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  • During the team's initial bout with the Questing Queen, they fortified themselves inside a walled village to stave off her attacks. During the night, the Queen's mystic, Mordred, appeared to each of them and attempted to turn them to his side. He came to Horsewoman last, and tried to turn her to his mistress' cause with the temptation of being able to walk again. Her response? Notch an arrow in her bow and fire seemingly blindly into the air. It imbedded itself in solid stone, mere inches from Modred's head, several hundred miles away in the Questing Queen's castle! Damn.
  • Vandal Savage sees a sea serpent with pirate crew operating it.
    "Look! It's a pirate Sea Serpent! That is something I have never shouted before!"
    • Xanadu wraps its mouth up with rope and Savage delivers a single Shoryuken to it, defeating it and leaving the pirates floating in the water.

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