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  • When you manage to beat the final boss of the first game: You just blew your way through legions of robots that would have wiped another person clean from existence, alone. And honestly, it's just so satisfying to see the big one-eyed freak-bot get its theoretical ass handed to it by something that's not half its size.
    • And who can forget beating the Level 7 Boss? Things fires homing-smart-missiles at you, which is beyond your current armament, and you still beat both it and its mooks. Awesome.
  • From the moment the MD fires up the Warp Core to the final fade to black in the Descent 2 intro. The awesome spectacle of Faster-Than-Light Travel mixed with Incendiary Exponent yield what just might be the most hardcore warpout sequence in the history of science fiction.
  • Earthshaker Missiles: the most powerful weapon that Descent 2 has to offer. Even with maximum shields, one is all it takes to turn your ship to scrap if it strikes close by.
    • The game's final boss will unload these missiles on you without hesitation. Surviving that assault, hitting its backside often enough and taking that beast down is heart-pounding and nerve-wracking; but like the first Descent's final boss, there's plenty of satisfaction to be had.
  • Your final revenge on Dravis in the final game. Even the Guidebot gets a moment in the spotlight by saving MD from a drone!

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