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Awesome / Digimon Fusion Kai

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  • Tai and WarGreymon vs Matt and MetalGarurumon, enough said.
  • Most recently, Tai and Agumon's Super Saiyan moment as they merged to become the Ascendant, Omega X. The epic moment based on this never gets old.
  • And of course, how would we forget Omega X's own version of the 'I am...' speech? Easily trumps the original.
  • Metalla X's debut.
  • BanchoLeomon Burst Mode saying "Who the hell do you think I am?" to Virus in Chapter 69.
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  • BanchoLeomon vs Jax in Chapters 72 and 73.
  • Metalla X ascends the ascendant level in Chapter 77.
  • Virus and Omega X's whole fight.
  • Unleashing Amazing Grace, Celesta X ascends into an Ascendant level 2 in chapter 92.
    • She destroys the Chibi Viruses in quick and brutal fashion before she confronts Virus.
    • The epic beam struggle between Sibling Terra Beam and Solar Terra Beam.
  • "Two words. Terra Destroyer." (Chapter 99)

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