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Awesome moments from the Detective Conan Series covering Volumes Twenty-One to Forty.

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    Volumes 21 - 25 

    Volumes 26 - 30 
  • The Desperate Revival Story Arc may be noted more for the emotional depth than moments of awesome but it still isn't lacking in them. The evidence is as follows:
    • Episode 189 has the Detective Boys figuring out a mystery and outwitting criminals that are searching for them without assistance from Conan. The fact that they are in a dangerous situation that they escape without luck makes it more impressive.
    • Episode 190 has the Black Knight in a play, really a temporarily cured Shinichi, dropping down from the sky onto stage to save Ran, who is playing a princess, as part of the act. Then when someone screams he promptly gets her behind him to protect her. When his identity is revealed in the next episode this all becomes much cooler than it already is. There is also Kazuha instantly recognizing Heiji who is disguised as Shinichi with the disguise being Latex Perfection good.
    • Episode 191 has the Black Knight in the play pull a Dramatic Unmask to reveal himself as Shinichi Kudo while Conan is around at the same time!
    • Episode 192 has Ran reveal her theory about Conan being Shinichi. The theory being that Shinichi got into some kind of trouble and went to Agasa to get some kind of drug that would shrink him. Shinichi himself acknowledges to himself that she is mostly right. It is impressive that she was able to come up with such an accurate theory with next to no information about the details.
  • Episode 204 has Takagi solve a mystery before Conan. Impressive considering he is usually on the low end when it come to deductive ability.
  • Megure, almost always the Inspector Lestrade, gains a pretty good one in Episodes 217 and 218 by not only getting a pipe to the head to defend Sonoko from a psycho, but by also delivering a pretty epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to the culprit. Despite being bleeding all over.
    Megure: (to culprit) Does it...Feel good? Hey! I asked if hurting others feels good to you. You may think you're punishing evil and being a bringer of justice, but...This is just a high school girl who wanted to put things in a car. You did this not for the sake of seeking justice nor for avenging your son. You did it solely out of rage. For you it was just a conceited, meaningless diversion that trifled with people's lives. Don't you get it!?
  • Episode 219 has a couple of moments, both centering on Xanatos Speed Chess.
    • The first half of the episode details the first confrontation between Shinichi before he was shrunk and Kid; because Shinichi is an adult and thus the task force actually listens to his leadership, he comes closer to catching the thief than anytime Conan has tried. It comes down to Kid managing to narrowly outwit him to escape but Shinichi practically had him gift wrapped for the police. Even more astounding, Shinichi did all of this on the fly—quite literally: Megure was giving him a ride in a helicopter when they came upon the heist scene from above, and Shinichi began giving advice from the helicopter exclusively based on the information the task force was feeding Megure without knowing anything about the criminal they were trying to catch. Shinichi leaves the crime scene without even learning the thief's name. And despite the various other diverse individuals trying to catch KID with far more knowledge and resources, this literal fly-by remains the closest anyone's actually gotten to catching him.
    • The second half focuses on a group of detectives being gathered together to solve a mystery and getting taken out one by one by traps that are almost Saw level clever. The real shining moment however comes when the culprit is apparently Driven to Suicide and jumps out of a police helicopter only for Kogoro to jump out after her, revealing himself to actually be Kid in disguise! He follows up the moment by tying a cord attached to helicopter to the culprit and gliding away.
  • Episode 230 has Gin show how dangerous he really is on his own merits. His other appearances have him acting on behalf of the Black Organization to emphasize how dangerous it is as a whole but here it instantly sees through Vermouth's disguise and tries to stab her in the head with an ice pick. Not a bad way to move from showing a crime syndicate dangerous on its own merits to lethal on your own.
  • Episode 231 has Jodie taking out one of the criminals that has hijacked a bus. When the man threatens her with his gun she doesn't even blink because she was able to activate the safety on it without him realizing it. Taunting him about it was just icing on the cake.
    • Another passenger who was going to be used as decoy by the hijackers was about to clock one of them in the back of the head, only for Conan to knock the criminal out with his watch first.
    • Really the entire sequence where the hijackers are thwarted deserves mention, especially the part where Conan is able to tell the driver to bring the bus to a screeching halt which knocks down the criminals.
  • Episode 239 has Conan giving a Shut Up, Hannibal! combined with "The Reason You Suck" Speech to his soccer idol for his crime. As heartbreaking as the moment, it was no doubt a powerful, effectively short speech. He even speaks English during the entire speech. Conan's words were so strong that Ray decided to turn himself in, with no attempts to escape.
    Conan: (to Ray Curtis) Stop. Stop it, Ray. Even if you are facing a bitter aspect of life...Drugs and murder are foul, without any excuse...Deserve a red card, for a loser.
  • Episode 241 has Takagi grabbing an empty coffee can that Conan was going to Megaton Kick and throw it so hard that it hit the culprit in the back of the head and knocked them down. It must be repeated, a somewhat bumbling recurring character interrupted The Ace of a main character's Signature Move so he could take down a criminal. Damn is Takagi a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass.
  • Episode 242 has the Detective Boys flawlessly leading a criminal into a police ambush.

