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  • Customer 2: Minotaur!Applejack and Iron Will duke it out in a wrestling match. Even though she loses, she still puts on a damn good fight.
  • Rarity's second visit: Dragon!Rarity in Greedgrowth Insanity (what happened to Spike in Secret of my excess) versus Aged-up!Ember.
    • Discord's What the Hell, Hero? to Rainbow Dash about her excessively vague order. Many artists of all kinds must have loved that one.
    Discord: Do you have any idea how FRUSTRATING it is for a vendor to get a vague order like that? [...] PICK SOMETHING. Or never bother me with it again!
  • Customer 7: Gilda's "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    Gilda: Pride... PRIDE!? Do you know why so many griffons move to Equestria? Because this place SUCKS! LOOK AT THIS PLACE! No one takes care of their homes, everyone's rude to each other, no one will help us unless there's gold involved! [Gold]'s SHINY ROCKS! We're abandoning each other for SHINY ROCKS! We used to BE something! I looked up our kind's history, and we were AWESOME! A military force on the level of Equestria, tough and strong with GORGEOUS homes... Now we all live in a hovel, hording gold and shiny things like... like... like MAGPIES! Yeah, I went there. We're all acting like magpies. We used to be awesome...How'd we become this?
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  • Customer 10: Alicorn Trixie vs an Ursa Major. Trixie gets to confront her deep seeded fears she developed, and with the power of the universe to help, she saves a town and even manages to deliver a Badass Boast in the process.

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