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Even with being bloodied and injured, the young detective still solves the case.

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  • Just about anytime a deduction is made in the series. The suspense is always at an all-time high!
  • The martial arts that most of the cast demonstrate is superb. Either with Ran's karate, Makoto's karate, Sera's Jeet Kune Do, Heiji's kendo, or Kazuha's akikido, the results are still the same: Unadulterated awesomeness.
    • And if you think Conan is almost perfect in anything (Scientific, Mathematical and History Knowledge), this is something that his allies is capable of doing.
  • While it crosses over with Nightmare Fuel, the elaborate tricks that a lot of the criminals do is nothing sort of impressive within their own right.
  • Akai's sniping skills apart from his deductive skills.
  • Conan/Shinichi's soccer skill. Pretty much how Conan/Shinichi manages to thwart the criminals from committing a crime or escaping by just kicking something at them and becomes the trademark of this series. Even if Conan uses a shoe gadget which is rather cheating but to make up for his adult like strength in the kicking force, his good aim is real.
    • While Conan/Shinichi is not really much of an awesome martial art fighter or sniper, he is able to create a chance on the desperate situation with his knowledge and soccer skill.
  • Anytime Kogoro legitimately solves a case on his own without being knocked out, with Conan only giving him minor hints to nudge him forward at most. It shows that despite his screwups, he genuinely does have the makings of a great detective himself.


    Anime Fillers 
  • In one story, upon solving the case, Conan and Kogoro figure out that the three men who apparently owned the house they were investigating were actually thieves trying to loot treasure inside. When the thieves go to attack them, Conan and Kogoro manage to knock out all but one. That one tries to take Ran hostage. There's one panel of an Oh, Crap! reaction from the two men (including Kogoro actually telling the thief "Er, that isn't such a good idea...") before Ran uses her karate to knock the holy hell out of her attacker.
  • Takagi out-deducing Conan and Sato by realizing that the culprit of the case has repented and wants to kill himself to atone, arriving to his house and saving him from going the Bath Suicide way. Megure is all "So Proud of You" when he finds out, and for good reason.
  • Episode 202 has a particularly good moment for Kogoro. When a suspected murderer bumps into Ran while fleeing a murder scene Kogoro goes Papa Wolf and wants to find the guy. When a local officer says that office politics would make that difficult Kogoro grabs him and says in an even voice that his daughter could have been killed so he better cut the crap and help him. When they get to the suspect's house Kogoro instantly breaks through the door.
    • The same episode also has Conan stopping a runaway bus by using his elastic suspenders to anchor to a boulder it passes right before it would have run off the road.
  • Episode 225 has the Detective Boys solving a case before Conan. Even better is that they do this by using information that he disregarded. Haibara even calls him out on thinking that all criminals are like the complicated ones he usually goes up against.
  • Episode 295 has Conan and the Detective Boys taking down some criminals that kidnapped Ran and bringing rope to restrain them with.
  • In the anime filler "The Victim Who Came Back" (Episode 303), Mitsuhiko actually manages to out-deduct Conan.
  • Episode 384 has Kogoro targeted for death by an unknown assailant who isn't exactly worried over collateral damage in his efforts but Kogoro refuses to go into hiding because he doesn't want other people becoming victims of the man. One of those moments where you realize that Kogoro for all his faults is a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, emphasis on badass.
    • A stand out moment of the episode is him noticing that a truck is speeding towards him while looking for info so he tackles Ran and Conan out of the way and is so ticked off that he chases down the speeding truck as it escapes and actually catches up to it and jumps onto the door so he can catch the perpetrator. He regrettably fails but it is definitely one of his best moments.
  • Episode 388 has Kogoro making a live tv appearance where he makes a fool out of himself again. But he realizes that he is putting his foot in his mouth and is able convincingly save the show by making it look his earlier dialogue was just a way to hype up what the producers actually wanted him to say. Even Shinichi praises the quick thinking involved.
    • Later when an executive at a brewery Kogoro likes is acting obnoxious about changing the methods used at the brewery Kogoro gives his opinion that the old way is better, ignores the man when questioned by him, thanks the employees for the sake and walks out. A quiet moment from a normally bombastic man.
  • Episode 527 has Conan thwarting three simultaneous murder attempts in such a way that evidence can't be hidden by the culprits.
