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  • In Deathstalker Honor, Evangeline Shreck finally going back to Tower Shreck to confront her father, and give him some long-overdue justice.
    • Later in the same book, when Finlay Campbell goes back to finish the job. Tower Shreck ceases to exist by the time he's done.
  • In Deathstalker Destiny, Diana Vertue and friends vs. the Mater Mundi. A Battle in the Center of the Mind, where Diana literally dives into the collective unconscious of all humanity, and summons up the people closest to her to help defeat the malevolent collective subconscious of all espers, including Investigator Topaz as An Ice Person and her father, John Silence, as a Knight In Sour Armor, and ELF gestalt manifesting in the form of Stevie Blue.
  • In Deathstalker Return, Jesamine Flowers singing with the Ashrai. First to honor them (she's geeking out about meeting "Owen's Dragons"), and later to tell them to get their asses the hell down here and help out against the Imperial troops.
    • Also in Deathstalker Return, the "Icarus Working." Finn has been steadily raising anti-esper sentiment throughout the Empire, causing all espers to gather at New Hope, their giant floating city sanctuary. Finn finally leads an attack to break the espers, so they won't interfere with his plans. The oversoul combines all its esp powers and raises the city into orbit, beyond the attack range of Finn's air force. A starcruiser tries to intercept the floating, glowing city, and is crippled (and possibly destroyed) by esper energies emanating from it (possibly completely by accident.) "It had flown to close to the new sun in the heavens, and its wings had burned."
  • In Deathstalker Coda, Former King Douglas, Paragon Stuart Lennox, and Nina Malapert have fled to The Rookery to avoid Finn's forces. Stuart and Douglas are working as thugs to keep the inn they're staying in safe in exchange for free room and board. When the run off a gang of protection racket thugs, the boss comes back with an even bigger gang to bring them to heel. Not only do Douglas and Stuart wipe the floor with them, it provides Douglas the motivation to end his protracted sulk over everything that's gone wrong and finally stand up to Finn. He declares "The Rebellion starts here," and boy howdy, does it ever!
    • Also in Coda, when Lewis and Jesamine go to Virimonde, after the entire remainder of the Deathstalker Clan has been wiped out, they find that every single citizen of Virimonde has sworn to avenge them, considering them all to be Deathstalkers now. Lewis is so touched it crosses over into Tear Jerker.
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    • Again in Coda, as the thralls surge against the heroes, Jesamine Flowers uses her Maze-enhanced singing powers, backed up by the Ashrai, to drive the ELFs out of all their thralls all at once.
    • Finally in Coda, Brett Random desperately reaching into his mental link with Rose Constantine, empowered by the Madness Maze, and the two of them forming one mind in two bodies, becoming unstoppable fighters.

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