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Awesome / Destroy All Humans!

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  • The fight with Roboprez and Silhouette in the first game.
  • When Pox kills the Master in the third game.
  • You usually feel rather satisfied after knocking down an entire city.
  • The Kojira Battle in the second game. The monster marches from the harbor to Takoshima city, and goes on a rampage, destroying buildings to replenish health. And with all the extra space to move, it's one place where the Meteor Gun is not a instant win button.
    • Not only that, but it's one of very few times Crypto is actually frightened by an enemy.
    I don't care about my Ninja groupies! I'm worried about getting my ass stomped!
  • When casually visiting the White Ninjas hideout, you will occasionally find them doing battle with attacking Black Ninjas.
  • The Meteor Gun.
    • That's nothing. In Path of the Furon, you get a pistol that opens up a frikkin black hole, a gun that summons a man-eating plant, and a saucer weapon that creates tornadoes. Epic.
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  • The mothership's destruction in the second game.
  • In the second game, after struggling to come up with a reason why the Cosmonauts should turn against the Blisk, Crypto finally comes up with the perfect one:
  • When you finally get to kill Shama Llama for getting obnoxiously full of himself and hijacking the Arkvoodle cult in the second game.
  • The only side mission on Solaris, where you get to put the surviving Blisk out of their misery and stop them from receiving help. Even Pox knows how much Crypto will enjoy it.
  • After ten years, Crypto makes his return, and it is glorious
    • First, he interupts a broadcast debunking his own sightings, hypnotising the citizens of Santa Mira en mass. Herding the people into a drive-in with his saucer, he takes a moment to drop a cow on some random guy. He drops down before the crowd to find the army ready to open fire. Instead, he makes them party down before he hits them with the Zap-O-Matic. Everything a new fan needs to know about the game, all set to Rammstein, of all bands.
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    • The Army Commander is able to withstand the hypnosis thanks to his shades and rushes through the rave to take Crypto down. Crypto just sneaks in behind him, slips them off, and takes them for himself as the commander strips off to join the fun.

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