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Awesome / Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.
Vergil: I'll try it your way for once.
Dante: Remember what we used to say?
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  • This was the installment where rampant insanity became the norm. For Sparda's sake, one memorable action sequence shows Dante using Bike Fu!
  • "Parental advisory: this game contains explicit violence and-" KICK! "Sweet dreams."
  • The opening to Mission 1 is this crossed over with Funny. Dante gets stabbed all over his body by the Hells invading his office. In retaliation, he pushes one of them away, casually walks over to Ebony, dragging one or two of the Hells with him... and picks up the pizza slice laying next to it. He then does some Percussive Maintenance on the jukebox and lays an absolute beatdown on the rest of the Hells with ridiculous ease. And that's just the opening.
    • Related mention: most awesome indirect way to introduce a game mechanic ever, namely "surfing" on fallen enemies.
  • Dante using a motor bike to drive up the vertical walls of a gigantic tower (Gravity? We don't need no stinkin' gravity), and then beating up mooks using said motorbike as a weapon? Made of Win!
  • Dante's epic wall run down the tower just before Mission 8 starts. Jumping off the mooks and shooting, breaking out of being surrounded by doing some sort of spinning attack, then throwing his sword and nailing it with a bullet to increase the speed at which it impales the mooks.
  • Dante surfing on the very rocket Lady had just shot at him.
  • The very first time you see Vergil after the opening cutscene (which is a CMoA in and of itself), he's standing on top of the Temen Ni Gru with Arkham, discussing their plot. Arkham goes into a long rant about how the Temen Ni Gru was built by "the greatest architects of their time, those who revered evil" in order to create a bridge to the demon realm. Vergil cuts him short, not even remotely interested in anything other than whether or not Dante has "it". Then the sand demon Dante just defeated in the second level shows up and appears to be begging Vergil's forgiveness. Vergil just turns around, takes a few steps, then unsheathes Yamato and cuts the demon into three pieces. He even times it so that the demon splits just as he's finished putting the sword back in its sheath.
  • The first time you face Vergil, the game doesn't let you win. But you won't care because the way he defeats Dante after having his life bar drained is just that badass.
    Vergil: (after he stabs Dante with Yamato) "Foolishness, Dante. Might controls everything. Without it, you cannot protect anything, let alone yourself."
    • A few seconds later, Vergil turns his Badass Back on a supine Dante. Cue Finger-Twitching Revival, then BAM! — Vergil runs him through a second time without hesitating.
    • The best part of your CMoA losing scene really needs mention. Dante unloads about seven rounds at Vergil with Ivory. Vergil just starts spinning his sword, catching every bullet, then lays four of them on the ground in a neat row with his sword and bats them back with a quick flick.
  • When Arkham ceases to be of use to him, Vergil confronts the man with his dark history, revealing that he knew all along how Arkham was a backstabbing schemer who would go to any lengths to acquire power. He then stabs him through the gut. Of course, Arkham wasn't really dead...
  • Vergil's Curb-Stomp Battle against Beowulf, a boss that gave Dante considerably more trouble in the previous level. Witness it here. What makes it even more awesome is that he barely even reacts to Beowulf's arrival. He doesn't act confused before figuring it out like Dante, he just recognizes that this poor sucker means to kill him, and beats him to it.
  • Geryon is a demonic fire horse that carries around a chariot that shoots missiles at Dante, can teleport and even releases orbs that slow down time. To top this off, you fight it in a coliseum. It frankly doesn't get much more metal than this.
  • Proving that Vergil's defining feature is his subtlety as opposed to Dante's over-the-top style, he manages to achieve a CMoA just by walking through a library. This may have been due to the scene establishing that he was Back from the Dead, however.
  • As for the final battle, Game Informer put it best: "The mark of a great final boss is when players can look at their maxed-out, unstoppable juggernaut of a hero, then glance at their opponent and still wish that they could switch places."
  • Dante might be the king, but Vergil knows how to dish out heaping helpings of badass with style, demonstrated in his opening prologue. You wanna know what's even better about this? These aren't your average Mooks. No; these are the same guys you face at endgame. Of course, this is another example of Cutscene Power to the Max...
  • Lady taking on a horde of Hell Prides and Hell Lusts by herself without a scratch.
  • As long as we're discussing Lady being made of win, how about her climbing up a freaking building after getting stabbed through the leg? (Made of Iron indeed...)
  • In Mission 10, Dante plays with the Neo-Generator as if it's a soccer ball, juggling it with his knees and feet, then finishing with an accurate kick to the ball's destination.
  • When Arkham calls Lady by her real name, it's also when the audience realizes that she took a new name based on what Dante's been calling her:
    Lady: Mary died a long time ago. My name... is Lady.
  • Lady and Dante fight off an army of mooks. Dante leaves to run through the next stage. After the stage is over, it's shown Lady is still fighting, and that she wins (all while being a normal human, a Badass Normal human, but a human nonetheless). Tethercat Principle at it's finest.
  • One has to be given to Arkham for playing Dante, Vergil and Lady like a set of violins until the end of Mission 13. He pulled a Batman Gambit in guiding Dante to Vergil by dressing up as Jester, knowing Dante would want to fight Vergil a second time. He also manipulated Lady into thinking Vergil had possessed him and forced him to kill his wife, goading Lady into going after Vergil. And when The Reveal was made, none of the three fighters were able to fight against him because they were too tired from fighting each other beforehand.
  • Lady can count as a person of awesome since she's only human, but she still clears demons as quickly as Dante with her Gun Fu (as demonstrated in the cutscene before Mission 6). She also gets stabbed in the leg by Arkham after Mission 13, but still opts to climb up the side of the tower with her grapple, only taking a breather in the library. After he bests her there, Dante tells her that she's the reason he knows what he needs to do.
  • Mission 19. Dante enters the demon world to confront Arkham, who has breached the gateway and absorbed the power of Sparda. Dante starts off the battle alone (with Arkham now turned into a blob monster). Halfway through, something slashes off one of Arkham's hands and Dante looks up to see Vergil. Vergil states that that if anyone is to have Sparda's power, it's him. The rest of the battle has Dante and Vergil taking down Arkham together. The final cutscene sees them both stab Arkham at the same time before pushing their respective swords through him and trading blades on the other side, cutting up Arkham with each others' weapons. Finally, Dante whips out his pistols, Arkham swats Ebony into Vergil's hand, and they deal the final blow as Back-to-Back Badasses with a simultaneous shot of demonic energy.
    Dante: Remember what we used to say?
    Arkham: Don't do it!
    Vergil and Dante in unison: JACKPOT!

  • Beating any of the major bosses (starting with Cerberus) the first time is a minor crowning moment of awesome, especially because you won't likely have the appropriate Devil Arm that exploits their weakness yet. Doing it without taking any damage is even better.
  • The Switch port's additions of Free Style mode. No more Guide Dang It! blockades, and players will be able to perform even crazier combos without resorting to a Game Mod!
    • The Switch port's Updated Re-release status in general. In addition to the ability to change Styles on the fly, you can now access your entire arsenal at once, opening up the way for the craziest, coolest combos DMC3 players could dream of. And the final announcement before its release is that the Bloody Palace now has a Co-op mode, allowing the Sons of Sparda to fight (and style on) the worst foes Hell has to offer as Back-to-Back Badasses with no limiting gimmicks or forced separation!