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  • Long before the big team-up in the Goo Caverns, there was battle against Cane and the Anti-Dino Machine. After considerable build-up, Cane finally got his hands on this giant Spider Tank and went on rampage, and it took the combined forces of Dino Attack Team, Alpha Team, the LEGOLAND military, and the two airships Saber and Voltage to finally take him down.
  • At the time, many players saw "BIONICLE Meets Exo-Force" incident as a Moment of Awesome (or, at least, a "Moment of Lolwut Let's See How This Goes"). It was only once it got out of hand and people realized that it had completely distracted everyone from the issue at hand that it started to gain infamy.
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  • Alpha Team, Agents Defense Organization, Dino Attack Team, and Evil Ogel joining forces to battle Dr. Inferno and Mutant Dinosaurs in the Goo Caverns? Awesome. It's a shame that it no longer exists.
  • The Brickster blowing up the Dino Island Laboratory. While the RPG until that point had largely downplayed the Brickster's role in favor of Ogel and Sam Sinister, this classic LEGO villain finally got his moment to shine and show what he was truly capable of.
  • Somehow, Dust's death managed to be a Moment Of Awesome, a Tear Jerker, and a Moment of Heartwarming all at once, which can likely be attributed to that guy from that show's excellent writing of the character, build-up, and payoff.
  • After years and years of constantly falling into traps, Lord Sam Sinister finally learns his lesson and rejects Baron Typhonus's proposal.
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  • As an instance of Crazy Awesome, Frozeen's Insanity Immunity doubles as awesome and hilarious at the same time.
  • Despite the odds, Kate Bishop finds the courage to take down Baron Typhonus, the freakin' Darkitect himself, in the battle for the Maelstrom Temple.
  • King Joseph Race and Lord Vladek battling Willa the Witch and her hijacked Thunder Driller atop the tallest tower of the Night Lord's Castle counts as an Offscreen Moment of Awesome.
  • The Brickster got another Crowning Moment of Awesome when he flew his poorly-reconstructed T-1 Typhoon into battle while blasting "The Brickster Boss" from the Island Xtreme Stunt soundtrack.
  • Trouble's death was certainly a surefire way for the beloved character to go, saving Rex's life and killing Michelle Glados with his final breaths.
  • Semick Facing Death With Dignity. In fact, it was easily one of the most dignified deaths of the RPG.
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  • The Final Battle against Dr. Rex atop a burning Dino Attack Headquarters.
  • The LEGO Island celebration, for anyone who is a long-time fan of the LEGO Island series.
  • In The Madness of Agent Zero, things are looking pretty bleak for the LEGO Studios mission when a Mutant T-Rex shows up. That is, until Rex (the T-Rex actor from the LEGO Studios Backlot game, not PeabodySam's primary character) shows up in a Big Damn Heroes moment. Cue Mutant T-Rex versus Mutant T-Rex action.


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