classics in a very literal sense – some of their titles (like Lupin III (Green Jacket) or the old Toei films) are extremely important in the context of animation history, but missed out on an American release the first time around for whatever reason.
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  • Their release of Lupin the 3rd: The Mystery of Mamo contains not one, but four English dubs, one of which (the 1979 Toho dub) had to be compiled together from fragments of varying quality and cleaned up, and another one (the 1996 Manga dub) was so rare that there were doubts that they could acquire decent materials for it. Might not seem like much to those who prefer subtitles, but to those who watch English dubs or enjoy the history of anime, this is definitely quite a feat.
  • Discotek released a statement saying that in regards to their Blue Submarine No. 6 release, they used the Blue Fleet version, not realizing it included the edited Toonami dub. They never knew it was there before, but now they know, and they're going to re-release it soon. The fact that they're so professional about it makes their diehard fans happy. Unfortunately, as seen on the forum for that article, some detractors made some nasty comments like how their releases look worse than bootlegs and claiming they're not REALLY going to fix it. Thankfully, more appreciative people called them out on their immature behavior, which you don't often see in regards to licensing companies.
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  • They nabbed The Castle of Cagliostro. Both the Manga UK and Streamline Pictures dubs will be added. That's all you need to know.
  • Another one for dub fans will be their release of Lupin the 3rd: Jigen's Gravestone, which will be their first release to include a brand new English dub.
  • If the trailer shown during the Toonami panel at MomoCon is any indication, their DVD rerelease of IGPX will do the series justice and then some, including remasters of both the original japanese cut and the televised Toonami cut, as well as the original Total Immersion Event mini-series and a plethora of bonus features.
    • Speaking of Toonami, Discotek finally has a show on the block, Lupin III: The Italian Adventure, the first show since the block's revival. The same will be done for Part V, which is coming on June 13th.
  • Getting Team Four Star of all people to do the dub of Hell's Angels, given how wacky and insane the comic series and its movie adaptation are, this was a good move on Discotek's part.
  • A dedicated project fellow producer and Anime News Network founder Justin Sevakis took over a year to complete was restoring the uncut dub of Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier that was produced by Avex, Sony, and Animaze. The license was first announced at Otakon 2017, and with that project finally done, it will be released on SD Blu-ray June 25, 2019.
    • The reason for the restoration is because the master tapes for the dub were in bad shape, so he used tapes from all around to make the dub sound as good without any cuts whatsoever. There is a gallery about the whole procedure on the disc.

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