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Awesome moments from the Detective Conan Series covering Volumes Sixty-One to Eighty.

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    Volumes 61 - 65 
  • Episode 515 has Conan once again finding the trick behind Kaito Kid's seemingly impossible feat (this time teleportation), which involved the help of his assistant. And Conan then tells Kaito Kid the Sadistic Choice he has: Either save himself or his partner. Kaito just smiles smugly and calmly states, "How about the middle?". He then uses his card-gun to cut the the wire holding him and his partner, starts his glider, and catches his partner with one arm.
  • Episode 526 has Megure getting on Takagi's case for losing someone he was supposed to be tailing, only for Takagi to bite back for once by pointing out to him that he was in a situation where he couldn't keep following her. Megure actually concedes that Takagi has a point.
  • Episode 529 has Ran getting fed up with Eri's immature attitude towards calling Kogoro for help on a case and calling him regardless before handing the phone to her mother.
    • The ending reveals that Kogoro figured out how the culprit killed someone before Shinichi could and tipped Eri off about it by playing one of his old tapes that he used to use for tricks similar to the one the culprit used.
  • Episode 534-535: Takagi, almost always the Butt-Monkey, gets a big one when he's Alone with the Psycho, and then Satou (who's not alone, but with Conan and Co. but Takagi doesn't know that) calls him to his cellphone. The other notices and wants to force him to reply, putting the poor guy in quite the predicament because it'd make Satou come to his aid, and he doesn't want to put her in danger. What does he do? He takes a third option and breaks his cellphone with his own hands, which not only screws with the killer's intentions but immediately tips off Satou, who calls the other police people so they can go help him. Takagi still gets shot and only his Pocket Protector saves him, but it was an excellent moment for him.
  • Episode 546 reveals that Satou inadvertently became a legend among street racers because of her incredible driving prowess and isn't even aware of the fact.
  • Episode 564 has Conan ruining a group of robbers attempt to escape as disguised hostages by using his voice changer to pretend to be one of them and give orders to the real hostages, exposing them when some people don't respond since it wasn't part of their plans. Things take a turn for the worse when a robber that was knocked unconscious earlier wakes up and grabs Conan. He is about to blow Conan's head off with his gun when Scar Akai shoots him in the arm.

    Volumes 66 - 70 
  • Shiratori's flashback shows Child!Kobayashi, who he thought at the moment was Child!Satou, standing up to two grown men who were attempting to steal from a manga from a store. Shiratori himself was pretty awesome back then: he manages to keep his cool despite being a tiny little kid and scares them into giving the manga back by basically reciting laws regarding theft at them as an improvised "The Reason You Suck" Speech. The last one gets a Call-Back later, when the adult Shiratori does pretty much the same to the culprit that targeted Kobayashi, reciting laws regarding self-defense to shut him up. (And it triggers Kobayashi's memories of their encounter above.
  • Episode 587 has Kid disguising himself as Nakamori in order to get steal a jewel guarded by a Samizu Kichiemon trap. He directs the Detective Boys to activate an alternative method so he can get the jewel and knocks Conan out to hide it while he escapes. The second part fails due to Jirokichi knowing about Kid hiding in the sealed off building. Conan figures out Kid's plan and has the Detective Boys reveal the trick while he pretends to stay knocked out. This buys enough time for the real Nakamori to arrive and expose Kid. Jirokichi lets him in and he immediately starts putting a stamp on everyone's face before discarding the stamp and having Jirokichi lock the door again. Kid escapes by blowing an opening in an unguarded part of the floor and disguising himself as Genta to fool everyone into leaving to capture him. Conan realizes what happened and rushes right back into the building where he reasons that Kid was motivated in part by wanting to prove he could disguise himself as a child. As Kid disguises himself as one of the guards to escape Conan hides the inflating of his soccer ball with a specially prepared hoodie Kid made so he can use his super kick. The post credit scene shows the police keeping on Kid's trail because of a message that was on the hoodie being attached to his outfit that was put there as a result of Conan's kick.
  • Episode 628 has Kid exposing some con men who were trying to circulate forgeries of a famous Japanese person's memorabilia.

