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  • In Episode 3: DoGatchmon defeats Cameramon in one blow, which leads to Cameramon getting his Super form: Scorpmon in episode 4. This ensues into the first Super vs Super Appmon in the anime, cumulating in DoGatchmon figuring out Scorpmon's weakness, bringing the fight to a close range battle, and using DoGatch Buster on Scorpmon.
    • Haru also shines in episode 4; figuring out Cameramon's ploy to have him hand over the Applidrive for the captured Gatchmon is a lie, and also figuring out Scorpmon's weakness and having DoGatchmon take advantage of his blind spots.
  • In Episode 10, Rei and Raidramon swiftly eliminates the other three's Super Appmon
  • Episode 12 has DoGatchmon and RaiDramon fusing to defeat Sakusimon in one of the best animated aerial Digimon fights since Arresterdramon's DigiXros with Sparrowmon vs Harpymon.
  • Episode 19. It's standard formula by now every time a Mon reaches a new level, this is to be expected, but Globemon easily takes the cake by destroying 930 million Viramons worldwide, under one minute! And he did it without moving an inch from the spot he is standing, except for the last Viramon.
  • Eri's sole determination alone convinced Coachmon, one of Leviathan's generals to switch sides.
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  • Episode 22 has Rei and Hackmon defeating Dezipmon without the later becoming Raidramon.
  • Episode 23 involves all four protagonists' finally destroying Warudamon.
  • Sateramon shows up in episode 27, and does not disappoint as he's the first antagonist to deliver The Worf Effect to Globemon.
  • Episode 32 has Globemon and Shutmon fusing in order to defeat Sateramon complete with a new insert song for them, "Be My Light".
  • Episode 37 features up to date one of the best animated battles in this season as the Ultimate Four deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to The Appli Drivers Ultimates. Globemon vs Charismon in particular looks akin to a Dragon Ball style of action.
  • Episode 38. Haru and the others reviving their Buddy partners. Before that, Haru literally tried his hardest to pass Minerva's trial to the point where he had to dodge a virtual yeti monster from killing him. He's also the first one to figure out Minerva's test, which grants all four their Appli Driver Duo.
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  • Episode 39. Mienumon, Sakushimon, Scorpmon, and Sasukimon manage to trap the Appli Drivers in a well executed plan, only for them to go into Ultimate, where they completely wreck their former threats.
  • Episode 40: Rei and Revivemon get the upper hand on Biomon early in their match. Then as Biomon traps the two and nearly dissects Rei, out heroes reveal to be faking it the entire time, trap Biomon onto his own operating table and spends the rest of the episode hacking & torturing said Ultimate Grade Appmon for a while. Nightmare Fuel for a kids show? Yes. Still awesome and Biomon deserves it for what happened to Hajime? Definitely.
  • Episode 41. The final battle between Globemon and Charismon is easily one of the most badass in the whole series and the Catharsis Factor makes it even better.
    • Even in the beginning of the episode, Globemon fights back hard enough to get the bomb switch for Yuujin away from Charismon, throw it down to Haru, and throw Charismon straight into the ground. Had it not been for the L-Virus, Globemon would've ended the battle a lot eariler.
    • Charismon unquestionably proved to be the strongest of the Ultimate Four in the same episode when he single-handily (to be fair, it was while empowered by the L-code, but he still fared far better than his 'colleagues' which also used the L-code and still lost far more easily) restrained all four of the Buddy Appmon which were all Ultimate Grade like Charismon himself. It took Haru taking a steep gamble to finally take him down. Even before administering the L-code, he had little trouble dealing with Globemon despite of the later being empowered by the Applidrive Duo and fought him to a standstill.
  • Episode 42. Rei defeats Virusmon with Rolling Happy Thunder, defeating an Appmon by kicking him in the face!
  • Episode 45. The appearance of Agumon... and then digivolving to WarGreymon. The CGI during used for the latter is also very impressive since he looks a lot if not exactly like the original while also being updated to be similar to Appmons as seen with the zeroes and ones on his body just like how Appmons have their source code on them.
    • To make things even better, Brave heart is playing during the whole scene.
  • Episode 49: After Haru overcomes his Heroic BSoD, his AppliDrive asks the same question as it did when he first got it much like the other AppliDrivers the previous episode, but different from the others, who had to input the same answer, Haru doesn't need to. The text instead transitions behind him and changes to a statement, "You are the protagonist".
  • The three evolve their Appmon into the God Grade, debuting Poseidomon, Uranusmon, and Hadesmon. Poseidomon effortlessly blocks Deusmon's attacks with its Invincibility ability, Hadesmon blasts him repeatedly, and Uranusmon fires a barrage of elemental projections and knocks down Deusmon. Against 3 on 1, Deusmon is completely outmatched and resorts to creating copies of itself to defeat their foes. And they defeat him again. When Leviathan is revived in the real world, he even commends the three for being able to defeat his ace Appmon.
  • Episode 50: Gaiamon finally debuts and obliterates Rebootmon in hand to hand combat. Meanwhile, Poseidomon, Hadesmon, and Uranusmon finally defeat Deusmon in the real world, forcing Leviathan to eat Deusmon to power up.
  • Episode 52: The God Appmon vs Leviathan consists of giant Olympian warriors fighting a gargantuan several headed dragon. Their battle engulfing Tokyo with the God Appmon being blasted across the horizon to the mountains, but this doesn't stop them. At one point, Gaiamon thrusts through Leviathan's body with a kick. It ends with Minerva sacrificing herself to boost the Appli Drivers powers, Gaiamon, Hadesmon, Ouranosmon, Poseidomon completely obliterate Leviathan’s main body while the second opening is playing in the background.

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