  • Episode 615 has Conan needing to bust down a door with his super kick but not having enough room to do so. He gets around this problem by marking the wall so he knows where to ricochet the shot so it can open the door.
  • Episode 707 has Conan exposing a Smug Snake that has been harassing Kogoro as a murderer. The culprit angrily tries to attack Kogoro while he is knocked out with a knife but gets disarmed by Ran. He shoves Ran into her father, who wakes up and realizes what just happened before charging right for him and judo flipping the guy unconscious.

    Anime Specials 
  • The 2nd OVA has Eri figuring out who broke a very expensive bottle of wine... but keeping quiet in order to keep Kogoro from drinking.
  • The third OVA has Heiji joining Conan in taking out the criminals by using his kendo skills. Not to mention Ran and Kazuha helping with their martial arts abilities.
  • Lupin III vs Detective Conan:
    • First is when someone that attempted to poison the princess of a foreign country tries to make an escape and Conan calls for Kogoro to stop him. Kogoro gets a mildly annoyed look on his face and puts his handkerchief back in his shirt pocket before clobbering the guy.
    • When the police raise concerns about the incident with a chancellor of the country and are brushed off, Takagi of all people gets ticked off and marches towards the man. Megure just grabs him without even looking to stop him.
    • Then when the same chancellor leaves with Ran, who is masquerading as the princess, Conan manages to sneak on to the plane by grabbing the landing gear before it folds in.
    • Later when Lupin gets trapped in a safe because of Fujiko he calls Jigen for help. Jigen brings in Goemon who drops on the roof to cut through it and several floors to cut into the safe and save Lupin.
    • Lupin then uses the escape to disguise himself as Kogoro and not only dodges Conan's tranquilizer dart but picks up on his normal routine with Kogoro and acts with him to expose the Big Bad, who threatens to kill everyone with a bomb but is thwarted by Fujiko using a jamming device that she used to break into the safe.
    • Zenigata in general in this special. He first appears after being called by Megure in order to get Kogoro to the country where Ran has been taken. Then he wakes up a few seconds after being hit by Conan's stun dart. Finally he cuffs Lupin disguised as Kogoro, revealing that he figured it out after Kogoro uses Lupin's nickname for him but waits long enough for the Big Bad to be exposed.
  • Lupin III vs Detective Conan The Movie is a sequel to the last Crossover and ramps things up.
    • The movie begins with Lupin disguising himself as Kid to steal a jewel. Nakamori comes up with a plan that would have captured Kid but is ruined by Lupin's use of an actual gun. Conan chases down the disguised Lupin using his skateboard, which has been upgraded to be capable of riding on water. Lupin escapes by use of some incredible driving skills and some assistance from Goemon.
    • Next Zenigata appears to prevent Lupin from stealing another jewel, with Satou and Takagi helping him. Lupin disguises himself as Takagi and takes everyone out with shock devices he snuck on their watches but Satou manages to pursue him into the subway where she is nearly killed by an incoming train before Lupin saves her.
    • After this the Detective Boys manage to find Lupin's hideout, an impressive feat for anyone but especially for them.
    • Later Ran nearly falls off of a tower while trying to save someone. Conan sees this and has Jigen shoot out the glass from where he sees it so he can use his elastic suspenders as a bungee to save them both. Sonoko gets one of her own when she slaps the man responsible, a singer she has been gushing over the entire film, for almost getting Ran killed.
    • The climax of the film has Conan calling in his allies in the FBI to break up an illegal deal that Lupin was trying to steal from. The ones behind the deal get away when they take Conan hostage and escape with a unique mineral that has properties that can disrupt advanced security measures used in military technology. Lupin sneaks into their plane to save Conan and they both take out the criminals but they find themselves targeted by military planes with orders to keep the mineral form being obtained by hostile forces. They come up with a plan to save themselves by using the mineral to create a short range EMP to disable the missiles being fired at them but Conan gets pinned down by a car in the cargo hold before he can set it off. He has Lupin send the plane into a zero gravity dive so the car is lifted off of him and he uses his tranquilizer watch to shoot the mineral into the fusebox to set off the EMP.
