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Awesome moments from the Detective Conan Series covering Volumes Eighty-One to One-Hundred.

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    Volumes 81 - 85 
  • Episode 741: When the culprit is finally revealed, Settsu he shows his true colors as an unrepentant Smug Snake jerkass — Breaking up with the victim, Waka, to get with someone else who was rich and only dating Rumi in order to frame her for the victim's murder. Needless to say, the jackass receives death glares from Sera, Ran, and Conan. And when he starts to really starts to dig in on how Rumi should be "grateful" for being with him, Jugo one-punches the asshole so hard it literally sends him flying which resulted in a couple of missing teeth and bleeding on one side of the mouth. Jugo then proceeds to deliver this line that shuts the pathetic asswipe up:
    Jugo: Ah, my fault. My head hurts whenever I have to listen to something boring, and my elbow slips. You could go on with your talk...but my knee will itch you in the head, too. Do you want that?
  • Episode 764: Heiji's "confession" to Kazuha. Why is this moment awesome? Because his "confession" happened because of just how protective he is of her. Made even more awesome on how he took on some crooks (who turned out to not be so) in order to protect his Kazuha. His epic confession is right here:
    "Whatcha doin' to MY Kazuha!!?"
  • Episode 772: "The Aquarium Case" has Conan flashbacking to a murder case that occurred at the title area; during the after the discovery of the body, where he as Shinichi gives a Badass Boast to Ran by comparing detectives to sharks:
    Shinichi: (to Ran) "They’re like sharks. Sharks can smell the faintest trace of blood. They approach using their sense of smell, determine their prey’s exact location, and attack. They head to the crime scene when they smell blood. They use all their senses to find the culprit. They tear into their prey with the sharp teeth of evidence. That’s what a detective does.”
  • Episode 782 has the return of Shuichi Akai along with The Reveal that he faked his death so he could become Subaru Okiya to act in secret. The real kicker comes in the fact that the plan was Conan's, who predicted the actions of the Black Organization and obtained some gadgets from Agasa to enable the plan.
    • The plan itself is such an impressive Batman Gambit on Conan's part that it deserves some kind of explanation. Conan faked Akai's death by predicting the actions of the Black Org down to the smallest variable and tricking them into believing that they successfully shot and killed Akai at point-blank range on their own terms, in order to trick the FBI into trying to confirm the identity of the corpse using confirmation evidence Conan and Akai had planted earlier, in order to trick the Tokyo Metropolitican Police Department's homicide division to cluelessly analyze the "evidence" without context and confirm for the FBI that Akai was the corpse, in order to ensure that the aforementioned Black Org actually believes it, creating a self-affirming feedback loop of evidence as both sides see the others' reaction as confirmation of the death. And this all comes to light as Amuro deduces it in front of "Okiya Subaru," but even that turns out to be part of Shinichi's plan for getting Amuro to reveal what his true allegiances are while bamboozling Amuro into rethinking his own deductions by setting him up to fail miserably in his attempt to expose Conan and Subaru Okiya as co-conspirators with Conan as the mastermind behind everything. Amuro leaves an episode later looking spectacularly confused.
    • Rei/Amuro/Bourbon deserves a credit too. He figured out that Akai might use a body doppelganger just by gathering information about the three possible suspects that was the Black Organization spy, pretending to fake his injury to find about Mizunashi Rena in Haido Hospital from Jodie (using wiretapper) and Camel blurt out to Vermouth disguising as Jodie that Kusuda Rikumichi commit suicide by shooting his head with a gun. While Vermouth did not believe the theory that Akai Shuichi is alive and claimed that in the video where Akai was shot by Kir, he said a line with meaning of despair that she believe it come out spontaneously, with the line being translated to English as below:
    Akai: Who would had thought... it had come to this?
    • But Bourbon remembering that Akai actually smiled in his last moment from the video immediately figured out there is a hidden meaning to it and the first thing that he has in mind was Conan. Proceeding to test the accuracy of his deduction, he comes to Kudo resident, where Okiya Subaru currently freeloading it since he was the only new person to appear around Conan after the incident at Raiha Pass and on top of that managed to get a home for him to live in without much trouble. He started interrogating Subaru and until the line mentioned above, Bourbon claimed that the actual sentence that Akai said should had been like this:
    Rei: Who, besides him, would had thought it had come to this?
    • He said this while thinking of Conan, with that him in his sentence was referring to Edogawa Conan. Bourbon then proceeds with interrogation to the point of having Subaru takes off his mask. However, Bourbon got impatient because Subaru, who was wearing a cold mask, only take out that mask, not the disguising mask, which the former was referring to the trick in Latex Perfection. Bourbon mentioned earlier before this moment that Agasa Hiroshi created the choke voice changer and proceeds to check Subaru's neck, only there was none. It was then he got a called from his associates that Akai was at another place and proceeds to be deceived in Conan's plan as mentioned.
  • Episode 783 has Conan and Shuuichi Akai managing to completely outgambit Bourbon by having Yusaku disguise himself of Subaru while Yukiko disguises herself as her husband for one of his public appearances, letting Akai sneak into Camel's car to save him and Jodie from Bourbon's subordinates. Akai has Camel turn around so he can have a phone conversation where he reveals that he knows Bourbon's real name and warns him not to lose sight of his morals in chasing down the Black Organization.
    • It is also shown that Bourbon is blackmailing Vermouth into helping him.

