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Awesome / Diamonds Are Forever

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The Film
Narrow alleyways ain't got shit on Bond's driving skills.

  • Bond hunting down and taking out the terrorist leader responsible for the death of his wife in a sequence of four quick scenes amassing about 5 minutes before the opening credits start as he repeatedly asks one question, "WHERE IS BLOFELD!?'". Pointless considering the rest of the film? Yup. But awesome as a stand-alone moment? Indeed.
    • "Welcome to hell, Blofeld."
  • Bond discovers that he actually killed Blofeld's double at the start of the movie. He's in a room with the real Blofeld and another double, but he doesn't know which is which. So he scares the cat and shoots the one it runs to with his last projectile. Turns out Blofeld even made a double of his cat (or, you know, bought another one). Well played.
  • Q's ring that trips up slot machines into giving out jackpots.
  • Bond's fight with Peter Franks in the elevator, a brutal and suspenseful scene that even the movie's detractors tend to applaud.
  • Bond giving the Las Vegas police chasing him the runaround in a red Ford Mustang around the Vegas strip and getting it to tip on one side to drive through a narrow alleyway.
  • Bond using his knowledge of wine & spirits, I Never Said It Was Poison and good ol' deductive reasoning to smoke out Wint & Kidd during their final attempt at killing him.

The Novel

  • How Bond gets revenge on Seraffimo Spang in the novel is considered to be one of the most utterly epic moments in the character's history:
    • First, Bond has just endured an hour of "Brooklyn Stomping" from Wynt and Kidd. When they're done, he's severely injured, bleeding out and in truly serious pain. But he's pissed off enough to stand up and plan his revenge, with Tiffany's help.
    • Next, Bond and Tiffany dump six cans of petrol over a wooden house nearby, before Tiffany gets into a nearby handcar. But before he joins her, Bond sets a humble newspaper on fire and proceeds to use it as an improvised Molotov, throwing himself into the handcar and speeding off as the house explodes behind them.
    • As the whole town starts to burn, Bond hears Seraffimo's train chasing them. He and Tiffany try to drive off, but they find that the handcar's out of gas. Using all their remaining strength, the two push the car to a safe corner before switching the tracks to derail the Cannonball. This leaves a nice big gap in the rails for the Cannonball to run smack into, and a long trail of petrol across the track.
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    • Ordering Tiffany to take cover behind the car, Bond heads towards the oncoming train and draws his Beretta 418, with four rounds left. Distracted, Serraffimo opens fire at him as he drives the train. Running for cover, Bond hides as the Cannonball approaches the fatal gap.
    • As the Cannonball smashes into the gap and catches fire at the same time, Bond gets ready to fire. Then, the door of the locomotive rips off and as Serraffimo comes into view, struggling to control the train. Without hesitating, Bond empties his entire magazine into Serraffimo, with all 4 rounds hitting the gangster as the entire train explodes behind him.
    • With Serraffimo dead and the Cannonball wrecked, Bond and Tiffany watch as the blazing locomotive leaps off the rails and drives down a mountain, before crashing through a mine entrance, smashing through everything in its way, hitting the very bottom of the mine and exploding. While still inside the mine.
    • Moral of the story? Don't. Fuck. With. James. Bond.
    • Tiffany also gets credit for not only saving Bond and helping burn down Specterville, but dragging Bond through the desert to the highway for help.