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Awesome moments from the Detective Conan Series covering Volumes Forty-One to Sixty

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    Volumes 41 - 45 
  • Episode 345 is a whopping 2 1/2 hours and does not disappoint in the moments.
    • First is Jodie revealing that she had figured out Vermouth was disguising herself as Araide and had also figured out that Sharon Vineyard and Chris Vineyard are the same person before telling Vermouth to surrender because she was surrounded.
    • Which is immediately countered by Vermouth having another member of the organization snipe Jodie before revealing that she disguised herself as Jodie to remove the backup and also that she was aware of the investigation that was searching for her and was only pretending not to have caught on. She takes Jodie's gun and is ready to shoot her dead...
    • Before Shinichi, who was disguised as Haibara to fool her, uses his super kick shoes to disarm her and targets her with his watch while using her as a shield from the sniper while his internal dialogue reveals that his mother helped disguise both himself and Heiji in order to fool the Black Organization.
    • Then things start to go wrong when Haibara shows up for real and lets Vermouth take advantage of the distraction in order to turn Shinichi's watch against him to knock him out. Despite this Haibara is able to get her fear under control in order to calmly make an offer to Vermouth: she lets herself be killed and the Black Organization leaves everyone connected to her alone. Vermouth agrees to the deal and is about to kill Haibara...
    • Until Ran jumps out of the trunk and after several bullet dodges throws herself on top of Haibara to be a human shield. Vermouth, for her own reasons, orders the sniper to cease fire but when he doesn't listen she fires near him to get him to stop. With that dealt with she starts shooting right next to Ran in order to get her to move but Ran refuses. The situation gets resolved when Jodie is able to move herself to a spot where the sniper can't target her and trains her gun on Vermouth. Then things look to go wrong again when they both hear someone walking towards them and think it's the sniper.
    • Only for it to be a Big Damn Heroes moment by Shuichi Akai, whose mere appearance causes Vermouth to have a visible Oh, Crap! moment. He casually mentions having broken the sniper's legs and disarming him before beating Vermouth in a quick draw contest by shooting first with a shotgun! Vermouth is barely able to get away by using Conan as a hostage and seems to have eked out something resembling a victory when she receives a text from the leader of the organization and notices that Shinichi is wearing a wave recorder that now has information that could lead to the boss of the Black Organization. Vermouth looks to be in a corner before she fills her car with knockout gas which would have sent them both to sleep if she hadn't shot herself in the leg to stay conscious and escape.
    • The post credits scene reveals that Vermouth was the serial killer from the New York case in order to lure out Shuichi Akai who is considered by the leader of The Syndicate to be the Silver Bullet, someone who could take down the organization, showing how dangerous he is to them. Vermouth thinks to herself that Shinichi could be the Silver Bullet instead, showing how dangerous she finds him.
  • Episode 347 has Haibara refusing to join the witness protection program in order to get from the Black Organization. She knows exactly how dangerous this group is and is terrified of them but she still makes the decision to stand and fight against them however she can.
  • Episode 356 has Kid managing to get his hands on a jewel by disguising himself as Sonoko's uncle, going as far as stealing the man's motorbike to escape. Conan reveals himself, having hidden in the sidecar where the jewel is. Kid loses him by separating the sidecar but Conan is able to steer it into a trail of gasoline that Kid didn't notice was leaking from the bike with the sparks igniting the trail which prompts a massive Oh, Crap! from Kid before the bike explodes.
  • Episodes 358-359 have Takagi and Sato on a date, with some members of the department tailing them. Takagi was aware of this being a possibility and tried to throw them off with baseball tickets while he and Sato went to an amusement park but Shiratori realized otherwise and is able to disrupt things by sending tickets to the Detective Boys and calling away Agasa so the couple will have to look after them. The plan works well enough that neither Takagi or Satou realize just what Shiratori was up to.
    • There was also Takagi managing to dodge Conan's super kick so it can take out a criminal.
  • Episode 372 has Kogoro exposing a culprit by throwing a juice can at him which causes the man to drop some tennis balls that he was intending to dispose of that had his fingerprints on them which destroys his alibi. Kogoro goes on to give a "Reason You Suck" Speech to the culprit which was motivated by the fact that the victim was a baseball player Eri was a fan of and his murder meant that Kogoro couldn't give her an autographed baseball from the player.
  • Episode 375 has the culprit of a case getting everyone at gunpoint with a shotgun. Conan beats him by using a soccer ball to draw the man's fire while he uses the distraction to tranq him.