    Volumes 86 - 90 
  • In the "Ran GIRL, Shinichi BOY" flashbacks, Shinichi shows how strong he was even as a child, both in character in his deductive ability. Plus the depths of his undying devotion and love for Ran.
    • First, he is able deduce that Ran was making sakura badge because of which row she was sleeping in and how many cuts she made in her paper.
    • Second, when a trio of brats starts bullying Ran and saying that they don't want to be near her because of her weird sakura badge which makes her an "outsider", the following dialogue ensues:
      Shinichi: You're wrong.
      Brat Trio: What?
      Shinichi: My badge is made of paper just like hers.
      Brat Leader: Then you're an outsider, too.
      Shinichi: But if there's two of us, then we're friends. And if we're friends...(delivers a head blow to the Brat Leader) then we're not outsiders!
    • But perhaps his CMOA in the flashback from Shinichi's Boy arc was being able to deduce that the preschool teacher was planning to do something with Ran (whitch turns out to be planning to kidnap and make her his daughter with his mentally broken wife, after their own daughter ran away from then). Shinichi was four-years-old at the time.
    • While Shinichi had excellent moments there, Yusaku also gets those. Shinichi relays his suspicions to his parents, and in many cases such things would be swept under the rug since they come from Just a Kid... but Yusaku realizes that there's more than mere childish jealousy involved and quickly puts 2 and 2 together, deducing the basics of the teacher's plan from such small leads. And then he explains the situation to Megure and Kogoro, has the wife and her brother apprehended (and makes them explain offscreen their reasons to brew the plan itself), goes to the teacher so he can get him to surrender peacefully, and makes Shinichi a part of his own plan by telling him to lock the window that the teacher left unlocked for the kidnapper to break in and take care of the sleeping Ran. Which he does.
  • In Chapter 957 of the manga, there's a very subtle one for Ran that doubles as a Tear Jerker. Without any prompts or help from Conan, she manages to see through Vermouth's disguise as Azusa Enomoto, and tries to confront her by asking her if she's the woman who called her "an 'angel'". Ran's not on the highest deduction level, so her managing to realize that she's in front of a Master of Disguise who is near perfect at her work is quite impressive - and getting an emotional reaction from Vermouth is the cherry on top of the cake.

    Volumes 91 - 95 
  • Chapter 972-974. Shinichi's first encounter with Akai Shuichi and his family. The awesome part would be Shinichi being able to make Shuichi laughed with the former's deduction of Shuichi being a Pierrot, a crying clown in a circus. Why? Because Masumi, whom everyone commonly called Sera failed miserably to make her eldest brother laugh despite her attempts because Shuichi is The Comically Serious. As for Shuichi, he finds the half correct deduction from a young kid of Masumi's age was amusing that he cannot held his laughter.
  • Ran gets a similar moment in 983, doubling as her dropping a Genius Bonus. She deduces that the suspect "Shinichi Wada" was using a fake identity, thanks to a very obscure detail that Shinichi once told her before being shrunk into Conan: "Shinichi Wada" was the Dub Name Change that John Watson was given when the Sherlock Holmes novels were first translated into Japanese during the Meiji era. (With Holmes being renamed "Tairoku Komuro").
    • And there's another good moment for... both Muga Iori (the guy who presented himself as "Shinichi Wada") and Momiji Ooka. Muga managed to relay vital clues to Momiji through cellphone without being caught by the police, whereas Momiji got to decode said clues and send them back to Muga so he'd relay them to the present detectives and police members and help resolve the case itself. (Plus noticing details that Muga didn't realise, like hearing a certain noise.) It's even better when the end of the case shows them talking over the phone, with Iori implying that Momiji does these things in a regular basis.
  • In Chapter 989, after the killer of the day has been revealed, the culprit tries to take Ayumi as a hostage and threatens to stab her. The normally sweet and gentle Rumi Wakasa, who up until then had hidden her Badass Teacher side, drops said facade in public and goes to him with a Slasher Smile and Scary Shiny Glasses, pretty much daring the guy to try it and making him pretty much wet himself in fear. This distracts the criminal enough for Superintendent Kuroda to get his own moment by grabbing and apprehend him, releasing Ayumi.