  • OVA 4 has Kid pretty much ambushed by a rival jewel thief while on top of a train. He escapes by releasing his cape which tangles the man up long enough to distract him from slamming into an incoming tunnel entrance.
  • OVA 10 has the Detective Boys managing to bring down Kid when he tries to escape on his hang glider by using an RC plane loaded with pepper bombs.
    • After being brought down he avoids them learning his true identity by way of them thinking he is Shinichi. While maintaining the facade he saves them from alligators by using rubber bands to keep their mouths from opening.
    • He also saves them from a Corrupt Corporate Executive by using his card gun to pop Conan's inflated soccer ball, which gives Conan the opportunity to deal with the henchmen.

  • The 14th Target. We had some moments.
    • Conan, Kogoro, Megure and Tsuji were on a helicopter. During the flying, the pilot, Tsuji was unable to continue piloting because of a sabotage done by the culprit by switching his eyedrops that renders him unable to keep his eyes open. Megure does not know how to pilot while Kogoro had acrophobia so it is our little hero Conan who saves the day. He handles the steer while the closed eye Tsuji handles the paddles and collective gears. While they indeed crash in the end, they were able to avoid casualties by using Beika's schoolyard as the landing point.
    • Conan deserves praise when he saved Ran, whose legs got stuck under a car after the submarine like building in the sea exploded and sea waters coming in all at once. Of course after being saved by Ran with a kiss to allow him breathe in the water longer, Conan uses the elasticity suspenders and set it up accordingly to pull the car away from Ran before Kogoro came to rescue her.
    • In the climax, Conan along with the victims are at a building on the sea. After revealing the culprit, the said culprit took Ran (who cannot fight back because she was exhausted) as a hostage while making the building collapsed with bombs. Conan, Kogoro, Megure and Shiratori gave chase to the helipad. The culprit demanded Conan to hand over Shiratori's gun to him. Conan then realised why Kogoro shoot at his wife who got taken hostage before and he does the same to Ran by shooting to graze her leg. This forces the culprit to let go of Ran as she was unable to stand. During the opening, Kogoro strikes and disarm the culprit while Conan managed to stop Ran from slipping down towards the sea. Shiratori realises that the reason Kogoro shoot at the culprit with a hostages at from before was not to capture the culprit but to save the hostage.
  • In a series this long, it's bound to happen from time to time. Since taking down any case can be one depending on the case, it's best to limit these to insane things such as in the 5th movie, Countdown to Heaven: The kids are stuck in a penthouse with a bomb about to go off. The only place they can escape to is the roof of a building about 60m away and 2m down. They have a car in the room with them, but it can't gain enough speed to make the jump. They use the explosion to boost the speed of the car by driving out the window right as the bomb goes off. Ayumi has to count down from 30 seconds exactly to time when the bomb will go off and when the car needs to start driving. Haibara decides she'll make a Heroic Sacrifice by counting down while sitting next to the bomb, but Genta jumps out and forces her into the car just in time to drive off. The explosion propels them far enough, but Haibara is falling out of the car because she wasn't buckled in. Mitsuhiko is able to grab her and hold on for the rest of the fall, but Haibara is out just far enough to be hit by some decorative pillars, so Conan takes the helmet he'd given Ayumi and super kicks it into the pillars, shattering them just enough for Haibara to graze by. They land the car in the other building's pool and are safe.
    • Don't forget earlier, when Ran and Conan are trying to escape from the same building, when another bomb set part of it on fire. The bridge they were going to use to get to the next building was blown up, and fire was closing in on both sides of the hallway they were in, cutting off all ways out. What do they do? Ran grabs a fire hose and ties it into a harness for herself and Conan. She then uses it to bungee jump out the window, knowing full well that all it has to do is break, and they both go splat on the ground. When the fire hose runs out, she ten pendulum-swings to the nearest window (which is on a floor not on fire), kicks it open, and climbs inside with Conan so they can escape.
  • The Detective Boys, usually scrappies, have some moments in Non-Serial Movie 5 too.
  • Movie 6 has the Detective Boys and Ran knocking out a group of adult thugs.
  • Movie 7 is absolutely filled with moments so let us count them down.
    • The first stand out moment would be Heiji engaging in a motorcycle chase with the Big Bad of the movie. He manages to keep up through tree roots and even a cut bridge. It takes being distracted by a smoke bomb and led into almost hitting a speeding train for the guy to lose Heiji.
