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Awesome moments from the Detective Conan Series covering volumes One to Twenty

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    Volumes 1 - 5 

    Volumes 6 - 10 
  • Kogoro Mouri is pretty much the Butt-Monkey and Defective Detective, but the end of the Hot Springs Episode from Season 1 is pure awesome. To sum it up: Both the victim and the killer are dear friends of his. Conan has found out first who is who, as always, but when he's about to knock Kogoro out as in every case... he hears Kogoro muttering to himself that he will catch the culprit even if it costs him his life. Conan is so moved that he can't bring himself to drug him, and instead he drops the hints Kogoro needs to resolve the mystery. And when that part is done? The killer launches a massive Motive Rant and attacks Kogoro. Said killer is a Genius Bruiser and pretty much 6 feet of pure muscle, while Kogoro is a scrawny Butt-Monkey. Kogoro wins and easily pins the killer to the ground, which is followed with a short but badass Shut Up, Hannibal!. "No, I'm not the strongest in the judo team. It's just that you got weaker. You became a murderer."
  • Professor Oyama's Dying Moment of Awesome. He's bound, gagged, and has been stabbed multiple times — and it's mentioned that his lungs were punctured, so he was gasping for air before finally being dead — and he still made sure to leave a dying message, indicating his killer.

    Volumes 11 - 15 

    Volumes 16 - 20 
  • Episode 100 goes to Ran for saving the sleeping Asami from the burning house.
    • A retroactive, subtle one, and again for Ran: Asami admits in the next episode that she gave Ran the wrong lemon pie ingredients, but Ran managed to make it delicious anyway.
  • Episode 101 has the culprit, Sawaki, trying to explain the reason for setting the house on fire with Asami was so he could rush in as a gallant knight to win her love. Conan (using Kogoro) gives him a huge "The Reason You Suck" Speech in return.
    Conan: YOU IDIOT! "Planning to keep the fire small"? "It got out of hand"? What makes you think those are valid excuses?! Shut the hell up! Did you even consider the fact that she may have been killed? What if the car broke down? A flat tire? A traffic jam? She easily could have died if those things were to happen! If you wanted her to notice you, why didn't you become someone WORTH being noticed? Why didn't you try getting her to notice you by doing something honorable?

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