    Volumes 96 - 100 
  • In 1004, there's one that mixes this and Heartwarming Moments: Ran giving Shinichi a kiss on the cheek.
  • At the end of 1008, Aoyama reveals that he's been severely ill lately and is going on a break. The very same chapter drops the bombshell that the Organization's boss is apparently Renya Karasuma, the multimillionaire who supposedly died decades earlier. Oh, Aoyama.
  • In one episode Kogoro's wife is kidnapped by three husbands who she went up against in divorce court, not only does Conan deduce where they are, but Kogoro somehow manages to climb up a drain pipe four stories off the ground by himself within the span of a minute, grabs the guy and puts him in a triangle choke hold disarming him and knocking him out all in one go. Ran is even more impressive though as she breaks down the door shutter with a single kick and then takes out the two thugs inside with one move each! One of which was armed with a lead pipe!
    • The leader out of those three husbands isn't a slouch, either. He had Eri's phone and realized that she was using a second phone to use a messaging app to talk to her daughter, telling them of what's going on. This guy made it more difficult to figure out which 'Eri' was the real Eri or the kidnapper by not only removing her profile photo so that both messages appear with no visual indicator, he also realized that Eri was using an oxford comma. Something that Eri was known to do, so he started doing the same thing, making it even harder to tell.
  • Chapter 1026. After Conan (via Sonoko as Sleeping Deduction Queen) revealed the culprit (a woman) for the case, she tried to commit suicide by ramming the van towards a building. Her suicide was thwarted by the three martial art fighters, Ran, Makoto and Sera. To be specific, Sera used her knee to crack the driver's glass window, then followed up by Makoto managed to halt a moving van at maximum speed by pulling it from the back with bare hands and hold still with his feet. He even managed to partially lift the van up (which had a mass around 700-1000 kg for a vehicle and this one has a driver inside) too. Then, Ran took the chance and break the glass window for good and pulled the culprit out, stopping the suicide. FYI, those three did not even break their bones, which something untrained people would definitely suffer from doing just one of these stunts.
  • Chapter 1061 to 1066. While Conan and Yusaku's awesome deductive skills along with Shuichi's spectacular marksmanship and wit saved Andre Camel from being killed by the members of the Black Organisation, Andre Camel himself was the MVP for this arc as he himself played the most dangerous role, which is being the bait. While driving with a passenger to flee from the BO's cars chasing him and had snipers shoot the car, he was able to prevent casualties on himself and fellow FBI partner on board, who suffer from a shot at his thigh. Furthermore, he even managed to drop off the passenger, while fooling his pursuer long enough by doing a side parking to the border of the side road. Then, while he fell off from the bridge along with his car, he was able to flee from while underwater and swam to a nearby island. Even when the Black Organisation found out he survived from the crash, he was able to make the necessary preparations with using everything he had to camouflage himself long enough to flee from them and even faked his death from not one but two shots of snipers (one from Black Organisation and One from Shuichi himself who wants to kill and save him respectively). To be precise, he was able to report his observations accurately to his teammates that allowed them to give him the necessary instructions to survive the situations he was in, obeyed them without too many questions despite Andre Camel being scared himself from all the hell he's been going through of having 6 people (including Kir/Mizunashi Rena who had to kill Camel if she had to just to avoid her being found out as a spy) armed with guns and grenades, with good deduction skills and support from Rum behind the scenes, who has been chasing him relentlessly. You definitely need a lot of courage and must be able to maintain your composure from those kind of threats.
  • unknown: A culprit who was targeting a random idol singer at a concert Ran, Kogoro, and Conan were going to accidentally grabs Ran by mistake because she was dressed just like her. There's a photo showing where they took her but it's far too generic for even Conan to figure out where it is. What does Kogoro do? He goes on live television and makes a heartfelt plea to the culprits to give Ran back. He then adds that Ran's cell phone had a built in camera, and she must've been snapping photos the whole time before she got grabbed.When the culprit goes back to the scene of the crime, Kogoro, Conan and the entire police department is waiting for them. Kogoro is not asleep this time and adds up how he figured out who the culprit was using small pieces of information (one was figuring out the culprit's ring tone within the first few notes and matching that with the ringtone from one of the stagehands at the concert!) even Conan was impressed that Kogoro pulled this off on his own.


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