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  • The cinematic teaser trailer for Diablo III. The final 45 seconds are backed up by Awesome Music with a One-Woman Wail while clips are shown of the Legions of the Burning Hells, Tyrael destroying the Worldstone, a meteor coming down on the cathedral, all of the rapid-fire clips ending by showing Diablo himself standing amid a storm of flame, roaring at the camera.
  • This video shows the CMOA of the Angels of Heaven fight the demons.
  • The Diablo-possessed Leah utters a terrifying but epic line when he stands in front of the gates of the Silver City.
    Leablo: Even in the heart of Heaven... Angels can still feel fear.
    • While very brief, the entire battle between Diablo and Imperius. By far one of Blizzard's best cinematic battles to date.
    • And then, after winning the above battle, Diablo proceeds to do what no demon in creation has been able to do in the entire history of the Eternal Conflict, and bring the Diamond Gates crashing down as he begins his invasion of Heaven itself. Nothing says "shit has just gotten real" quite like this.
  • Tyrael fearlessly calling out Imperius, the Archangel of Valor, on being a coward during the former's trial for helping Sanctuary. Bonus points for hitting Imperius's Berserk Button in the process. Then he willingly strips himself of his angelhood to stand with the humans. Lots of supernatural beings like to argue Humans Are Special, but Tyrael puts his money where his mouth is.
    Tyrael: All I am guilty of, Imperius, is bringing Justice! While you hide, cowering behind your throne!
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  • While every Diablo game has your character becoming a hardcore Demon Slaying badass capable of singlehandedly laying waste to thousands of demons in a manner that would do Guts, Dante and the Doomguy seriously proud, taking back Heaven itself from Diablo and his demons is a Moment of Awesome in every definition of the term.
  • One of the reasons why people think Belial is one of the best boss fights ever is the fact that once he's dropped down to a quarter of his hit points, he sheds his false form and assumes a humongous form with new attacks, giving the vibes of an epic battle. This is even better in the console version, where they suddenly change the camera POV and make it look like you're playing games with the camera POV like Devil May Cry or God of War. Shows how much Blizzard has improved in terms of console ports.
    Belial: I cast off these petty illusions! Behold, the true vision of THE LORD OF HELL!
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  • Before the battle against Diablo, Imperius is once again threatening to kill you simply because you're there, you're a nephalem, he hates nephalems. In face of that kind of threat, coming from an Angel and the most badass one, you just stand there and reply without fear: "Wanna try it?" That's right, your character has grown so badass, they simply didn't give a fuck that they could be facing the mightiest angel, and if he keeps acting like a Jerkass for humanity no matter the reason, your character is just ready to sock him right on the helmet. But fighting Diablo comes first.
  • Acquiring one of the really good skills for the first time. For example, one of the skills that the wizard gains is Disintegrate, an arcane laser that cuts through swathes of enemies like soft butter (in normal difficulty at least, and that is when you will first unlock it). A couple of levels later, the wizard acquires a rune that doubles the width of the beam and changes the damage type to Fire. So you now have two mystic death rays burning a path through everything in front of you.
  • You get an achievement for creating one by punching Diablo. Literally.
  • While most of the awesome is reserved for the main cast in some fashion, the Mauve Shirts get their moments, too. By way of an example, consider Clyfton, one of the soldiers in Bastion's Keep who's part of one of the catapult crews during The Siege. In his own words:
    Clyfton: "...Everyone else has gone and died, but I'll be damned if I leave my post!"
    • He then proceeds to work with you to raise the catapult, hurling vitriolic encouragement at you all the while. Consider that he's got the guts to do that while demons are breathing down both your necks, instead of panicking like most folks would do.
  • During the final fight with Diablo, he loses patience and tries to get rid of you by sending to you to the Realm of Terror, a place where you can only get out by defeating his shadow. According to him, nobody has ever succeeded in doing that... and you still manage to do it. Cue Diablo entering a Villainous Breakdown for the first time in the entire franchise.
    • It's not just that. Diablo is the Lord of Terror, meaning he's supposed to be immune to fear. Supposed to be. By escaping from his Realm of Terror, you made Fear itself afraid of you.
  • Freeing Auriel in Act IV restores hope not just to the angels, but also to the people in Bastion's Keep. For you, it's just a trip back to sell, salvage or stash all the loot you have gathered; for the people in Bastion's Keep, you're doing the impossible: taking the heavens back from Diablo, and not just making it back alive, but also winning.
