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Awesome / Digimon Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Leaping Through Time

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  • The first episode comes with one right out the gate, with Tagiru leaping in to save Gumdramon, followed by Gumdramon's first evolution into Arresterdramon, who proceeds to hand out a beating, complete with astral dragons erupting from his Stinger Tail.
    • The evolution sequence itself should count, featuring some rather beautiful animation set to some awesome music from Psychic Lover note . Definitely a great climax to the first episode.
  • Episode 2 has not just Shoutmon's return, but the return of the main digimon of Xros Heart, complete with Taiki busting out OmegaShoutmon along with Dorulumon and the friggin Dorulu Cannon. The glorious return of the original version of "We Are Xros Heart" is Awesome Music icing on the Awesome cake.
    • Even before evolving or Xrosing, Shoutmon punches Sagomon in the face, sending him flying and totally stunning Tagiru and Arresterdramon.
  • In Episode 3, our heroes fight GigaBreakdramon, a fully mechanical version of the Digimon Taiki and Xros Heart fought in the last series, along with a brainwashed Puppetmon (again from the last series). When the rival Hunters show up, Astamon attacks Puppetmon. Taiki and Shoutmon jump in to protect their friend, and if you watch the scene closely, at least one of Astamon's shots grazes Shoutmon, who doesn't even notice! I know we don't really need to say it again, but Shoutmon is BADASS.
    • The fact that they beat GigaBreakdramon is awesome, especially since it took Shoutmon X5 to beat the original- this time, it only took Shoutmon (Xrosed with Puppetmon) and Arresterdramon to beat him!
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  • Episode 4- after spending the last two episodes needing Taiki and Shoutmon to handle most of their fights for them, Tagiru and Gumdramon dominate Blossomon. Tagiru shows that he does have some strategical ability, deducing that Sagomon's abilities would be the best to use, and Arresterdramon's new Xros Up form makes short work of the big flower. Yeah, OmegaShoutmon may have delivered the final blow, but the newbies were able to hold their own quite well and didn't really need him.
  • The show keeps going strong with its fifth episode, in which Damemon returns as Yuu is doing his best to protect Cutemon from Airu. Damemon super-evolves into Tuwarmon and utterly owns Cho*Hakkaimon, showing off a few techniques he never got to in the previous series.
  • Episode 6 has Gumdramon Xrosing with Kotemon and taking out Yashamon in a Single-Stroke Battle that actually manages to be pretty epic.
  • Arresterdramon's Xros with Dobermon results in a centaur-like form with super speed that perceives things in almost Matrix-like time, and the new form's battle with Ganemon is pretty awesome to watch indeed.
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  • The return of Shoutmon X4 was glorious. Akari helps Taiki figures out a loophole in the rules on the fly, then Taiki lends Ballistamon and Dorulumon to Yuu and the two perform a Double Xros to bring X4 back into the game. All to the original DigiXros leitmotif and "We Are Xros Heart" combined music.
  • In episode ten, Arresterdramon's DigiXros with Sparrowmon to fight Harpymon results in what is probably one of the best animated aerial duels in the Digimon franchise. Arresterdramon beats Harpymon so hard that the baddie actually EXPLODED into particles as Tagiru caught it! The animation for this episode is pretty stellar, as well.
  • Episode thirteen features Gumdramon taking on Parasimon singlehandedly and wrenching it off Locomon through sheer strength and force of will. Now that's what we want to see from the guy who says he'll surpass the king!
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  • Episode fourteen brings back Kiriha and Greymon for one episode to bring down the smack down on Volcdoramon.
  • In the episode debuting Betsumon, Tagiru gives Gumdramon a Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! punch to snap him out of his angsting... which then turns into a smack-down fistfight between the two before they reaffirm their partnership. Kamina would be proud.
    • And later the same episode, the debut of the Arresterdramon-Blossomon Xros. Not only do they manage to make it look cool, it kicks some serious ass.
  • Episode 20 marks the return of "Shining Dreamers", while Yuu proceeds to lead Tagiru and Taiki into a badass attack against the giant RookChessmon. It was glorious, to say the least.
    • It's also a testament to just how much of a child prodigy Yuu is, as he brought down a kaiju-sized enemy without a single super-evolved Digimon. Blossomon, the Starmons, and each of the heroes' base-form main partners was enough to take it down. Now that is badass. The awesome animation quality was a plus, too.
  • Episode 22 had a huge number of awesome moments. What, the reappearance of Taichi and Masaru pulling a Big Damn Heroes while riding their Ultimate-level partners wasn't enough? How about Arresterdramon finally maturing to the point where his tail ring can come off and evolving to his own Superior Mode? No? Well then, what about the revelation that it's not just the old leaders returning when we see Kiriha and Nene meet with Mimi and Ruki?!
  • Episode 23 has a fair number of them as well, including two for Tagiru and Ryouma; one, where they team up in Xros Up form to bring the hurt to Keramon, and then later when they Double Xros to bring the smack down on Infermon. Later, we get a Big Damn Heroes from Beelzebumon, complete with his signature feather, which is then immediately followed up with a Great Xros where Shoutmon X7 returns and blows Diablomon away.
    • Canon states that a Keramon who evolves to Chrysalimon, like the one here, is stronger in the long run than one who skips straight to Infermon like the one from Our War Game. In other words, X7 two-shotted a Diaboromon who is, according to canon, more powerful than the one Omnimon faced off against.
  • Episode 24: To put it simply, it cannot be described in words how awesome it was. ... Okay, nevermind, we will.
    • Masaru punching out VenomMyotismon. That's right, Masaru punches out VenomMyotismon.
      • It gets even better. He punched it so hard that it toppled two more VenomVamdemon in the process!
      • It's even greater than that. Once the battle starts and the Digimon get to destroy shit, so does Masaru. He doesn't stay in the sidelines, he goes and beats up a bunch of BelialVamdemons himself! Man, that's manliness! Bonus points for this sequence involving him being Bash Brothers with OmegaShoutmon.
    • The other heroes don't miss out on the awesomeness either. Daisuke and V-mon in particular get an impressive showing, from blasting a number of VenomVamdemon as Magnamon, to jogressing with Stingmon into Imperialdramon in order to fire Mega Death, and then ending the current battle with a massive blast as Fighter Mode.
    • In addition to Yamato showing up to help Taichi form Omegamon, Grani appears and merges with Dukemon into Crimson Mode. Then, both Omegamon and Dukemon proceed to slice some BelialVamdemon apart like onions.
    • The cast of Xros Wars aren't out-done in their own show, either. Zenjirou and Akari get their own Xros Loaders, the entirety of Xros Heart utilizes Xros Up forms, and they lay into Quartzmon's army of Vamdemon.
      • Ballistamon Xroses with Revolmon and mows down an entire swarm of Myotismon clones.
    • And finally, to add a meta-cherry to the awesomeness cake, they finally gave Myotismon a dignified defeat! With no Groin Attack or Talking the Monster to Death! And they did this multiple times thanks to the fact that there's more than one Myotismon!
    • Finally, for the bad guys Quartzmon reveals his control of Ryouma, has him injure Taiki and Shoutmon, and then emerges in his new form, ready to take on the heroes.
  • Episode 25: The entire final battle against Quartzmon where Tagiru DigiXrosses Arresterdramon Superior Mode with the Brave Snatcher to finish of the villain.
    • Also Shoutmon taking Quartzmon's digitama as sort of a way to make up for him and Taiki's setback. A small but meaningful gesture from him.

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