  • Heiji is attacked and almost killed by a masked man, only to be save at the last second by Kazuha, who hits him with sock hard enough to crack his mask and disorient him. She then acts as if the police have arrived, scaring the assailant off.
    • Then there would be Shinichi returning to normal for a little while. This is a big deal in the series proper and here he more or less figures out a cheat to do so by mixing a drug that induces cold symptoms and Paikel.
    • Of course that pales in comparison to the reason he did it, which was to save Kazuha who was taken hostage while Heiji was indisposed.
    • And that is completely outshined by the ensuing battle, which looks like something out of a samurai movie. First Heiji saves a cornered Shinichi and Kazuha by Dressing as the Enemy and pulling a Big Damn Heroes by engaging in a sword fight with the Big Bad. When Heiji's sword gets broken and Shinichi has to leave before he shrinks back to Conan things look dark before Heiji finds a freaking Muramasa to use! Shinichi, who has just shrunk back into Conan, returns as soon as possible and uses his Megaton Kick to ward off the Mooks, with Kazuha using her Aikido skills to help. Things take another turn for the worse when the Big Bad brings out a Poisoned Weapon and has his Mooks aiming arrows at Heiji but Conan tricks them into using up their arrows and then uses them as stepping stones to get enough height to aim a super kicked soccer ball at the poisoned sword. With that advantage taken away Heiji easily takes the man out. The Mooks get dealt with by Ran and Kogoro, who were drawn to where the fight was by a fire Conan started to draw attention.
  • The movies are especially prone to this due to their increased budget and role as summer blockbusters. This Troper is especially fond of Movie 8, Magician of the Silver Sky, where the plane and all its passengers are saved by the collective effort of Conan, Kid, Ran and Sonoko, of all people—including a holy shit moment when Hakodate Airport is SET ON FIRE by accident and Movie 15, Quarter of Silence, where Conan saves the day by snowboarding, causing an enormous avalanche to save a town from being washed away due to a broken dam.
  • Movie 8 has the latter half taking place on a plane where the pilots have been poisoned, the runway gets set on fire, and the plane is running out of fuel, so you know there are going to be good moments.
    • Conan and Kid have an all out fight between each other, which is about as awesome as it sounds. First Kid throws off Conan by mimicking Ran's voice and using ventriloquism to make it seem like she is approaching and then uses his card gun to shoot at Conan. Conan dodges and uses his super kick only for Kid, in a franchise first, to dodge it. Kid proceeds to use his card gun to back Conan up against the railing and seems to have him dead to rights only for Conan to go tumbling over the railing. Kid takes off after him with his hang glider but is forced to dodge Conan's tranquilizer, which puts him below Conan, who then reveals that he is wearing a paraglider. The height advantage allows him to chase down Kid onto the top of a speeding train after both of them discard their gliders. Kid escapes by revealing that he has a cable attached to his still moving glider.
    • When it seems like the plane is about to crash because its too dark to see a path Kid bails out and glides away to get attention from the police so he can use their siren lights to brighten a pier to use it as a makeshift runway.
    • Kogoro gets a couple moments as well. When Nakamori insults Megure Kogoro gives the man a death glare for insulting his former boss. Then when the culprit, a makeup artist, says they were motivated by their pride as one being damaged, Kogoro calls her out on this by saying that if that were really the case they wouldn't have used their makeup to murder someone.
  • In Movie 9, Strategy Above the Depths, for the first time Kogoro manages to deduce and solve the case quicker and more correctly than Conan WITHOUT any hints whatsoever.
    • How did it happen? He actually figures out that the culprit might be a woman when he remembers a couple walking past him, and notices the female walks the same way as the culprit does when he bumps into her at the first murder. Despite him pointing out that Akiyoshi is the real culprit, he has no proof and makes an excuse to use the toilet. What he actually does is go to her room and dismantle her weapon. He even stays behind when the ship is about to sink in order to catch her in the act, and manages to stop the assassination even before Conan rushes back to the ship using the jetski, having realized the mistake in his deduction.