    • And every step after that, Diablo taunting you with how hopeless it is, and how your efforts are useless, and you match it with proving him wrong each time, up to and including kicking his misappropriated ass.
  • The Crusader makes a joke to Ithereal, which turns into one for the Nephalem as a whole:
    Ithereal: Because of (Uldyssian's) noble sacrifice, I saw the inherent potential of your kind. As such, I voted with Auriel to spare mankind from annihilation.
    Crusader: I'm grateful. I'll be sure to vote to spare the angels when the time comes.
    Ithereal: You jest, but that day is not impossible.
  • The Crusader just lays out an endless assortment of completely understated Badass Boasts:
    Crusader: The battle approaches. What says the Scroll of Fate?
    Ithereal: Doom and darkness. These heavens ruined... The angelic Host broken. Diablo is victorious.
  • The Templar Reckoning, the sidequest for Kormac, in contrast to the other two follower quests, is made of awesome. It has you and Kormac facing down the Grand Maester of Kormac's Templar Order and making him and his Inquisitors answer for the horrible things they have done to every single person they have made a Templar and stopping his plan to make Templars out of every citizen of Westmarch and beyond, with everything that this entails.
  • Well, remember how Adria ended up as a Karma Houdini in the vanilla version, buggering off through a portal in Bastion's Keep after Diablo invades Heaven? Well you get your chance to make her pay, but the build up is even more awesome. Once you're told that you might need to meet Adria to inquire about Malthael's location, your character undergoes something of a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, everything from their mouth (the Demon Hunter's especially!) is about how they are going to kill Adria for what she did to Leah, and sounding REALLY murderous at that, to the point that your Horadrim ally was starting to worry that you'll succumb to vengeance and kill her immediately before even extracting information from her. By the time you reach Adria, however, you have already told your Horadrim ally to stand back, and no matter how Adria keeps taunting you about Diablo's possible return and Leah's death... you don't give in to rage, you just keep up your Tranquil Fury as you deliver a most righteous retribution to that witch. Oh, and that information? You already nabbed that before the battle even began.
    Adria: Diablo will come back! He will always find a way!
    Nephalem: Too bad he won't be there to save you!/And yet you will die here!
  • The beginning is also an awesome moment, basically showing that above all else, the Nephalems will fight for humanity's future... and then just to be sure, tells Adria that she pretty much revoked her rights to be protected by them.
    Nephalem: Humanity will shape their own fate to the future. But you won't be there to see it.
  • Malthael's introduction as the new villain in Reaper of Souls, he effortlessly takes out the Horadrim guarding the Black Soulstone and subdues Tyrael without taking a scratch. Then, he delivers this truly chilling Badass Boast:
    Tyreal: The Nephalem...will stop you.
    Malthael: No one can stop death.
  • Maltheal gives Diablo's pre-fight Badass Boast a run for it's money with three deathly chilling words:
    Death comes, nephalem.
  • After inflicting a significant amount of damage to Malthael in Reaper of Souls, he will remark that the Player can not win - but his voice is full of doubt and uncertainty. Your character is such a badass that even the Angel of Death starts to realize that he's probably not going to win the battle.
  • Defeating Malthael in and of itself. The one who was regarded as the leader of Angels, and who even Imperius considers with a wide degree of respect. Add to it that he infuses himself with the power of the Prime Evil itself, the fact that you still manage to take him down is really quite incredible, a fact that Tyrael himself notes. Malthael's death animation is one for the Hero and the souls Malthael contains. His death is long, extensive and painful as his very being is torn apart from the inside in stages by the souls he absorbed but can no longer contain as they seek to release themselves. A fitting end to the horrors he brought upon the realms.
  • Despite the Nephalem's efforts, Zoltun Kulle survived the latest attempt on his life, albeit as a ghost like before. He takes it in stride, and while he helps with the acquisition of Kanai's Cube, he snarks at his killer from start to finish and ever-after. Given what he went through before the game's story, he has every right to it.
  • This conversation, spoken in reference to you:
    Lorath: Doesn't our friend ever tire? I've hardly seen [him/her] rest since we've met.
    Tyrael: Now you know why angels and demons fear the nephalem, Lorath.
  • Killing a Gelatinous Sire and all of the offspring that they divide into and getting so much stuff out of them that you'll likely go from empty to full just trying to pick up everything they dropped. To say nothing of the many Legendaries they drop, resulting in a beautiful light show of orange and green.

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