    Volumes 46 - 50 
  • Episode 387 resolves a small sub-plot that had been going on since episode 372. During the confrontation with Vermouth Conan noticed something about the way she dialed the boss of the organization and was reminded of it during the the former case. He spent the time since then trying to figure out what stood and was able to eventually work out that the way Vermouth dialed resembles musical notes. The culprit of the current case revealed to Conan that the notes are for the song "Seven Children", which gives him a way to find the boss of the black organization!
    • A later episode somewhat takes away from this by having Haibara point out that Shinichi can't go with his plan because of the Black Organization's There's No Kill Like Overkill way of handling potential threats but it still leaves him a way to at least identify Black Organization members. He even comments on how clever it is to use this method because of the fact that no one would be able to pick up on it if they didn't already know what to look for.
  • Episodes 398-399 have Ran suspecting that Conan is Shinichi because she noticed that Conan's phone received a mail right after she sent one to Shinichi. Rather than confront Conan directly, she spends the rest of the episodes knowingly and purposely implying that she has caught on to him, terrifying the boy with her not so subtle actions which she picks up on as proof that she is right.
  • Episode 401-402: A robbery case has Shiratori mocking Takagi over how a brooch that he was hoping to buy for Satou is now impossible to give her because it was one of the things and that she wouldn't want something tainted like that. The end of the case reveals that Yumi fooled Takagi into thinking the brooch was for Satou while planning to borrow it from her because she doesn't like flashy things but the robbery keeps Takagi from falling for it. Shiratori on the other hand did get fooled into doing this by Yumi, making it a good case of Laser-Guided Karma for earlier.
  • Episode 425 is a two and a half hours one and proves to be one of the most tense episodes yet. Conan inadvertently stumbles onto a Black Organization plot when his transmitter gets stuck on the shoe of one of Kogoro's clients, resulting in some Xanatos Speed Chess in order to not only thwart their plot but also keep them from finding the transmitter and using it to find out his identity.
    • For more detail the Black Organization plans the murder of an upcoming politician that has a very low tolerance for illegal activity. Conan helps the FBI who are back in Japan discover the target and prevent it by shooting out the sprinklers in the park where he is having an interview with Rena Muzunashi, a reporter and secretly a Black Organization member, to convince them its raining so the interview is cancelled. Gin simply responds to this by saying they're going with Plan B but also figures out from static on the phone that a transmitter has been planted and believes it to have been planted by Kogoro, who was working a case for Rena earlier in the day.
    • In the meantime the BO members focus on the assassination, which is a Wounded Gazelle Gambit to lure the politician out of his bulletproof car so they can snipe him. The FBI corner Rena, who is a key part of the plan, which causes to try and escape by pulling off a bike stunt that causes the motorcycle she is riding to land on top of a moving car. A child wandering on to the road causes the car to come to a complete stop, knocking Rena off and giving her a concussion. This allows the FBI to finally capture a Black Organization member, although one they can't immediately question.
    • Unfortunately because of the above actions ruining the plan Gin decides to take the other members with him to kill Kogoro. When they are just about to have snipers shoot Kogoro dead Conan uses his super kick as a diversion. Gin decides to just add Conan to the hit but Vermouth voices that it could draw police attention, which instantly causes Gin to point his gun at her in the belief that she is hiding something. He does concede that she has a point and brings out the transmitter to point out they can simply get the fingerprints off of it to figure out who to kill when it is literally shot out from between his fingers by gunfire causing him to have an Oh, Crap! moment. The snipers identify that came from a distant building that is at least 700 yards away, a distance that is beyond even the snipers' own ability to hit a target from. Gin grabs one of the sniper rifles and uses the scope to identify who could have fired and discovers that it is Shuichi Akai, who waits until he is seen to fire another shot right through the scope. Without missing a beat he proceeds to shoot Gin at least two more times before the other members are able to retreat.

    Volumes 51 - 55 
  • Episode 490 shows a flashback of middle-school aged Shinichi and Heiji solving the murder tandem.
  • Episode 445 has Conan figuring out a coded message that Kogoro has been tasked with figuring out but having to leave for school before he can do anything about, so he sets things up catnip to draw Eri's cat that Ran is watching for the day to things that can help Kogoro solve the code.
  • Episode 449 has Satou take Yumi's place as a decoy bride at a wedding in order to apprehend a criminal. When the criminal stabs her in attempted Taking You with Me it fails because of how tough the corset wires on the wedding dress are. Satou fails to chase him down because of trouble moving in the dress but calls for Ran to deal with him as he is charging at Conan, which gets him roundhouse kicked into a bush.

    Volumes 56 - 60 
  • Episode 487 has Conan declaring that he can't use the Sleeping Kogoro act around Satou because of how perceptive she is. He normally reserves that kind of caution for the Black Organization.
  • The fact that Conan revealed his true identity to Eisuke when the latter wanted to take Ran to America with him. He makes it very clear that no one will take Ran away from him. Both awesome and romantic.
    • Made even more awesome on Eisuke's part: He already knew that Conan was Shinichi Kudo from the moment they met, and pretended that he was going to ask Ran to go to America, using that excuse to see what Conan would say. And his guess was spot on.

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