    • Even better is how he goes about doing this. He starts by revealing to her that he tampered with the murder weapon she was going to use and when she attacks him while trying an I Surrender, Suckers he catches her by the wrist without even opening his eyes. The ensuing fight doesn't go so well for him, considering she clobbers him, but that only happens because he outright refuses to fight back. When Conan's appearance distracts her he takes advantage of it to judo flip her unconscious.
    • The best part is, Kogoro only had one minor mistake in his deduction regarding the details (which he was not aware of while Conan does), which Conan corrected him via the cuff link speakers that Kogoro took from him during the early part of the movie. Usually Kogoro's deduction is very much wrong and does not make sense for most of the time because he was not taking the matter seriously.
  • Movie 10 has Conan being chased by bike riding henchmen, one of which he buries under crates of paint by using his super kick. They eventually regroup and start chasing him while he is using his skateboard but he escapes them by jumping on top of cordoned off bridge. A lucky shot is the only reason he doesn't make a full escape.
    • Almost every side character has a moment of badass when confronting a thief at an amusement park. The Detective Boys chase him down, with Mitsuhiko throwing a mop at his legs to trip him and Genta knocking him onto the ground. He then looks up to find Ran standing in front of him and tries to stop her, only to get beaten up with her karate. He then runs towards the nearby Kazuha, thinking her to be an easier target, who easily tosses him several meters with her aikido skills. Unfortunately, he lands near Ayumi, whom he uses as a hostage to try and leave the amusement park, only to back into Sonoko who was trying to enter. Not realizing the situation, she of all people gets an (accidental) badass moment when she gets pissed at him trying to exit through the entrance and hits him lightly on the back of the head, surprising him into dropping Ayumi. Then he tries to run again, taking another woman as hostage... except that woman is Sato, who proceeds to suplex his ass into the ground.
    • Kid gets a couple of good moments as well. He thwarts the villains plan by revealing he had broken into their office several times without their knowledge and installed knockout gas dispensers in the lights, which he uses to subdue them. He also saves everyone when they're on a roller coaster and a bomb that was unintentionally brought on to it is about to explode by grabbing the bomb mid-glide so fast that Conan barely notices him doing so and throwing it into the air, making everyone think it was a firework.
  • The Eleventh Striker movie has the culprit trying to attack Takagi while in the middle of a Villainous Breakdown. Takagi gets one for not freaking out and managing to dodge their furious attack - and then Sato has hers via grabbing the culprit's arm and easily slamming them on the ground. Takagi isn't half as skilled in self-defense as his Action Girlfriend Sato is, but this particular scene gives them a borderline Battle Couple moment.
    • The beginning deserves credit as well seeing as it has Conan using his skateboard to maneuver the framework holding up the scoreboard to identify bombs. They can't be defused before detonation so he uses his elastic suspenders to pull the scoreboard back and away once the bombs go off and cause it to fall towards the fleeing audience.
    • The climax has Conan needing to hit a target blocked by debris with his soccer ball so he uses his super kick shoes to put a high amount of spin on the ball so it can hit the target.
    • There was also Kogoro figuring out a clue that Conan completely overlooked.
  • Ran's moment from Movie 13, The Raven Chaser. Conan's been beaten up by Irish, and he tells Ran to get away when he sees her at the entrance of the observation deck. What does Ran do? She stays, standing a couple of feet away from Irish, and dodges the bullet he fires at her before launching some of her karate attacks at him. She may have lost the upper hand after a while, as Irish is much more experienced than she is, but damn, this girl is badass!
    • Also from this movie there is the climax with the Black Organization members. Conan takes out rogue member Irish by jumping into him as he travels up the stairs but things go From Bad to Worse when Gin shows up in an armed helicopter with their snipers, who proceed to kill Irish. They chase after Conan with the machine gun and seem to have him set up for certain death when he is chased to the top of the tower but Conan escapes by using his elastic suspenders and some debris to get to a lower level while then using the ensuing recoil to slingshot the debris into the copter's engine. This particular stunt causes Gin of all people to have an Oh, Crap! moment, something only Shuichi Akai ambushing them has done before.
  • Movie 14 has Conan and Kid teaming up to take on terrorists. Of course there would be moments.