    Volumes 31 - 35 
  • Episode 247 has Ran delivering this line to a suspect who claimed that the murder he committed took a lot of courage:
    "Courage is a word of justice. It means the quality of mind that enables one to face apprehension with confidence and resolution. It is not right to use it as an excuse to kill someone."
  • Episodes 253-254 have Sato unwittingly choosing Shiratori to discuss an arranged marriage with. To get out of it she makes a bet with Shiratori that if Takagi shows up at the place where they are having discussions then Shiratori will drop the subject but if Takagi doesn't show up then she has to agree to marry him. The problem is that Takagi is working on a case that has all witnesses contradicting details about a criminal. Shinichi decides to help them out by calling Takagi and helping work out the truth but has to leave the final part of the puzzle up to Takagi, who manages to psych out and capture the criminal. He doesn't have enough time to get to the place however so Conan is able to fool Shiratori into believing that Takagi made it in time.
  • Episode 259 has Conan come up with a plan to trap some criminals that have taken a hostage and are traveling in a car dressed up as a patrol car by having several officers surround them with their cars and braking, causing them come to a full stop which knocks down the criminals and gives the police enough time to corner them before they can threaten their hostage.
    • The episode also has the return of Shuichi Akai from the bus hijacking case who starts establishing himself as something more by scaring the criminals by just staring at them. Not a Death Glare either, just a normal glance.
  • Episode 263 is one of the 2 hour specials and does not disappoint with what would be expected. First Heiji refuses to call Shinichi to get his help with a case, wanting to solve it himself. Then when the culprit attacks him with an actual sword he jumps on top of it and knocks the culprit out with a discarded sheath. At the end of the episode Heiji's father pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment to save him from some criminals, bringing along backup to easily apprehend them.
  • Episode 268 has Makoto pull a Big Damn Heroes to save everyone from a couple of killers. First he pulls a Bullet Dodge and then he and Ran kick the man in the face at the same time.
  • Episode 284 has a threatening looking man trying to escort Kogoro form a restaurant and Ran responding with a karate kick that stops right at his throat.
  • Episode 286 has Yukiko responding to Shinichi's taunting by doing some Crazy Awesome driving to get to a theater on time.
    • There was also Ran tackling someone out of the way of a falling suit of armor.
  • Episode 288 has Ran saving a serial killer from falling to his death and when Shinichi comes to help the killer asks why he would do that, which leads to this line:
    Shinichi:"To save a life a logical mind isn't needed."
    • He follows this up by talking down the criminal from trying to kill him by pointing out that if he does then the FBI will catch him but he also can't bring the man in as things are so he has to let him go but promises to track him down.

    Volumes 36 - 40 
  • Episode 302 has the police department almost effortlessly thwarting a robbery that was being covered up by bombings by disguising a few officers as the workers that would be taken hostage and having the rest hide until needed.
  • Episode 304 has a few, as is fitting of the two hour specials.
    • First is the Heroic Sacrifice of Matsuda, Sato's old partner. He refuses to disarm a bomb in order to get a hint to find a more destructive bomb that has been hidden. As the clock counts down he just has One Last Smoke, even making a joke to himself about the no smoking sign.
    • Later it seems like Takagi and Conan have fallen into the same trap as Matsuda did only for Conan to disarm the bomb at the last second, figuring the hidden location of the worse bomb by using only part of the hint instead of the full hint.
    • Finally there is Sato's confrontation with the bomber. The man turns into a Dirty Coward and starts pleading with her, which causes her to shoot at him. Only for Takagi to show up and catch her, causing her to missed the shot. Takagi try to talk her down, but she refuses to hear reason so he resorts to using an Armor-Piercing Slap to get through to her.
  • In Chapter 374-376 (Episode 305-306), Kogoro even out-deducts Conan when the former assumes that the real culprit is the supposed culprit's lover. It turns out that the real culprit is the supposed culprit's father instead. And Kogoro figures it right due to his similar feeling when facing Eri's father. That's right, this is the only time Kogoro beats Conan!
  • Episodes 309-311 has Conan pulling several gambits in order to set a trap to get a lead on the Black Organization. When he finally has things set up for Vodka to set off Gin shows up and it takes him a few seconds at most to realize that it's a trap. It also causes him to realize that someone is investigating the Black Organization. Gin pretty much proves himself to be a criminal version of Shinichi when it comes to cunning.
  • In episode 317 after Kogoro talks down to him again Conan decides to look him right in the eyes when using his stun watch.
  • In episode 331 after Kogoro makes a joke about how Conan was almost swept away by a river Ran promptly puts the fear of god in him.
  • Episode 333 has Eri finding out that Kogoro has gotten into very steep debt and as punishment decides to tie him to the couch while he is passed out drunk.
    • There was also Ran breaking down a door with her karate.

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