    Volumes 71 - 75 
  • Episode 617 has Ran figuring out that Shinichi is in London where she is because he has a slip of the tongue. She resolves to chase him down while Conan hastily flees to keep his Secret Identity, eventually getting cornered by her in a telephone booth. He is forced to use another dose of the antidote, that was meant to be used for him to exit back to Japan, as a result.
  • Episode 620 has a tennis player who has a Mad Bomber threatening her mother aiming her shots on the court to match braille letters to send a message for help. Conan figures out the code and introduces himself to her as Holme's apprentice.
  • Episode 621 has Conan about to knock out the Mad Bomber threatening the tennis player's mother when the audience start recognizing him as the boy calling himself Holmes's apprentice, which draws the culprits attention. The tennis player keeps him from detonating the bomb by hitting him in the head with a tennis ball, which Conan then uses his super kick on to knock out the criminal.
    • In the same episode, Ran flashbacks to Shinichi's confession to her in front of the Big Ben.
      Shinichi: (to Ran) You're really troublesome. You're a troublesome and tough case, you know! With all these distracting emotions...Even if I were Holmes, it'd still be impossible to figure out. The heart of a girl whom one likes...How can one accurately deduce that!
    • He then goes to destroy Ran's (and therefore Minerva Glass's) cynical opinion that "love is zero".
      Shinichi: (to Ran) As for love is zero? Don't make me laugh! Tell the Grass Court Queen this! Zero is where everything starts! Nothing would ever be born if we didn't depart from there...And nothing would ever be achieved! Tell her that!
  • Episode 644 has a customer at a restaurant Kogoro and Conan are at being a Jerkass and causing trouble. Unlike other times where this has happened in the series the people he is harassing actually bite back against him, with the server in particular scaring the man into behaving.
  • Episode 646 has the debut of Sera who first appears by countering Ran's karate with Jeet Kune Do after being mistaken for a groper.
    • There was also Sonoko calling Ran out for her lack of progress after Shinichi's confession in London. Sonoko is by no means a fan of Shinichi for his long absences but she does not adhere to a Double Standard where relationships are concerned and tells Ran that next move has to come from her end.
  • Episode 647 has Sera botching an investigation on purpose in order to force Conan to solve things by faking a call from Shinichi. She also tries to expose Shinichi's presence by asking questions that could only be answered if he was nearby but Conan sees through the tactic and keeps his cover by being careful with his words.
  • Episode 648 has Ran and Sera taking down a man that tries to take everyone in the agency hostage by threatening them with a gun. This only fails because he has strapped bombs to himself.
  • Episode 649 has Ran preventing the criminal from being killed by snipers because she believes Shinichi can resolve the situation without any deaths.
  • Episode 650 has Ran and Sera taking down the criminal by tackling him after Shinichi manages to send him into a breakdown and disarming him of his gun and detonator.

    Volumes 76 - 80 
  • Episode 674 has Amuro stopping a car carrying a hostage Conan by having Ran and Kogoro come over to the driver's side and then hitting a dead stop right in front of the car so it stops by colliding with the passenger side. Then Sera stops right on top of the car and swings her bike like a club to knock out the criminal that kidnapped Conan.
  • Chapter 800: Kogoro, Ran, Amuro, Okiya, Ai, Agasa, and Sera all show up to save Conan.
  • Episode 682 has Satou confronting someone that has put Takagi in a death trap. The culprit angers Satou who decides the terrify the man into giving up where Takagi is.
    • Later on, Satou goes Violently Protective Girlfriend and freaking jumps off a police helicopter to save Takagi from a cruel Death Trap in which he has been for two days. Then she shoots off the noose around his neck and tackles him so they can get away of the time bomb placed next to him.
    • Let's give Takagi his due credit, too. Despite being tied up, weakened, cold and completely defenseless, the guy manages to not lose the remains of his cool and keeps himself as poised and safe as his horrible situation, and drop some hints so someone can help him/the police can find him. Even more so: when he manages to untie his legs and try dropping the bomb away from him with his feet, he realizes that a group of kids is nearby and uses his legs to keep the bomb close so it won't explode near the children.
  • Episode 704 is one big round of Gambit Roulette between Conan and the Black Organization. Vermouth predicts Haibara's actions in order to set her up to be killed, only for Shinichi to predict her plan and recruit Spanners In The Works in the form of his mother, Subaru, and even Kaito Kid who Conan convinces to appear as a temporarily cured Haibara to fool Vermouth. She is actually stunned that Shinichi managed to fool her when she sees Haibara still alive.
    • The episode also has the reveals that Amuro is Bourbon and was disguising himself as Scar Akai and that Subaru is most likely Shuichi Akai, who makes an appearance to help Shinichi's plans. Shinichi's actions also have the effect of proving to the Black Organization that Shuu and Sherry are dead, and the only one who realizes the ruse is the only one who absolutely will not speak up.
  • Chapter 830: Sera kicks Kaitou Kid in the head. Yes, that Smug Snake Gentleman Thief Karma Houdini KID, who always manages to get out unscathed from almost anything. Words cannot possibly describe the awesomeness (and hilarity) of that scene as well as the pleasure it will give you, so go look it up.
  • Makoto, the "Prince of Kick" who's undefeated in 400 tournaments from around the world, becomes Jirokichi Suzuki's world's strongest security system to protect the jewel from Kaitou Kid in Chapters 862-864. There's a list of awesome moments in these chapters:
    • To prove he's an asset to the police department, a video was taken showing a dozen bodyguards surrounding Makoto and aiming their guns (with BB bullets) at point blank range at him. Amazingly, he manages to catch ALL of the bullets fired at him and takes down the guards after they finish firing at him.
    • Not only did he manage to protect the jewel, he was even able to see through Kid's disguise when Kid was disguised as Sonoko by 'Sonoko's' index finger. However, Kid manages to escape with the jewel and ran away through the roof window while Makoto gives chase. How he manage to chase him? He kicks most of the pillars in the room and uses it as leverage and does a flying kick through the roof, shocking both Conan and Kid of his method. In the end, he manages to protect it due to Kid's bet on Sonoko.

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