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  • Izuku's analysis are so good that the heroes initially thought he was a retired Pro Hero with an analysis/intelligence Quirk.
    • One of the examples is Izuku helping to catch a Serial Killer based on fifteen seconds of video.
    • He also manages to discover One for All's existence when Lemillion mentions his Quirk's "mutation", finding a Master-Apprentice Chain of heroes who underwent similar "mutations".
    • He additionally managed to come up with proof of One for All's existence, in addition to finding the connection between it and All for One.
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  • During the Recommendation Exam, Izuku was good enough in the obstacle course that the only reason he did not win his race was because Tenya Iida overtook him in the last stretch.
  • Even without One for All, Izuku managed to win the Obstacle Course and achieved a fine result in the Cavalry Battle. This leads to him becoming the student with the third most internship requests, only behind Todoroki and Bakugo.
  • Miruko actually managing to keep Bakugo on the edge and kicking him hard enough to leave a large dent in a wall. For that matter, one for Bakugo for being able to suffer that kick with no apparent injuries.
    • The time with Miruko is actually what Bakugo needs to realize the truth behind his lessons with Hound Dog: that being the strongest means nothing when you aren't using that strength to help people.
  • Izuku managed to defeat Stain by using his own quirk against him by grabbing his tongue when he has some of Stain's blood on it, a move treated as equal-parts clever, ballsy and near-suicidal.
  • Mirio takes out the flying Nomu by calculating its trajectory then turning intangible to sink through the earth until he's almost out of breath. Once he turns tangible again, Mirio is shot out of the ground like a cannon and right at the Nomu.

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