    • The first comes form Ran when she figures out who Kid is disguised as because he has a band aid that she gave to someone else. Kid actually has an internal freak out when this happens before Ran tears off his mask, which reveals the face of Shinichi! Ran however doesn't buy it, knowing that he has done this before in Movie 8 and tries to get Nakamori's attention to expose Kid. She only starts to believe him when he tells her a story from when Ran was a child that he overheard from Conan. It works but the fact that Ran was able to keep her composure, especially in light of how badly she reacts when Shinichi shows up is nothing short of amazing.
    • When terrorists board the airship that everyone is on and start planting bombs, Conan keeps himself and the Detective Boys hidden before removing and disarming the bombs. When they do get captured the leader of the terrorists throws Conan out the window, forcing Kid to jump after him and revealing himself. He narrowly grabs Conan before both of them hit the ground.
    • In order to get back to the airship Conan has the idea of having Kid pretend to be Shinichi again in order to get a ride on a police helicopter. The helicopter can't get close because of gunfire but Kid jumps out with Conan and glides to an entrance.
    • Kid chooses to stay behind, leaving Conan to dispatch the terrorists by using his gadgets and the traps Jirokichi set up for Kid. With most of them taken out the remaining terrorists start getting unsettled allowing Nakamori to tackle one of them, Jirokichi to sic his dog Lupin on another and Kogoro to judo flip the last one who had smacked Ai across the face earlier.
    • During all of this Conan realizes that the terrorists are actually hired mercenaries and their plan is to steal some valuable Buddhas. Heiji comes to the same realization and goes to confront the ones stealing the statues, who threaten to kill him seeing as he came alone. Heiji just has a What an Idiot! moment where he tells them that he didn't come alone, which is capped off by several searchlights being shined on them by the police.
    • Conan thinks everything is wrapped up before the man who hired the mercenaries reveals himself and has his hidden accomplices tie everyone to railing in the airship and starts shooting Conan. Conan becomes desperate, looking around for anything that he can use to get out of the current situation before noticing that the ship is flying so low that it's going to go under a bridge. He tries the Look Behind You trick, which the Big Bad sees as an attempt to distract him so he will be hit by the bridge when the airship flies under it so he ducks but it is actually to give Conan a chance to super inflate his soccer ball so he can knock the man off and change the airship's direction so it doesn't crash. The changing direction also causes the accomplices to be knocked out while everyone else is kept safe because of their restraints.
    • When all is said and done Kid makes a reappearance to untie Ran so she can release the others, gets a chance to troll Nakamori and sets off to steal the jewel he was after in the first place. Ran catches up to him and begs Kid to turn himself in, thinking he's Shinichi. Kid plays along, saying he'll do so if Ran will kiss him. Things look set for Kid to steal Ran's First Kiss before the post credit scene has her catching on that he's not Shinichi when he gropes her butt and grabs his arm painfully for it.
  • Movie 15 has Conan, buried by an avalanche and seconds away from death, using his inflatable soccer ball to alert everyone to his position.
    • At the start of the film Conan notices a suspicious man and several bombs in a tunnel. He uses his skateboard to confirm their exact position and calls the police about how when they go off it will destroy a newly constructed railway right above. He prevents any casualties by stopping traffic before it reaches the bombs.
  • Movie 18 has Conan, after several chases and near captures of the culprit which are awesome in their own right, finally tracking the culprit down only to discover that he is at the same place as Ran and the Detective Boys. Subaru provides some help by sniping the culprit, a master sniper in their own right, but it is not enough to keep them down for good. The sniper knocks out Sonoko and takes Ayumi hostage before turning out the lights and giving himself an advantage by using night vision goggles. The Detective Boys save Ayumi by using mosquito noise generated by her detective badge to find her in the dark and using their flashlights to blind the sniper. Conan ultimately saves the day by using his skateboard, kick shoes, and elastic suspenders to bungee himself into the air and kick a firework version of his soccer ball. The railing he secured his suspenders to gets pulled up into air and gives him a way to safely get back to the ground on his skateboard, the light gives Subaru an opening to shoot the sniper's handgun to pieces, and Ran gets the opportunity to attack him with her karate. After shooting Sera, knocking out Sonoko, and holding Ayumi hostage, Ran is fed up with him and beats him down so hard that he literally gets sent flying into a glass wall. Oh and there's the small detail that the guy was a SEAL so Ran trashed someone with formal military training in a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Before that, the culprit got his own awesome moment. Sure, he's a highly skilled Cold Sniper that killed most of victims from a very far away. But one notable victim was riding a freaking bullet train that he also shot from a very far away. Now that's an Improbable Aiming Skills!
  • Movie 19 Conan and Kid need to destroy a heavily reinforced wall to save a valuable and rare painting. Their tool for this? Ran. The wall comes off worse for wear.
  • Movie 20 has a fight scene between Akai and Amuro on a ferris wheel.
    • Curaçao shows off her being a One-Woman Army with peak-human strength and agility. It really shows at the climax, when she uses a crane to stop the ferris wheel from rolling to the aquarium...even though a metal pipe is lodged within her stomach.

    TV Drama 
  • In the first live action drama after dealing with an obstinate police officer Kogoro declares that he'll show him what a detective unbound by the rules of an organization can do. Especially since his leaving the department is normally something of an Old Shame for Kogoro so hearing him embrace for is rather nice.
    • At the climax of the drama Kogoro saves the day by getting a soccer ball to Shinichi, who is being held at gunpoint by the culprit, which he uses to disarm them. Then when he can't defuse a bomb that is about to explode he tosses it into the air then kicks the soccer ball into it to send it through a sky light and put himself and Ran outside of the range of the explosion.
  • The second live action drama has Ran thwarting a Black Organization attack on Haibara by karate kicking the knife out of an assassin's hands.
  • The second episode of the live action series has Ran apparently killed by a Smug Snake psychic while they are on a prank show. When Kogoro sees this he goes ballistic and charges for the stage, with it taking four people just to slow him down. When he makes it to the stage and sees Ran apparently dead he heads right for the psychic, ready to tear the man to pieces and the production staff has to drag him away.
  • The third episode of the live action series has an Amoral Attorney trying to frame Eri for murder by trying to fool her into picking up a specially made gun that looks like her lipstick. She catches on when she feels how warm it is and discretely slips it to Shinichi while using coded talk to explain what is going on to him, letting Shinichi set things up for the criminal to expose himself.
  • The sixth episode of the live action series has Ran asking Shinichi what interest men would have in a cabaret club, with Kogoro echoing the sentiment. Shinichi, who has already been karate smacked once already, just points to Kogoro who immediately gets Ran's vitriol.
  • The eighth episode of the live action series has Ran and Shinichi trying to chase down someone who molested Ran on the bus. Shinichi finds a route that puts him ahead of the man, which lets them surround him. The man tries to run past Ran, who karates his sorry rear end.
  • The ninth episode of the live action series begins with Heiji and Shinichi working together to stop a purse snatcher on a bike. Heiji chases them down on foot while Shinichi uses a live action version of his super kick to knock the criminal down! When the duo hear a scream from a nearby house Heiji entrusts dealing with the thief to Kazuha, who flips him over when he tries to escape.
    • Later when a police officer starts getting Heiji's face because he's a detective Kazuha takes him aside and tells him who Heiji's father is, causing him act much more respectively. The same officer later stops a suspect from getting at Heiji just by putting up his hand.
      • The episode ends with Heiji disarming the culprit when they try to kill their abusive husband, who tries to attack her after she threatens to tell police everything and gets beaten by Ran and Kazuha.
  • The tenth episode of the live action series has Shinichi fooling the culprit in order for the police to capture him when he tries to flee.

    Openings and Endings 
  • Any and everyone of Conan's line before any of the intros start.
  • Opening 1, Mune ga Dokidoki, Conan saves Ran from falling to her death as the stairs she's using crumbles underneath her feet. The viewer sees this happen, then Shinichi's hand grabs tightly on Ran's wrist, and then Conan is shown holding on her.
  • Opening 5, "-Truth- A Great Detective of Love," sung by the seiyuu of Conan, Minami Takayama.
  • Opening 8, Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense, has Conan doing amazing dance move throughout the entire intro.
  • Opening 31:
  • Opening 39, DYNAMITE, Conan (with the help of doors acting as a ramp), uses his soccer ball and power-enhancing shoes to rescue Ran.
  • Ending 10, Winter Bells, has the powerful image of Gin and Vodka, depicted as gigantic figures, meeting Shinichi who smirks at them as Conan and they just turn and walk away as if to say "come after us if you dare".

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